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Review: United’s Streaming In-Flight Entertainment

Entertainment tab for accessing streaming IFE

We flew United recently for a long weekend trip to visit the grandparents. The flight there was completely uneventful, but the trip home was on one of the A320s that has the new onboard streaming IFE.

I’ve had mixed feelings about the move to replace screens with content that you can stream to your personal device. On one hand, the tech geek in me loves the concept — it’s just flat out cool. Of course it also saves weight, and weight is fuel, and fuel is money so the airlines like it. I get that too.

But I’m also fearful that this is just another “nickel and dime” opportunity for the airlines. I’m not a fan of having to pay for something (entertainment) that I used to get for free. And what happens to those without devices or those who can’t figure out how to get them to work?

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T-Mobile Adds Free Gogo Inflight Texting

Earlier in the year, T-Mobile announced a bit of a game changer with their Simple Choice International Plan. Through this, you’d receive unlimited texting and data in 122 countries worldwide, which is really amazing for the frequent international traveler.

It looks like they’re adding yet another feature which travelers should love. As of September 17, 2014. T-Mobile will be offering free in-flight texting thanks to a new partnership with Gogo:

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Singapore Airlines Inflight Wifi


I just flew Singapore Airlines business class from Frankfurt to New York JFK, and had an absolutely amazing flight. It was my first longhaul flight in Singapore Airlines business class in about five years, and I felt like I was in first class. I’ll cover that in more detail in a separate post, though.

This flight was also unique for me since it was my first Singapore Airlines flight with inflight wifi. Their inflight wifi provider is OnAir, and Singapore is apparently progressively installing wifi throughout their Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER fleet.

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Review: T-Mobile Simple Choice International Plan

T-Mobile Freedom Plan

One of the things I really struggle with is how to stay connected on the road. On my recent trip to Beijing the internet at the hotel was essentially unusable, which severely impacted my ability to stay connected, and threw off my schedule by several days.

T-Mobile recently released their Simple Choice plan, which is targeted towards international travelers. The idea is that your phone just “works” upon arrival in a new country, which is certainly compelling.

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British Airways Inflight Wifi On 747


I flew British Airways first class from New York to London last night, and before I even share my thoughts on the flight, I wanted to share the part of the journey that caught me by total surprise – my flight had wifi!

I had no clue that British Airways had wifi on any of their longhaul planes, and as it turns out I really lucked out.

Apparently British Airways is trialing wifi on a single 747-400 aircraft.

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