Westin Renewal Lounge in SFO Red Carpet Club

Yesterday I had a chance to check out the highly anticipated (or not) “Westin Renewal Lounge” located inside of the SFO Red Carpet Club.

Basically UA took some of the desks out of the far end of the RCC and replaced them with the “Renewals Lounge.” Overall I was quite disappointed.

The first area is just a couple of couches with a sign.

Then there’s a tiny room with some orange juice and fruit.

Then comes the main part of the lounge, which as a bunch of couches and chairs, along with a plasma TV with scenic pictures and tranquil music.

It was worse than what I expected, and I went in with low expectations. I was hoping for some nice recliner chairs, comfy blankets, maybe massage chairs, or something that’s actually comfortable, but this was basically average furniture in a slightly more peaceful setting.


  1. When the nice recliner chairs and massage chairs would break, and the comfy blankets would be stolen, you would have people who would complain about that, so there’s a no win.

    Think about the renewal lounge with a more zen state of mind, and you won’t be so disappointed. It’s like the supposed quiet room at ORD’s B concourse RCC, only still quiet, for now.

  2. united RCC – home of non-free wifi and cash bar. no thanks id rather sit in the main part of an airport. NWA and continental are my favorite US lounges

  3. For the price the members PAY to use these “relaxing” lounges, I would think the airline could afford to replace a recliner if one goes bad. Not to sound gross, but I’ve had a recliner for 20 years and it still functions fine. I don’t think the upkeep on that slice of comfort would be too frequent nor too costly. It’s too bad they spent so much money on decor and so little on comfort.

  4. Joe, while I see where you’re coming from, do recliner chairs and massage chairs break that easily? My RCC membership is up for renewal at the end of the month, and while I consider my membership to be a decent value, I don’t think I’ll be renewing for now. The RCC just isn’t that much nicer than the terminal, in my opinion, but some massage chairs would have definitely won me over. Still, point well taken, it’s definitely an improvement but just not as much of an improvement as I was hoping for.

    jn, keep in mind the RCC’s have free wifi now, so they’re at least a bit better.

    ptahcha, I got to the RCC at around 5PM, so looks like we missed each other by a bit.

    Min, spot on in my opinion.

  5. I just let my RCC expire. I’m in there a few times a month, but don’t really feel like I’m getting any real value for what I am paying. I once figured it out to be around $12-$13 per visit. The free drink chits used to be a nice treat, but anymore I’m just eating to “get some of my money back”!

  6. i’m actually ok with the lounges. they aren’t great, but they are a better option than the rest of the bustling RCC atmosphere. unfortunately, people don’t seem to get the concept and are using the space for meetings and a quiet spot to place a call (arg!). the LAX lounge while tiny is well signed as a quiet space. SFO needs to add signage and, ideally, something to baffle the noise from the carrels just outside. hope they’ll make this work…

  7. Can anyone advise me on access to the red carpet club in terminal 3 at SFO. I am flying from SFO to HNL (Honolulu) on a first class UA ticket. Will this give me free access to the lounge or do i still have to pay $50 for access. I have a 5hr stopover after flying on BA from London so it would be nice to have somewhere peaceful to hang out.

  8. You would still have to pay $50, but it might just be worth it if you have five hours. You’d get free wifi, but you’d still have to pay for drinks.

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