Photo Contest

I’ve decided to experiment with a new idea, although I’m not sure how well it’ll work, but I figured it was worth a try, since I love photography. I’m going to start posting a picture every Friday of a place I’ve been, and I invite everyone to guess where it is. Some will be very obvious and probably only last a short time, while others might have people stumped for quite a while. For example, sometimes I’ll be posting a skyline picture of a city, and other times I’ll be posting pictures of the interior of a well known restaurant in some city not many people have visited.

If you think you know the answer please leave a comment with the answer, and as soon as I’m online and see a winner I’ll confirm it’s the correct answer. To make it slightly more challenging, if the picture isn’t of a city at large please name the specific region/area it’s in. For example, if I post a picture of Central Park that would be the answer, not New York. Of course it won’t be quite that easy. If the answers are consistently figured out within a short amount of time it’ll at least be a nice album of some of my better pictures. Like I said I’m still experimenting with the details of this, but maybe I can give out prizes eventually (say UA drink chits, for example) to the winner.



  1. > (say UA drink chits, for example)

    Make it SWUs and I might get up early (CA time) enough to have chance to win 🙂

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