Swiss’ Stunning New Brand Video


While I obviously love airlines and airplanes, I also love marketing. Good marketing, at least, especially in the airline industry.

For example, while it’s from a slightly different era, I think Lufthansa did a pretty good job with their brand video a while back (again, keeping in mind that it’s probably from about a decade ago):

At least I have the song “Symphony of Angels” stuck in my head every time I watch it.

This week Swiss uploaded what must be one of the most gorgeous brand videos I’ve ever seen. It’s not just interesting because it covers so many aspects of their operations (from cabin crew to the legal team to the social media team), but it’s also visually stunning in terms of the flow of the video. Here’s how the video is described:

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Is This The Most Restrictive Airline Lounge Access Policy?


Lounge access policies can be rather complicated. Some airline executives in charge of lounges don’t even know the correct policies.

Obviously airlines are all over the place in terms of “generosity” when it comes to lounge access.

British Airways only allows their own first class passengers into The Concorde Room, and not oneworld first class or oneworld Emerald passengers.

Lufthansa only allows their own first class passengers and HON Circle members (and United Global Services members under limited circumstances) into The Lufthansa First Class Terminal & Lounges, and not other Star Alliance first class passengers.

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Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Cabins & Routes Announced


Swiss is arguably Europe’s most well regarded airline. No, they don’t have the global reach of Air France, British Airways, or Lufthansa, but they are very well regarded for the niche they fill. They are, after all, known as the “premium” airline of the Lufthansa group. Personally I like Swiss but don’t love them — I find service to be a bit hit or miss, and I don’t think they have a great business class hard product.

Also keep in mind that Swiss is one of the most exclusive airlines when it comes to first class award tickets — Swiss restricts first class awards exclusively to Senator and HON Circle members of the Miles & More program.

That being said, Swiss is in the process of refreshing their longhaul fleet. Presently their longhaul fleet consists exclusively of Airbus A330s and A340s, though soon Swiss will be taking delivery of their first of nine Boeing 777-300ERs. This is one of the most efficient twin engine planes out there, and is really the backbone of many airlines’ longhaul fleet.

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~$1,850 West Coast Business Class Fares To Europe: Star Alliance Edition


I feel like this is a case of “lather, rinse, repeat, change alliance.”

Especially in the last few weeks, there’s been a flurry of inexpensive business class fares to Europe for travel this summer.

UPDATE: Deal is dead. šŸ™

For whatever reason, Madrid and Barcelona have seen the most discounted fares from the West Coast, and that trend continues. This time, Star Alliance is in on the game (and only, as far as I can ascertain, Star Alliance).

Travel from July 1 through the end of October is pulling up widely available business class fares starting at $1,869 roundtrip from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Portland to Madrid.

The fares are nearly equally as good to Barcelona from every major West Coast city.

Flying to London is just a bit pricier at $2,160 roundtrip, the fare difference primarily due to the UK air passenger duty.

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Swiss Revamping Business Class Service

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.17.07 PM

I was just made aware of a pretty cool internal video Swiss made discussing how they’re revamping their business class service. It’s quite long at ~25 minutes, but well worth watching if you’re into this kind of stuff.

For the first six minutes they interview a Miles & More HON Circle member and a Miles & More Frequent Traveller member who also works in the hotel industry to get their thoughts on what’s important in business class service.

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Review: Swiss Business Class A330 Zurich To Beijing


I’ve flown Swiss many times before, both on shorthaul and longhaul flights. Up until now my longhaul flights on them have been limited to first class. Back in the day they released a ton of first class award space, and they’ve long had a great first class product. Unfortunately not only do they not release first class award space to partner airlines anymore, but they don’t even release first class award space to all of their own Miles & More members. Instead you have to be at least a mid-tier Senator member in order to even book a Swiss first class award.

As a result, I was curious to check out Swiss’ business class product, since it’s the best that most of us can hope for from hereon out on award tickets.

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Review: Swiss Panorama Lounge Zurich


Upon landing in Zurich, Andrew realized he had never been issued a boarding pass for our flight to Beijing, so we went to the transfer desk, which was just a few minutes walk away from our arrival gate.

While the agent at the transfer desk was friendly, she asked to see his visa. When we explained we were doing a 72 hour transit without visa, she started doing some typing in her computer, and then eventually said that the transit without visa was only valid for up to 24 hours, and not 72 hours.

We stood our ground, and then she made a phone call to some other department, and they confirmed that we could indeed transit for up to 72 hours without a visa.

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Around the World on 90k Part I: Warsaw and Beijing with Nothing But a Passport and a Dream(liner)

Hopefully my perspective will be a little different from Lucky’s, as someone who’s not quite as accustomed to premium travel as he is.

I think on this trip, Lucky found out that having me along was the equivalent of having 13 black cats for travel companions. Or a member of the Kennedy family. Still, the trip went relatively smoothly, all things considered.

We started off our journey at the Korean Air lounge in JFK’s Terminal 1. As Lucky pointed out, outlets were in short supply, and their internet filters were actually offensive (though this has since been fixed, so kudos for that). Also, the ambient temperature made me long for the relative coolness of the inside of a pizza oven.

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Swiss A330 Business Class Zurich to Beijing


My initial thoughts on Swiss’ A330 service between Zurich and Beijing. Thoughts on the seat, food, service, and amenities. While I’ve flown Swiss first class many times before, this was my first time in their business class.

So while Iā€™m sad that Iā€™ve probably seen my last Swiss first class cabin for a while (maybe ever?), their business class is solid.

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Swiss first class awards to be restricted to Miles & More Senator and HON Circle members

Going back several years, Lufthansa and Swiss first class award seats used to be among the easiest of any airline to snag. I remember back in the day Swiss would often make all eight of their first class seats available for awards. Similarly, back when Lufthansa had first class cabins with 16 seats, it wasn’t…

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Review: Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich


Introduction Club International Seattle Lufthansa Business Class Seattle to Frankfurt Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Nice Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez Park Hyatt Zurich Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich Austrian Business Class Zurich to Vienna Austrian Business Class Vienna to Tokyo Narita EVA Air Business…

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$1.2 million stolen from Swiss flight bound for New York

Via CNN: New York (CNN) — The FBI is investigating the theft of $1.2 million from Swiss International Airlines Flight 17, which arrived at New York’s JFK International Airport from Zurich, Switzerland, on Saturday afternoon, a spokesman said Tuesday. The money was in $100 bills, J. Peter Donald said, adding it’s still unclear when it…

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