Royal Jordanian Addresses A Different “Fear Of Flying”


Over the past year I don’t think there’s an airline that has taken a more political stance than Royal Jordanian. So far their approach has been mostly humorous. For example, leading up to the US election last year, Royal Jordanian put out an ad encouraging people to travel to the US while they’re still allowed to.

They didn’t stop there. This February they published an ad with the tagline “Ban Voyage.”

Apparently this has proven to be a great marketing technique for Royal Jordanian, as they claim bookings to the US increased by about 50% following these ads, as more people became aware of the airline.

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Hilarious: United Ads Pulled From The Tribeca Film Festival Because People Couldn’t Stop Laughing

United-Polaris-777 - 41

Okay, I’m literally laughing out loud at this. United Airlines has long been a sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival, and as part of that they had the right to show a 30 second ad before every screening. They chose this ad to play, which highlights their new Polaris product:

After a couple of days of the ad playing, a mutual decision was made to stop screening the ad. Why? Because audiences apparently burst out in uncontrollable laughter when an ad played that showcased United’s great service, to the point that it drowned out the next ad. Some even thought that it seemed like a parody. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

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The Roughest 747 Landing I’ve Ever Seen


I love aviation every bit as much as miles & points, and over the years have seen some crazy crosswind landing videos. However, recently some videos have been uploaded of a Silkway 747 cargo aircraft landing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The plane has what must be one of the roughest landings I’ve ever seen, and on top of that, bounces up and then touches down again.

Check out this crazy video:

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell just how rough an impact is, so check out how the flaps on the left wing shake violently when the plane touches down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, at least to that degree. It really is a testament to how well built planes are.

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Video: Lady Goes On EPIC Rant, Gets Kicked Off Plane


Just under two weeks ago we saw Dr. Dao dragged off a United flight. He didn’t do anything wrong, other than refuse to get off a plane because they had more passengers than seats. He was calm throughout the situation, unlike how he was initially portrayed by the airline.

Well, on the end of the spectrum, some insane video footage has just emerged of a lady getting kicked off a Delta Connection flight in San Antonio. In this case she wasn’t physically dragged off, and sure enough seemed like she may have been misbehaving.

But my gosh, as inappropriate as this lady is, she’s hilarious. I don’t need to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta/Beverly Hills/New York this week, because this lady provides all the drama and humor I need.

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The Horrible Video I Hadn’t Seen Of The Guy Being Dragged Off A United Flight…


Earlier I wrote about the horrible situation that unfolded on a United flight to Louisville last night, where a passenger was forcefully dragged off a flight because it was oversold. What I hadn’t yet seen was the below video of him back on the plane after the incident occurred (somehow he managed to run back on the plane).

Wow, wow, wow…

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What United Really Screwed Up With Their Latest Viral Incident


Earlier I shared the video of a passenger being physically dragged off last night’s United flight between Chicago and Louisville. The flight was overbooked and United needed to reposition a crew to Louisville, so they needed to have some passengers get off the plane. One guy refused, so the police were called. He still refused to get off, so they dragged him off the plane, to the point that he started bleeding.

The whole situation is terribly humiliating, and could have been avoided… I’d argue on both sides. However, mainly United should have never let it get to this point. Courier-Journal has a story about what apparently happened in terms of the airline offering compensation:

“Passengers were told at the gate that the flight was overbooked and United, offering $400 and a hotel stay, was looking for one volunteer to take another flight to Louisville at 3 p.m. Monday. Passengers were allowed to board the flight, Bridges said, and once the flight was filled those on the plane were told that four people needed to give up their seats to stand-by United employees that needed to be in Louisville on Monday for a flight. Passengers were told that the flight would not take off until the United crew had seats, Bridges said, and the offer was increased to $800, but no one volunteered.”

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Crazy Video: Passenger Forcibly Dragged Off United Flight


Some crazy video footage has emerged from Twitter users @JayseDavid and @Tyler_Bridges, of a passenger forcibly being dragged off a plane. The incident occurred yesterday on United 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, which ended up being delayed by about two hours.

The incident allegedly occurred because the flight was overbooked, and United needed to get a crew to Louisville. As a result, they needed to bump revenue passengers to let on crew members. That’s not uncommon — when there are irregular operations airlines often need to reposition their crews, and understandably that’s a priority. Not having a crew could cause another flight to get canceled, and that could have a domino effort.

The Twitter user explains that the guy was telling police that he had to go to the hospital in the morning to see patients (I’m not sure if he was a doctor, nurse, or what), and seemingly refused to voluntarily get off the plane. As a result, the police were called, and then the following happened (here are two videos of it from different angles):

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Passenger Threatens To Accuse Uber Driver Of Rape Because He Doesn’t Have iPhone Charger


Given how popular Uber has become, it’s no surprise that we seem to be hearing more and more horror stories of misbehaving passengers. It seems like more drivers are learning to record interactions when they go south, in order to minimize the possibility of any accusations by passengers.

Video has surfaced of an especially crazy interaction that a New York Uber driver had with a passenger. Apparently the passenger wanted an iPhone charger because her phone was dead, which the driver didn’t have. At that point she began disrespecting the driver, so he decided to start recording the interaction. When she refused to behave, he stopped the car and told her to get out.

She refused to get out, and started accusing the driver of all kinds of things, and said that she’ll accuse him of rape if he doesn’t take her to her destination or call the cops. She even told him that Trump will have him sent back to “his country.”

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The AWESOME Way Georgia Celebrated Their Six Millionth Tourist


As I explained a few weeks ago, my big travel goals this summer is to visit all the European countries I haven’t been to. When I first set this goal I figured that would be a dozen countries at most, but when I started making a list, I realized it included 22 countries. That’s a lot of places to visit!

I’m not just saying this because of the video I’m about to share, but one of the countries that has interested me most is Georgia. Tbilisi looks like a beautiful city, and I love Georgian food and wine.

Earlier in the month Georgia published an awesome video celebrating their six millionth tourist to the country, which they were very excited about. The way they surprised that visitor is just awesome. If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend checking out the video:

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Did WestJet Have A “Near Miss” In St. Maarten Last Week?


There’s a video that has been going viral the past week or so about a WestJet flight that had a unique approach at St. Maarten last week. WestJet flight 2652 was flying from Toronto to St. Maarten last Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

The weather conditions in St. Maarten were deteriorating significantly as the plane approached, causing the plane to get very close to “impacting” the water on final approach (altitude-wise).

Here’s a video of the plane making its approach (as many of you probably know, St. Maarten Airport is just next to Maho Beach, which is probably the most iconic place in the world from which to plane spot):

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Awesome Video: The Economics Of Airline Classes


Yesterday YouTuber Wendover Productions uploaded a great video explaining the economics of airline classes. It explains why airlines make most of their money in business class, the history of airlines’ various classes, and more.

I think this is a really great explanation for a wide audience. Sure, there’s a bit more to this and it doesn’t get into everything, but for a 10 minute video targeted at someone with no knowledge of the airline industry, this is extraordinarily well done. The video was just uploaded yesterday and already has over 675,000 views, which is especially impressive for a video about airlines.

Here’s the video, which I hope some of you will find interesting:

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Video: Celebrities Go Undercover As British Airways Employees


British Airways emails me their press releases, and most of the time I glance at the subject line but then don’t actually read the story (since I know what I find interesting, and what I don’t). Well, British Airways’ press release this morning caught my attention… perhaps some of you can guess why.

In this video, British Airways has three British celebrities — David Walliams, Emma Bunton, and Tom Daley — dress up as British Airways employees at London Heathrow Terminal 5 and surprise customers. Not like “surprise and delight” them, but rather screw with them for our collective entertainment.

Per the press release

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Crazy Footage Of A Plane Missing The Runway On Landing. By A Lot.


Some insane footage has emerged of an Aeromexico Connect Embraer 145 coming in for landing and missing the runway by a long shot. In the video you can see the plane making several turns on approach, including on short final. The video is shot by a passenger, so you know it’s a crazy landing when the passengers can see the runway next to them during a go around.

Here’s the video:

Ultimately we don’t know what happened here, so I don’t want to judge the circumstances. I’ve experienced several go arounds over the years, including some in situations of low visibility. It’s a strange feeling when you’re doing a go around and realize you were in no way lined up with the runway.

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Video: Uber CEO Gets In Argument With Driver, Gets 1-Star Rating


Uber has been in a lot of hot water lately, between the company’s CEO being on Trump’s business advisory council, allegations of sexism at Uber’s headquarters, and much more. In the past several weeks the #DeleteUber hashtag has been the top trending topic on many social platforms. Well, I imagine the video that just emerged of Uber’s CEO getting into an argument with a driver during a Superbowl Sunday ride won’t make the situation any better.

A video has been released of Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, taking a ride with two girls, and then getting in an argument with the driver towards the end. You can see the video below, though I’d recommend just watching the last two minutes.

In the first several minutes you just hear Travis talking to the girls. Per Bloomberg:

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