Experiences with the Chase TravelPlus Visa Card?

Typically I’m the one suggesting credit cards to family members, but today my dad called me and mentioned that he “upgraded” to the Chase TravelPlus Visa card, which he got an offer for in the mail. He already has a Chase card he hasn’t used in years, so it simply required a call to an automated system to “upgrade.” He read me the details of the offer, and he’d basically earn 10,000 bonus miles after the first purchase (between Feb. 1 and Mar. 31), and 25,000 more bonus miles for spending $10,000 between Feb. 1 and Jul. 31.

The spend part isn’t an issue (he can put a lot of business expenses on the card), but of course he’s trying to get the best mileage bang for the buck. By my math he’d be earning at least 45,000 miles (possibly more since some purchases earn two miles per $1) for $10,000 in spend, which seems like a good deal as such.

My question seems embarrassingly simple — where the heck can a redemption chart for these “miles” be found? I’ve done searches all over the web, and all I could find was outdated information. The Chase website doesn’t seem very helpful, or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

Any ideas? Anyone use this card?


  1. Just got the card in the mail today. A miles redemption chart is included with the card. 25K miles equals a trip worth $400 with no blackout dates. 15K miles = $150 off any travel (air, hotel, car rental).

  2. Thanks for the info, Dave!

    Any clue if the travel has to be booked through Chase, and if so what kind or rates they use? Also, any idea if there are opportunities to turn Chase miles into actual miles with other programs?

    I’m surprised I haven’t been able to find much info online….

  3. Nothing beats Citibank’s Thankyoupoint system. The best you can get with chase is 1p=1c for cash/gift card. For travel it’s a maximum of 325$/25000 points

    Copied From my personal agreement:

    # You may redeem 25,000 points for one round-trip scheduled airline ticket, where permitted by law, on select U.S. or foreign flag carriers for travel from any of the 48 contiguous United States, in any class, to any destination. The ticket will be valued at no more than $325.
    # Redemptions start at 15,000 points for a $150 statement credit against any travel purchase with your Chase credit card, where permitted by law. You can only redeem points for a travel purchase made within 60 days of the redemption date. If your travel redemption is greater than $150, you can redeem for an amount greater than 15,000 points at that time, in 100 point increments. Statement credit will post to your account within 5-7 business days and will appear on your monthly Chase credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles.

  4. It appear that this is Chase’s attempt to offer a card similar to the Capital One card with no blackout dates. IMHO, a person is better off to get an airline branded credit card and use it to help earn an international C or F award.

  5. Thanks guys! Well, I think the statement credit of one cent per mile towards travel purchases might just be interesting, no? Essentially he’d have to spend $10,000 to get 45,000 points (35,000 points for the sign-up bonus and 10,000 from the actual spend), and he could convert those points to a $450 statement credit, which is basically 4.5% cash back. I generally value a mile at less than half that, so it’s not too bad, eh?

  6. I have a different Chase card where points are used to by an airline ticket. One advantage over airline cards is that you can specify the airline and flight for them to purchase and you early FFM/EQMs on that flight.

  7. Lucky, I have had a Chase TravelPlus card for many years and have never figured out how to redeem points. If you discover the secret please post it on here. Thanks

  8. Dale,
    Last summer I used my points for a flight to Barcelona. I called the number on my statement, which is 1-800-603-2265 and booked directly through their agent. It was surprisingly easy.

  9. I have not tried to redeem the points yet but if u log onto the chase.com site at the very bottom of your accounts page there is a link to the travel plus rewards site where you can redeem your points.

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