GREAT DEAL: $2,100 Business Class Airfares To Africa On SkyTeam!

Nairobi business class availability on Delta's website in October

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some business class fare sales on SkyTeam carriers, but there are a few notable deals going on now that are worth jumping on quickly, particularly if you’re eyeing a trip to East Africa — perhaps to try out the new Park Hyatt Zanzibar?

Per this FlyerTalk thread, airfares between Los Angeles and Nairobi are available for as low as $2,146 roundtrip in business class on Delta, KLM and Kenya Airways. What’s notable about this flash sale is that the fares are good through the end of schedule, so this is worth jumping on if you’ve been itching to plan a safari but have been unable to find an award routing that works for you.

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SkyTeam Makes It Easier To Request Missing Miles


There are three major global alliances — Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and oneworld. In general I’d say that Star Alliance has the best collection of airlines, while oneworld has the most valuable reciprocal elite perks. Meanwhile SkyTeam is sort of just the alliance of leftovers.

Overall I’d say SkyTeam airlines are improving, as they’re largely refreshing their longhaul fleets with fully flat business class seats. Still, I don’t think SkyTeam has historically done much in the way of innovation.

However, SkyTeam has just announced a very cool new functionality that we haven’t seen before. SkyTeam has introduced an online retroactive mileage credit tool that works in real-time to validate retroactive mileage requests, giving you your missing miles instantly. Per the press release:

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Delta Reducing Service To Tokyo Narita — Check Your Reservations


In the midst of their operational adventures last week, Delta quietly announced a reduction in service to Tokyo Narita airport.

This comes on the heels of improved access to Tokyo Haneda for the U.S. carriers, so isn’t incredibly surprising. Three routes to/from Tokyo Narita will be cut this fall:

• New York JFK (ends October 3rd)
• Bangkok BKK (ends October 30th)
• Osaka KIX (ends October 3rd)

For further analysis on the reasons for this move, and what it could mean for Delta’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region, I suggest checking out CrankyFlyer’s post (even if you’re not interested in industry nuances, the post is worth it for the Godzilla references alone).

In the meantime, I want to address the practical steps for rebooking your flights, as this is a particular blow for New York-based travelers.

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Flying Delta Today? Here’s What The Outage Means For You


Delta flights were grounded this morning after a computer outage brought the airline systems to a halt.

Flights are resuming, but given that Delta was only able to operate ~800 of their 6,000 scheduled flights this morning, things are a bit messy. A vast majority of Delta planes aren’t where they’re supposed to be (along with their passengers and crew), so it’s going to take a significant amount of time to get everything back to normal.

If you’re flying Delta today (or scheduled to fly this week), here’s what you need to know.

It’s best if you can do this before heading to the airport. The Delta app and website are still a bit glitchy, but there are several flight tracking apps that can give you more information.

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Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Tijuana to Mexico City


As the Aeromexico lounge was so depressing, we decided to head to the gate early.

Which was a good decision, because holy cow the gate area was a cluster.

Let’s zoom in on the Sky Priority queue…

Before we get into details, keep in mind that this was a domestic flight. And not a long one. The flight distance is similar going from Tijuana to Mexico City as it would be from San Diego to Dallas, and I think that’s an important perspective.

I had hoped to board early to take photos of the mini-cabin (where we were to be seated), but that obviously didn’t happen, and many of the other passengers were already seated by the time we boarded. Check out Ben’s recent Aeromexico reports for more photos of the cabin interior.

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Review: Aeromexico Salon Premier Tijuana


The Aeromexico Salon Premier Tijuana is quite possibly the worst lounge ever to be reviewed on One Mile at a Time. Now, there’s some tough competition for this title, but I’m feeling pretty confident.

The Priority Pass lounge in Catania, Sicily is pretty rough, but it was closed both times Ben tried to access it:

There are an assortment of mediocre domestic lounges in Malaysia, but I guess I never wrote about that trip:

And the disastrous lounge situation in Cairo is never going to make it on any of Ben’s lists of Best Business Class Lounges:

There’s also nearly every lounge in China (particularly the No. 6 and No. 7 First Class VIP Lounges in Changsha):

However those lounges at least have the value of being entertaining, with A++ people-watching, or other foibles.

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AMAZING DEAL: $1,100 Business Class Tickets From The US To Europe!

British-Airways-Business-Class-777 - 1

Well, we’re seeing a good old fashioned business class fare war at the moment between oneworld and SkyTeam, with some fantastic fares which can get even better with a few tricks.

I’m seeing plenty of SkyTeam fares in the $1,500-1,600 range for travel between the US and Europe.

There’s even an incredible roundtrip fare between San Francisco and Istanbul on SkyTeam of under $1,100 roundtrip.

Oneworld also seems to have fares in the $1,500-1,600 range out of several US markets to Italy, valid for travel between August 2016 and March 2017.

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Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Mexico City to Los Angeles

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 6

I wasn’t able to get good pictures of the business class cabin on the last flight, partly because it was a nighttime flight, and partly because all business class passengers seemed to board at once, due to delayed boarding.

So on this sector I was the first to board the plane (by at least a minute), and as I entered I smiled at the flight attendant at the door and said “hi, is there any chance I could just grab a few pictures of the business class cabin?”

She responded “how about you just take pictures of your seat?”

Alrighty then…

So I didn’t actually get to take a picture of the mini cabin, unfortunately. Speaking of which, I was supposed to sit in the mini cabin, but I screwed up my seat assignment on this flight. I had originally selected seat 6J, the window seat in the mini cabin. When I checked in online I saw that the seat next to me was taken, while the forward cabin was almost completely empty. So I switched to 4J. As it turned out, by the time they accommodated non-rev passengers, the business class cabin was full, and I also realized that 4J is missing a window. So I ended up still having a seatmate, except I moved myself into a worse seat. My mistake…

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Review: Aeromexico Lounge Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico-Lounge-Mexico-City - 16

I deplaned at around 5:40AM, leaving me a bit over four hours before my connection to Los Angeles.

I proceeded down the arrivals hall, following the signage towards connecting flights.

On my flight from Madrid, the crew explained I’d have to clear immigration in Mexico City, which surprised me, since I figured I’d be able to make an airside transit. Well, sure enough they were right, and within a few minutes I found myself in a long immigration queue which seemed to move at a snail’s pace.

I know Americans are perhaps overly sensitive when it comes to wanting personal space, but I was especially frustrated that the person behind me was standing so close that I could feel him breathing on my neck. Eventually I managed to put my weekender bag around my shoulder in such a way that I at least had a few extra inches of forced separation.

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Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Madrid To Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 3

I boarded through door L2, where I was greeted by one of the business class flight attendants and pointed to the far aisle and left, where my seat was located.

Aeromexico’s 787 business class has B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, which are the same you’ll find in American’s A321 business class, Qatar Airways’ A320 business class, Air China’s 777 business class, etc.

The forward business class cabin consisted of a total of 24 seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. Then there was a further mini-cabin behind the main entry door, consisting of a total of eight seats (six seats in one row, and then a center section with two more seats).

I selected seat 4F, which was the right aisle seat in the center section of the last row of the forward cabin. Given that this was a redeye flight with no views, I figured I was best off selecting a seat in the center section, so no one would have to climb over me to use the restroom. Furthermore, I prefer sitting towards the back of the cabin, so I can observe the overall flow of service.

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This Saudia First Class Fare Is Tempting Me…


“Saudia first class” and “tempting” are probably phrases which don’t typically go in the same sentence.

As you guys know, I’m trying to review as many new airline products as possible, even ones which might not be so great.

This year I’ve done a good job of sampling new airlines, and I think it’s because I’ve changed my mentality. When I find a good opportunity to fly a new airline I ask myself why I shouldn’t try it, rather than why I should. If I can’t come up with a good reason not to, I typically end up booking it. That’s how I recently ended up booking a trip from Colombo to Casablanca in Qatar Airways and Royal Air Maroc business class. Even though it was totally out of the way, the positioning flights will let me review several new airlines as well, including China Eastern, Kuwait Airways, and Royal Jordanian.

Saudia is another airline which is on my list of airlines I want to review. While they don’t seem to be actively terrible, they do seem to have underwhelming first & business class products.

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Introduction: The Long Way To Spain

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 8

At the beginning of the year I vowed to review as many new business class products as possible, and in particular named 16 airlines I was eying. I’ve been doing everything I can to review as many of these airlines as possible, and as I’ve gone through the list, I’ve tried to figure out how I can knock out several carriers at once.

I started planning this trip in late March, where I saw an opportunity to fly to Madrid, traveling on Avianca in one direction, and on Aeromexico in the other direction.

I started planning this trip when I noticed that Avianca was allowing passengers to redeem miles for travel between the US and Europe via Bogota. That’s quite a detour. The great thing is that Avianca flies the 787 to Los Angeles, which features their reverse herringbone product. From there I could fly another 787 from Bogota to Madrid, allowing me to experience two fairly long flights in Avianca’s 787 business class.

I booked the following routing:

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Aeromexico 787 Business Class In 10 Pictures

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 3

Morning from Mexico City! I just got off a 12 hour Aeromexico 787 flight from Madrid to Mexico City, and shortly will be connecting from Mexico City to Los Angeles.

I shared some pictures of my outbound journey on Avianca, so below are 10 pictures of my Aeromexico flight from Madrid. I’ll be publishing the trip report very shortly, so all I’ll say for now is “wow.”

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The Best Garuda Indonesia First Class Fare I’ve Seen


For those of us who like to sample the world’s best first class products, the good news is that most of the best products are easily attainable using miles. There are two exceptions which come to mind:

— Air France first class, which you have to be an Air France FlyingBlue elite members to redeem miles for, and even then can only book at the more expensive “standard” mileage level; the Air France first class ground experience in Paris is the best in the world, though
— Garuda Indonesia first class, which you can only redeem miles for directly through Garuda’s frequent flyer program (not many people have miles with them); Nick flew from Amsterdam to London in Garuda first class a few months back, and the product looks exceptional

Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to fly Air France first class, and found it to be great. But I still haven’t flown Garuda Indonesia first class. The product looks stunning, between the fantastic hard product and the supposedly industry leading soft product.

So while I’d love to review Garuda Indonesia first class, I just haven’t yet found a practical way to do so.

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