Playing the Credit Card Game

Lately I’ve been getting more and more into the credit card game, and I have to say it’s pretty addictive. My parents kept insisting on not getting any new credit cards as they feel it’ll hurt their credit score, but I managed to convince my dad to sign up for two AAdvantage credit cards (one personal AMEX and one business Mastercard in addition the personal AA Mastercard he already has). Simply for signing up and spending $750 on each card he got 50,000 bonus miles, and finally he sees the light about how straightforward these offers are and how nicely they can build up mileage balances with little added cost.

Well he doesn’t have much use for the new personal card, so tomorrow he’s going to call to cancel. There have been several reports on FlyerTalk about being offered a retention bonus, mostly double miles with a 5,000 mile cap, and other similar offers. Of course this would make it worthwhile for him to keep the card for a few more months, although definitely not more than a full year, when the annual fee starts to kick in. Apparently they make these retention offers continuously when calling to cancel, so it might just be worth taking advantage of for a while, but we’ll see. I’ll report back tomorrow on what happens, but am hoping for a nice offer. If not there’s another great offer out there right now which I’ll cover in another post shortly.


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