How to credit card churn and how to book round the world tickets

Chris at The Art of Nonconformity has made two particularly interesting travel posts recently, which I found to be very helpful.

First, he has a post on how to book a round the world ticket. It’s just about the best explanation I’ve seen, and is easy to understand.

Second, he has a great post about credit card churning, which shows the minimal effect it can have on your credit score, even when done in excess.


  1. After reading the post about credit card churning, I have a question about the minimum spend. The comments are closed on that page (it’s an old post anyway) but maybe you can give some insights. He applied for 9 cards, each had a min spend from $1000 to $3000 within 3 month in order to get the bonus. His tip on getting $1 coins is OK, but is ordering bags coins worth of $5-10K a normal practice? I just got AMEX premier rewards gold, and bought a macbook air which covered the $1000 minimum to get the 50000 bonus (it was a planned purchase). I’m eying Chase sapphire preferred card, which $4000/3 months minimum spend is a little puzzling, as I don’t spend as much normally. How do you guys go around the minimum spend to get the bonuses (in 2015)?

  2. @ Elena — There’s not really an easy way around it, per se, though worst case scenario you could send someone money on Paypal, and the fee will only be a couple of percent (and they can always pay you back).

  3. Thanks! So PayPal payments and transfers are considered eligible transactions? I wasn’t sure I could use that.

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