Rudest passenger of the year award?

I was on a Northwest flight this afternoon from Detroit to Houston, sitting in 2B. As a passenger enters he hands the flight attendant his coat and says she should hang it. The flight attendant asks him where he’s seated, and he says 5C, which is the bulkhead seat in economy. The flight attendant politely says “Sir, I’m sorry, but we have very limited closet space so we’re only going to be able to hang coats for those in first class.” He responds with “You know something, you’re useless….. truly useless.”


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  1. In cases like I would like to see the airline refund the passenger’s money on the spot and boot his butt off the plane.

  2. Don’t we have an obligation at that point to jump in and defend the flight attendant? I mean, sometimes I’m speechless but, if we do have our wits about us, shouldn’t we interject with a “Dude, that’s really rude…”?

  3. Hopefully, the FA has learned to shrug comments off, like that. Just another flying jerk, which, obviously, does not diminish the rudeness of his comment.

  4. Slightly unrelated, but sitting near the gate last night in SAN, I was reminded of how much crap a gate agent goes through. For one, people are rude. It seems like their manners were confiscated at the security checkpoint. But then second, people are DUMB. Obviously, if the gate agent makes an announcement saying “we will call you over the PA for seat assignments,” standing in line and asking her for your seat assignment is not going to do any good. If I had a dollar for everytime a GA had to repeat him/herself….

  5. Maybe instead of a nice travel photo you should post the “Idiot of the week” photo based on your travel adventures.

  6. This is when you should whip out your camera phone, take a photo, and include it with this blog post. I do that at youth sporting events. I videotape the wacko parent and then post it to YouTube. šŸ™‚

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