Worst hotels on TripAdvisor?

I’m a fan of TripAdvisor.com, especially for the “candid” pictures of hotels. Nothing beats daydreaming of great hotels for hours upon end, like The InterContinental Thalasso Bora Bora and The Conrad Maldives.

Once in a while TripAdvisor can be interesting for different reasons, though, specifically reading reviews of some awful hotels, like the Faubus Motel in Huntsville and the Hotel Carter in New York.

Anyone know of any other hotels that have awful (and entertaining) commentary on TripAdvisor?


  1. Hi,
    The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool is perhaps the worst hotel that I have read about on Tripadvisor!

  2. Lucky–I love trip advisor as well, but I seem to notice that most of the people who post there only post after a very bad stay or a very good stay. I do look at TA before I stay a hotel to see what other people have to say as the reviews there are better than the ones on the hotel sites. Check out the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC, that place is a total DUMP and I always enjoy reading the reviews from that place as well as looking at the pics.

  3. I had a stay from hell at the Mercure Stoller in Zurich which I won on a Priceline bid. While most hotels have proper sound proofing in Europe, they assigned me a room on the side of the street where the trams drive all day, and then all the trams drove back to the central depot outside my window at 2:00 am. I simply could not sleep and became sleep deprivated as if I had just flown to Asia. I requested a room on the other side of the hotel, and they tried to extort 50 CH francs more a night from me. I finally told them I would pay 35 CH a night extra and did so and got the same shabby room with peeling paint on the ceiling, but I was able to get some sleep. It is suffice to say that I have not used Priceline again to bid for 4 Star Zurich hotels, but the Mercure Stoller is now rated as 3 Star according to biddingfortravel.com.

    I now regularly read up the reviews on tripadvisor.com before I make any sort of hotel reservations booked through the hotel directly.

  4. I’ve got to be honest, I stayed at the Carter Hotel. For what it is, it’s really not all that appalling, at least in my experience. I didn’t experience dirt or bedbugs of course, but barring a Best Rate Guarantee, it’s the cheapest hotel in Manhattan. That’s the only reason people ever stay there. It’s 1/3 the price of anything else, and even well below Priceline rates, at least during busy times of the year. I’m kind of mystified by people who go to the Carter Hotel expecting luxury (dirt or bedbugs are of course, never acceptable) when the only reason anyone has ever stayed there is the same reason I did – because it’s cheap. (Of course NYC-cheap is relative, but still, it’s cheap.)

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