Should You Buy 15,000 Wyndham Rewards Points For $175?


Daily Getaways is back this year, which is a five week program intended to promote US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.

I’ve shared my initial thoughts on the packages for sale, including the offers for weeks one and two, and also the offers for weeks three through five. Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM ET you’ll have the opportunity to purchase 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for $175.

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Wyndham Cancels Starpoints Charity Promotion


Earlier this morning Ben blogged about a Wyndham Rewards promotion that was set to launch today. Essentially, Wyndham was offering to match your Starwood Preferred Guest status and quadruple the SPG points balance you have… but only if you donated all your Starpoints to charity.

Unfortunately, the promotion has now been canceled.

Here’s how Wyndham Rewards described the promotion:

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Wyndham Wants You To Donate All Your Starpoints To Charity… Should You?


Wyndham Rewards has just announced a fascinating promotion. It reminds me a bit of JetBlue’s recent points match promotion, where they offered to match the points balances of Virgin America Elevate members.

However, this promotion is even more extreme.

Basically Wyndham Rewards will match your Starwood Preferred Guest status and quadruple the SPG points balance you have… but only if you donate all your Starpoints to charity. Of course this comes only shortly after Marriott’s takeover of Starwood was finalized, so I’m guessing the timing isn’t a coincidence.

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Wyndham Rewards Adds Elite Status & Award Redemption Perks


Last year Wyndham Rewards made some revolutionary program changes. A lot of us in the miles & points hobby are all about aspirational redemptions, and Wyndham embraced that more than any other hotel brand I’ve seen (forgetting the fact that “Wyndham properties” and “aspirational” don’t typically go together in the same sentence).

Under the revamped Wyndham Rewards program, free night redemptions cost 15,000 points per night. That’s true whether you’re redeeming at one of their Super 8 properties or one of their Wyndham Grand properties. When this change was made, it represented a huge decrease in award price for their top properties, while it represented a huge increase in price for their lower end properties.

Admittedly the main reason a change like this worked for Wyndham was that they don’t have all that many premium hotels. If Hyatt or Starwood did this, the impact on redemptions at Park Hyatt and St. Regis would be massive.

Still, I think the changes were positive and engaged members, regardless of how they actually redeemed their points in practice. At a minimum people like the thought of aspirational redemptions.

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Earn 5,000 Bonus Wyndham Points For Using Visa Checkout


Early last week I wrote about Wyndham’s summer promotion, which is almost laughably restrictive. Through that promotion you can earn a $100 Wyndham gift card after two stays. However, the $100 gift card can only be used in increments of $25 between now and October 31, 2016. In other words, you need to stay six times in order to save $100. No thanks.

Wyndham Rewards is offering another promotion which can be combined with their global summer promotion, and it’s a lot more lucrative. Wyndham is the first hotel brand to integrate Visa Checkout into their mobile app, so they’re offering a bonus to people who use that.

Specifically, Wyndham Rewards members can earn 5,000 bonus points when they book a stay with their app and pay with Visa Checkout. The promotion is valid for stays which are booked and occur between April 27 and July 31, 2016.

Here are the other important details of the promotion:

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Wyndham Rewards’ Restrictive Summer Promotion


We’ve now learned the details of the summer promotions being offered by Hyatt, Starwood, and IHG, and I suspect we’ll soon be learning about promotions from the other major brands as well.

The latest hotel chain to announce a promotion is Wyndham.

Wyndham Rewards members can earn a $100 Wyndham gift card after making two stays now through September 6, 2016.

The promotion is valid for Wyndham Rewards members with accounts registered in the US and Canada. Registration is required by September 6, 2016, and the gift card should be delivered to the member’s email within one to two weeks of the second qualifying stay. Each member is limited to earning a single set of $100 in gift cards.

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Wyndham Rewards’ Latest Glitch (Or Devaluation?)


About a year ago Wyndham Rewards made a revolutionary change to their loyalty program. Under their old program, there were tiers of hotels, where a free night ranged in cost from 5,500 points to 50,000 points.

The new program is an aspirational redeemer’s dream come true (well, as aspirational as Wyndham can get). Wyndham claims to charge a flat 15,000 points for a free night redemption. That’s true whether you’re redeeming at one of their nicer Wyndham Grand properties, or at a roadside Days Inn.

I love the concept of the program, and I’m guessing I’m not alone. That being said, I suspect most people are coming out behind with such a program, since most people don’t redeem their points aspirationally.

On Monday Wyndham Rewards even sold packages of 15,000 points through Daily Getaways, which advertised as “1 Night at any Wyndham Rewards hotel for only $150.”

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Instant Hotel Savings With The New Wyndham Rewards


Wyndham completely revamped their loyalty program back in the spring. It was such a major change that Ben actually called it revolutionary, and earth-shattering. Strong words indeed.

To recap, there were two major changes to the program.

• Go Free flat rate award pricing with all properties costing 15,000 points per night
• Go Fast cash and points awards

We’re now several months into the new Wyndham Rewards and the results are impressive. I dare say that they could have called this an enhancement. Of course if you’re one of those folks like Ben who wouldn’t stay at a Wyndham if they paid you, then this program still isn’t for you.

But for those who just want a roof of their head at the lowest price possible, this may just be the ticket. The best part is that you don’t actually need to have any Wyndham points to take advantage of this.

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Wyndham Rewards’ Revolutionary Program Changes: Good Or Bad?


Wyndham Rewards is a program that I don’t cover very much, largely because I don’t consider it to be an especially “aspirational” program. When I earn Hyatt Gold Passport points I can redeem them at the Park Hyatt Sydney. When I earn Starwood Preferred Guest points I can redeem them at the St. Regis Bal Harbour.

When I earn Wyndham Rewards points, I can redeem them at the… well, I’m not actually sure.

I didn’t see this coming, but Wyndham Rewards will be radically changing their loyalty program as of May 11, 2015… and it’s potentially really good news.

Wyndham Rewards is making three changes — two are relatively minor, while one is borderline earth-shattering when it comes to hotel loyalty programs:

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