Sign up for a BMI account and receive 9,000 miles!

I know most blogs have covered this and most people have probably already signed up because of the offer, but I feel obliged to share this amazing offer for those that haven’t. While 9,000 miles might not go far with a US airline as far as redemption goes, it will go quite far with BMI. Since they offer both cash+miles awards as well as cheap awards within Europe, this can get you places even if you never plan on crediting miles to them. Simply go to, click on the “Diamond Club” link on the center right of the page, and click “join diamond club.” Within a couple of days you should have 9,000 miles in your account, it’s really that simple.

 Edit: Well it appears as if a few too many people thought this was a great deal so BMI decided to change the rules. Now you actually have to fly two segments with them, which makes the deal a lot less attractive. They should still honor the 9K bonus for those that signed up before the change.


  1. This is a wonderful tip; however, it seems the terms are not quite as friendly as you wrote… I just went to sign up and read the fine print; they require you to fly a roundtrip on BMI (or two one-ways) by March 31 in order for you to get the 9,000 miles. Drat.

  2. Ouch, you are correct. BMI has changed this promotion. Back when I signed up for it they just gave you 9,000 miles even if you never flew them. I guess they got a massive response because upon further reading they apparently then changed the offer to 4,500 miles, and then changed it back to 9,000 miles assuming you fly two segments. Sorry about that, looks like the lure of this deal isn’t quite there anymore.:(

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