Follow up regarding retention bonus…

As promised, here’s the result of my dad’s experience which I blogged about this past Wednesday. He called Citi Amex to cancel his American Airlines card since he has three types of AA cards right now (between business and personal), but was open to keeping it longer if they offered some type of bonus.

So when he called and explained that other cards were offering him better deals and that he had no incentive to use his current card the agent said there was nothing she could do, but transferred him to an “account manager” to see if there was anything she could do. The account manager once again said there was nothing she could do but tried to convince him to keep the card. He then said “please just transfer me to the cancellation department so I can cancel the card.” Well the agent he got transferred to didn’t seem to give in either, so offered him either $25 off his next bill or a free companion ticket, but said they “didn’t do bonus miles anymore.” Not so sure how true that is, but he took the $25 and will now keep the card for another month. We’ll see what they say in a month, but he really has very little use for the card and wants to close it up soon so he has less open accounts.

Still, $25 is great for a five minute phone call, especially since he’s just about ready to cancel the card. Next on the list to sign up for is the Hilton Amex (as stated in an earlier post) and the Citi Visa AA business card for another 25,000 mile bonus!

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