Check out the Upgrd Podcast!

I just wanted to give a quick mention to a new podcast I’m taking part in, called the Upgrd Podcast, which can be found at It’s about miles, points, business travel, and general travel tips. What I think makes it unique (at least compared to some other aviation podcasts, many of which I enjoy) is that it’s a round table format, so it’s not just one or two people talking nonstop. We even have two resident hobos that live on the road for some unique perspective on things.

The site just launched yesterday, and we have two podcasts up already. The first episode is already available on iTunes, and the second episode should be available on iTunes shortly. We’ll record them weekly, and hopefully we can get a pattern to when they’re posted.

We welcome all comments, suggestions, and of course reader email, so check it out! We’re still making some adjustments in format and content as we progress to make the show more interesting, so please bare with us.


  1. “We even have two resident hobos that live on the road for some unique perspective on things.”

    Not to be confused with hobo13….. 🙂

  2. This is great, Ben! Listening to the first one right now.

    P.S. – I believe Matt referenced Denver as the only airport (that he knows of) with a Taco Bell…. Detroit has one too, and it’s in the A concourse (near the 70’s gates).

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