More fun with Westin and United’s Red Carpet Clubs.

I posted yesterday about the new partnership between United and Westin, initially including pillows and blankets from the “Heavenly Bed” collection on Premium Service flights, which I would assume will be rolled out on international flights within a few months. Yahoo had an article today which took the concept one step further, now including a special Westin inspired area in the Red Carpet Clubs:

Also, as part of this partnership, select United Red Carpet Clubs in New York (JFK), Los Angeles and San Francisco will debut custom-designed Westin Renewal Lounges later this year: private areas outfitted with luxurious touches from Westin to create a calming oasis where travelers can relax before or after their flight.

This sounds interesting, and I’m very curious to see what their plan is. I doubt we’ll see showers or anything amazing, but probably something more like Air New Zealand has in their international lounge in AKL, with a few reclining, comfortable chairs. After all, space is VERY limited in the RCC’s at JFK, LAX, and SFO, and they are already overcrowded in their high density “configuration.”


  1. That sounds very exciting–that is, if it the partnership lasts and if changes happen in a reasonnable time frame. After all, it’s been quite a few years since United decided to install power ports and repaint their planes 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how the lounges will be upgraded. There is actually a fair amount of space at the domestic SFO RCC that is currently underused. The business center is very large overall, and occupies multiple areas. It’s hardly every full. I’ve always thought that United could use a portion of this space for a quiet room–or better, showers. The international RCC at SFO is large too, but I don’t see much underused space. And it can get pretty packed.

    My only concern with this announcement is that renovations will start with clubs that are already in a decent shape. I understand that SFO and LAX are major hubs, but SFO is already one of the nicer clubs, and LAX isn’t too shabby overall (albeit too small.) What about, say, IAD? All RCCs at IAD are just ugly. Things aren’t too bad at ORD but improvements would be welcome, too. And what about building new clubs (eg LAS)? Okay, that’s a different topic, and I’m certainly not complaining about these exciting upgrades, I’m a fan of Westin after all 🙂 I just hope we’ll see more refurbishments at the ‘older’ clubs than a few TVs fixed here and there.

    Anyway, nice blog, keep it up!

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