TSA Screening Passenger AFTER Flight?!


While we all have our thoughts on the TSA, here’s something I haven’t seen before. There’s a video going around the internet of a 22 year old that flew from Minneapolis to Denver on Spirit Airlines, and upon landing was met by the TSA… because they wanted to do more screening on him. Check out the video:

Apparently he used to be on the “no fly” list, but was then downgraded to a list where he would just receive additional screening (with “SSSS” on his boarding pass). However, apparently the TSA failed to complete that screening in Minneapolis, and only realized that halfway through his flight.

So when he landed in Denver, the TSA boarded the plane to have him deplane before everyone else, and then they requested to do additional screening on him… even though he already flew and was done with his travels for the day!

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I Was Asked To Power On Electronics At Security


In early July I posted about the new TSA policy which was implemented at overseas airports, whereby powerless electronic devices wouldn’t be permitted on planes.

Yesterday I experienced that — along with “targeted” secondary security — for the first time. It was no big deal at all, but I figured I’d share my experience, since it was a first.

I was flying from Frankfurt to New York on Singapore Airlines, and when I went to board the plane the machine that scans boarding passes beeped several times. The agent told me I needed to go to the ticket desk for a document check, though once there I was directed to the side of the gate, where two police offers told me to sit down.

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Hilarious TSA Improvement Contest Entry!

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.44.14 AM

As many of you probably know, the Transportation Security Administration is offering rewards totaling $15,000 for the best ideas that speed up the security screening process.

Via NBC News:

“The Transportation Security Administration is offering rewards totaling up to $15,000 for the person with the best idea for speeding up security.

The TSA will award one prize of at least $5,000 and others of at least $2,500 for the top ideas. Plus, the winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they’ve made the airline experience for those of the masses a little less of a headache. The TSA is looking for “a scientific and simulation modeling approach to meet queue design and configuration needs of the dynamic security screening environment,” but it may not be as simple as you think. Contest participants must consider a variety of factors such as peak hours, flight schedules and TSA staffing schedules.”

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TSA To Start Limiting Pre-Check Eligibility


Two of the greatest travel innovations of the past few years have been Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check. Global Entry has taken the frustration out of the immigration process, while TSA Pre-Check has taken the frustration out of the security process. Well, at least for the most part.

When TSA Pre-Check first started it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Very few people had registered for the program at the time, so not only were the travelers using the lane actually frequent travelers that knew “the drill,” but the lines were almost non-existent.

Then over time the experience was diluted substantially. Passengers that didn’t sign-up started randomly getting TSA Pre-Check. This didn’t just slow down the line because there were considerably more people using the checkpoints, but also because they didn’t know how to use them. So they’d still take everything out of their bags, set off the x-rays, etc. In many cases Pre-Check took longer than the “normal” security line.

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TSA Relaxes Duty Free Liquids Restrictions

Via the TSA website: Beginning January 31, 2014, passengers traveling internationally into the United States with a connecting flight will be permitted to carry liquids in excess of 100 mL in their carry-on baggage, provided they were purchased in duty-free shops and placed in secure, tamper-evident bags (STEBs). Technological advances may allow passengers to keep…

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