Virgin Australia Makes Me Wish I Missed Christmas


While the holidays can be a busy time for travel, most people prefer to travel either before or after major holidays. For example, I doubt there are many people who are excited about flying on Christmas (well, other than those who don’t celebrate the holiday, in which case it’s a great day to fly, given that flights aren’t as full).

Well, Virgin Australia did something extra special this year for the passengers who missed Christmas altogether. This includes the passengers who flew from Los Angeles to Sydney and Brisbane on the night of December 24, and landed in Australia on the morning of the 26th.

Rather than having them feel like they missed Christmas, they served them a Christmas dinner, and gave them all kinds of gifts. Perhaps best of all, passengers onboard received a status upgrade:

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INSANE VIDEO: Man Drives Car Through Russian Airport For “Love”


There’s nothing quite like a love story involving an airport. Well, unless you’re a drunk driver ramming your way into Kazan International Airport to meet a lady friend and “fight for love,” while being chased by the police. Then you just get a 15 day jail sentence.

Check out the insane video footage from this past Wednesday:

While what he did was horrible and he shouldn’t drive drunk, at least he was a good driver!

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Aer Lingus’ Christmas Video Will Warm Your Heart


Aer Lingus just published one of the best airline Christmas videos of the year, as they united three Irish families, with the kids living in the U.S. and the parents living in Ireland. It’s a quick and touching video — I had to make a conscious effort not to tear up:

The video beautifully highlights how airlines really do bring families together. It’s not just about transportation, but about the stories of the people that airlines connect.

Last year Aer Lingus had an equally fantastic Christmas video, with the caption “bringing people home for Christmas since 1936.” Here’s that video:

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Ugh, The Captain Of The #BoycottDelta Flight Is An Idiot…


The biggest airline story of the week has been about a YouTube prankster who got kicked off a Delta flight from London to New York yesterday morning. I shared my initial impressions of the situation, and then wrote a follow-up post about why I think it’s too soon to point fingers at/boycott Delta, given this guy’s history.

Then yesterday evening I shared Delta’s statement after the plane landed in New York. So I think it’s only fair to share the follow-up story from the two guys who had been kicked off the plane, as they published follow-up videos.

Adam published the following video, with his account of what happened:

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Must See: AirBaltic’s Nutcracker Airplane Ballet!


Around the holidays we often see airlines release special themed videos to get people thinking about them. Well, Riga-based airline AirBaltic just published one such video, and it’s incredible.

AirBaltic is the launch customer for the Bombardier CSeries 300, and is just in the process of taking delivery of their first of 20 of these planes.

To celebrate the holidays and this new plane, they’ve done what they call the first ever ballet performed by an airplane. The video is both funny and adorable, so it’s well worth a watch, if you have a few minutes:

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Why It’s Too Soon To Get On The #BoycottDelta Bandwagon…


Earlier I posted about how a YouTuber allegedly got kicked off a Delta flight from London to New York for speaking Arabic. While I’m appalled by the number of times that people do get kicked off planes due to other peoples’ ignorance, this is a case where I’m giving the airline the benefit of the doubt, at least for now.


— The guy who was kicked off a plane is a self proclaimed “professional idiot”
— Just last week he lied about shipping himself in the cargo hold of a plane, which turned out not to be true

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Did A “Professional Idiot” Get Kicked Off A Delta Flight For Speaking Arabic?!


Usually I’m enraged when I hear of people being kicked off planes for speaking Arabic, because discrimination is a very real thing. At the same time, here’s an instance where I’ll give the airline and other passengers the benefit of the doubt until a full investigation is done, given who we’re talking about.

Why? Because just a few days ago I wrote about Adam Saleh, a YouTuber who claimed to have flown in the cargo hold of a Tigerair Australia plane from Melbourne to Sydney, and videotaped the whole thing. However, as it turns out, the whole thing wasn’t real, and he actually flew in the cabin — the airline did a hilarious job calling him out.

You’d think he’d lay low for a bit, but now he’s back with his latest airline “story.” He just uploaded a video to Twitter of him being removed from a Delta flight this morning at London Heathrow:

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Crazy Footage Of A Captain “Wrestling” A 747 To The Ground


While I’m (obviously) a miles & points geek, I’m just as much an aviation geek. I love everything about aviation, at least non-military aviation (for whatever reason that doesn’t interest me much). That’s why I watch my fair share of aviation related videos on YouTube, etc.

I just came across a pretty insane video of a 747 captain “wresting” a plane to the ground at Tokyo Narita Airport. I’ve seen a lot of crazy landing videos, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen one where the pilot made so many adjustments prior to landing. Here’s the video:

The guy’s a 747 captain, so I sure as heck am not qualified to say “oh, he was over controlling,” or anything like that. I will say that it looks like the landing was great.

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“Professional Idiot” Claims To Fly In Cargo Hold, Gets Called Out By Airline


Well this is just ridiculous. A popular YouTuber who is known for his pranks and refers to himself as a “professional idiot” recently filmed himself supposedly flying in the cargo hold of a plane. Specifically, he claimed that he flew in the cargo hold of an hour-long Tigerair Australia flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Here’s the video:

While I give them credit for making the prank 90% believable in terms of the production quality, there are some things that don’t quite add up.

Well, Tigerair Australia didn’t take too kindly to this prank, and has responded with the following statement, per Mashable:

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Video Of Passenger Being Dragged Off Delta Flight… Literally


Rene’s Points shares the crazy video footage a reader sent him of a lady being dragged off a Delta 737, which was scheduled to fly from Detroit to San Diego this morning:

Here’s what the reader had to say about the circumstances surrounding the incident:

“She didn’t check in with gate agent and walked right on. [The] woman blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space. Colleague in back by her said she was mouthy and had a huge attitude. Police tackled her out of her seat and brought her to the ground. Not sure how she was subdued, some people speculated a taser.”

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Rapper Misses Alaska Flight, Offers “Peasants” $15K To Quit Their Jobs


Rapper Young Thug was scheduled to fly Alaska Airlines from Atlanta to Seattle last Thursday, though somehow missed his flight, which caused him to miss his show. Rather than taking responsibility for missing his flight, he blamed Alaska Airlines.

So he took out his anger on the Alaska Airlines employees at the check-in desk in Atlanta, and made them a “generous” offer. He took out a Bentley branded bag and offered them each $15,000 cash to quit their jobs. They refused and asked him to stop pointing the camera at them, at which point he insulted them for their “nappy hair,” called them “peasants” and “ants,” etc. Here’s the video:

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Kuwait Airways Showcases Their New 777 With The Mannequin Challenge


Yesterday I wrote about how Kuwait Airways just took delivery of their first Boeing 777-300ER, which represents a huge evolution for the airline. While the new plane as such is nice, what’s really noteworthy is the cabins that Kuwait Airways has installed on the plane, as they’ve finally added flat beds in business class and suites in first class.

That might sound like an obvious decision, but the airline also recently took delivery of A330s featuring outdated products, so…

Anyway, pictures of the new cabins have been limited so far, though it looks like Kuwait Airways has a unique way they’re showcasing the plane, in the form of a Mannequin Challenge. Here it is:

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Delta Apologizes For Not Kicking Off Ranting Trump Supporter


Regardless of who you supported in the recent presidential election, I think most people would agree that the behavior in the below video from a Delta flight this past Tuesday isn’t appropriate on a plane:

As you can see, the guy gets up, starts cussing, calling people on the plane “Hillary Bitches,” and saying that “Donald Trump is your president, every goddamn one of you.”

While the rant as such is hardly surprising for a passionate supporter of a candidate, the real question was why Delta didn’t do anything to interfere. This apparently happened before departure, so the guy should have been kicked off, or at a minimum, the crew should have had a serious talk with him to make sure a similar outburst didn’t happen in the sky. There were some heated political conversations on a recent United flight, so here’s how the captain of the flight handled that:

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What Are First, Second, Third, Fifth, and Sixth Freedom Flights?


I’ve written in the past about fifth freedom flights, which essentially allow an airline to operate a flight between two countries other than where that airline is based. Examples include Singapore Airlines’ flight between New York and Frankfurt, Cathay Pacific’s flight between New York and Vancouver, LAN Chile’s flight between Madrid and Frankfurt, etc.

However, fifth freedom flying is only one of the many “freedoms” of aviation. While many people might be familiar with the concepts they represent, fewer people could explain what first, second, third, and sixth freedom flights are.

So if you’ve ever wondered, here’s a fantastic video which explains more about international aviation law than you’d ever hope to learn in just 14 minutes:

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