SPG announces Q1 promotion…. why the heck am I loyal to Hilton anymore?

On January 7th SPG will launch their first quarter promotion, which looks pretty cool (and simple):

Starting January 7 you can register for our next promotion, SPG® Night After Night, where you can earn 500 bonus Starpoints® each night, plus an additional 5,000 every 10th night from January 7 through April 30, 2009. There will be no limits on bonus earnings during this period.

Damn good promotion from them, once again. Between their double stay credit promotions and all of their bonus points promotions, SPG is a great program, and really makes me question my hotel loyalty.

While Priority Club is awesome and I’m convinced Royal Ambassador is the best top tier status level, I’m almost certain that will change in February. While I think Hilton offers a consistent enough product and I have a ton of points with them (300,000+), I have such a hard time staying loyal to them as a points whore. They never have any decent promotions, and it’s sad how few points I’m accruing for stays. Still, I like spending only $80 at Hampton Inn airport hotels and getting free wifi and breakfast.

I’m sure I could easily make SPG Platinum with all of the promotions they have, but at the same time I can’t get myself to actually earn it, since their unique status match rules. Typically you can status match to a program even after you’ve been elite with them, but not at Starwood. If you’ve already been Platinum with them you can’t get a future status match, even ten years later. As a result I don’t actually want to earn SPG Plat the first time around, but would much rather match to it.

If I could match to SPG I’d do it in a heartbeat, but neither my IC (Platinum Royal Ambassador) or HH (Gold) status will get me a match. Short of double matching via Hyatt (which will match InterContinental Royal Ambassador), I can’t think of any other way. Any ideas?


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