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$400 Transatlantic Business Class Tickets Still Available (With Free Stopovers)


A few days ago I wrote about how TAP Portugal had ~$400 one-way business class fares from Oslo and Copenhagen to the US, starting for travel in September. That’s an insanely low fare.

On one hand it seems like it may be a mistake fare, while on the other hand TAP Portugal frequently publishes one-way transatlantic business class fares of under $1,000, so it’s not that far off from what they normally charge. So while it seems very low, it’s not entirely obvious that this is an error.

Well, TAP Portugal’s excellent business class fares are still available, three days later. So if you haven’t yet taken advantage of one of these fares, I’d highly recommend doing so. The deal even potentially gets better than I explained last time.

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GREAT DEAL: $400 One-Way Business Class Tickets From Europe To The US


This certainly won’t last. Per YHBU, TAP Portugal has published some great one-way business class fares from Europe to the US. You can fly one-way business class between Europe and the US for as little as ~$400 one-way. This is valid for travel starting in September, though the end of the schedule. For example, you can fly from:

— Oslo to Newark for $408 one-way
— Oslo to Boston for $408 one-way
— Copenhagen to New York for $611 one-way
— Copenhagen to Miami for $625 one-way

You’re best off searching these fares through Google Flights, and then the fares should be bookable directly through TAP’s website, or if you prefer you can book through an online travel agency, like Orbitz.

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TAP Portugal Will Introduce A New Business Class Product


TAP Portugal has lofty expansion goals, including increasing their footprint in North America. Over the summer TAP launched flights from Lisbon to Boston and New York JFK. However, they have a limited longhaul fleet as of now, so the airline leased two planes from Brazilian carrier AZUL to operate the new routes.

TAP’s own planes feature angled business class seats, which are less than ideal for transatlantic flights.

However, one of the good things about these flights operated by AZUL planes is that they feature fully flat, staggered business class seats, which are a huge improvement over TAP’s own product. The problem is that TAP has been swapping planes last minute all the time, so there’s no way to reliably book flights operated by AZUL planes, even if they have their “usual” routes.

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TAP Portugal Introduces New Fully Flat Business Class


As I wrote about earlier this year, TAP Portugal is launching two new US routes this summer, including Lisbon to Boston and Lisbon to New York JFK. The Lisbon to Boston route launches as of today, June 11, 2016, while the Lisbon to New York JFK route launches as of July 1, 2016.

I’ve flown TAP Portugal before and overall enjoyed my flight, though they did have angled seats, which I’m not a fan of. Then again, an east coast to Portugal flight is short, so that isn’t really a big deal.

What I wasn’t aware of, and what the airline seems to be rather quiet about, is that TAP Portugal introduced a new business class product as of today, on their Lisbon to Boston route. This same product will be available on their new Lisbon to New York JFK route as well. These are planes which they took over from AZUL, which is why they have a different product. Per USA Today:

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TAP Portugal’s New Flights To Boston & New York


Boston has been experiencing some of the most impressive international growth of any US airport, as over the past few years they’ve picked up several new flights to Asia (on Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Hainan, and Japan Airlines), and even more new flights to Europe.

Well, it looks like we can now add yet another airline to the list of European airlines serving Logan Airport.

TAP Portugal will be launching daily nonstop flights between Lisbon and Boston as of June 11, 2016.

The flight will be operated by an Airbus A330-200 with the following schedule:

TP217 Lisbon to Boston departing 2:25PM arriving 5:00PM
TP218 Boston to Lisbon departing 7:45PM arriving 7:20AM (+1 day)

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TAP Portugal A330 Business Class Miami To Lisbon


Bom dia from Lisbon! I just flew TAP Portugal business class from Miami to Lisbon, which was operated by one of their A330-200 aircraft. This was a last minute trip for me, and I probably wouldn’t have taken it if it were only the flight review I were after. But between the opportunity to review a new airline and visit a new city, I figured I might as well. And at 45,000 Aeroplan miles plus ~$128 in taxes/fuel surcharges, it certainly wasn’t an expensive redemption.

While I’ll have a full trip report soon (I’m a couple of reports behind, so it will be a couple of weeks), I figured I’d share my initial thoughts.

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Off To Lisbon In TAP Portugal Business Class!

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.13.34 AM

I was going to fly to India this week, but Avianca’s LifeMiles program is a disaster. An absolute, freaking disaster. I was trying to book Air India first class from Chicago to Delhi using LifeMiles, but their website kept erroring out, and after combined efforts of over seven hours on the phone with them, gave up.

In looking at where I could otherwise go, I eventually decided on flying TAP Portugal business class to Lisbon. They had plenty of award space from Miami to Lisbon, which is operated by their A330, featuring their newer (compared to the A340), though still not fully flat, business class product.

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