Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc Provides Bizarre Explanation For Their Frankfurt “Incident”


Earlier I posted the insane video footage of a Royal Air Maroc 737 struggling to take off at Frankfurt Airport.

In the video you can see a Royal Air Maroc 737-700 lift its nose but struggle to take off. It very briefly gets airborne (which could have led to a stall), but then the pilots bring it back down, continue to accelerate, and then finally take off.

We ultimately don’t know what caused the incident. It could have been that the pilots didn’t use enough flaps. It could have been that the pilots had the takeoff speed wrong. Or it could have been any of a number of other things.

Even if the pilots caused it, their recovery in the incident was excellent, it would seem.

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Video Of Near Disaster For A Royal Air Maroc 737 On Takeoff


Flying is incredibly safe, and fortunately things only go very wrong very rarely. For every accident that actually happens, I imagine there are exponentially more “near misses,” or situations that could have ended very poorly but don’t.

Well a couple of days ago video footage was uploaded to YouTube of a Royal Air Maroc 737 taking off from Frankfurt… only it wouldn’t take off. Here’s the description of the video:

“What was this pilot thinking? Watch as they rotate at a very slow speed causing the aircraft’s nose to lift off the ground but not generating enough lift to become fully airborne, & then shortly after stalling they continue to accelerate down the runway to rotate at a faster speed. I have no idea as to why this happened, but some theories could include an incorrect flap setting, the setting of incorrect V speeds or an incorrect trim?

But in this day and age, surely error mistakes like these shouldn’t be apparent in commercial aviation? Even if the mistakes had been made, aborting the takeoff could’ve been a safer option, than putting the passengers, crew & aircraft at risk in this dangerous situation. Leave your opinions in the comments.”

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Review: Royal Air Maroc Business Class 787 Casablanca To Doha

RAM-Business-Class-787 - 32

It was 12:55PM by the time we made it to the plane, at which point we took the stairs up to the L1 door. Once there the cabin crew verified our boarding passes, and directed us to our seats in the far aisle.

On this flight we had selected the aisle & window seats in the last row on the right. While Matthew had the window seat on the outbound, I had the window seat on this flight.

Since I was in the window seat this time around, I had the awkward elevated ottoman, which Matthew had on the way out.

On the outbound flight I was wondering whether the crappy blanket was a fluke or the norm. I guess it’s the norm, because we had the same blanket on this flight.

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Review: Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca Airport

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 12

Our flight from Casablanca to Doha was departing at 1:10PM, so we left the Hyatt Regency at around 10AM. We arrived at Terminal 2 at Casablanca Airport shortly before 11AM, and first had to go through a security checkpoint to even enter the airport, where our passports were verified.

There were a lot of officers with machine guns standing around everywhere in the airport, so I apologize for the lack of pictures, as I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures in many areas.

Once through the initial security checkpoint we found ourselves in the arrivals area, where we were the previous morning. This explains why everyone was waiting for arriving passengers outside the airport, since only ticketed passengers can enter the terminal.

We took the elevator up a level to the check-in hall.

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Review: Royal Air Maroc Business Class 787 Doha To Casablanca

Royal-Air-Maroc-Business-Class-787 - 1

While boarding by remote stand commenced at 12:10AM, we only made it to the plane at 12:30AM.

We boarded through door L2, where we were greeted by the cabin manager and pointed left towards business class. Royal Air Maroc’s 787 business class cabin is located between doors one and two, and features a total of 18 seats spread across three rows, in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Most airlines have seats that are a slight variation of one another, though this was a completely new one for me. These seats are only available on select planes of Royal Air Maroc, Philippine Airlines, and Air Europa.

As I entered the cabin, the first thing that stood out to me was the variable height of the ottomans at each pair of seats.

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Introduction: An Insane Week In The Sky

Royal-Air-Maroc-Business-Class-787 - 2

One of the main reasons I travel is to review new airlines, which is why many of my trips are quick and have crazy routings. However, this trip ended up being insane, even by my standards, as I ended up flying over 33,000 miles in a week. I did this trip with my friend Matthew from Live and Let’s Fly, and we had a heck of a time.

The planning for this trip started when Qatar Airways published an extremely cheap business class fare between Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Casablanca, Morocco. While you could fly Qatar Airways the whole way, what intrigued me most was the ability to fly Royal Air Maroc between Doha and Casablanca for the same price, given that the two airlines codeshare on the route.

The route is operated by Royal Air Maroc’s brand new 787, so that seemed like an awesome opportunity to try them. I know booking a roundtrip between Colombo and Casablanca seems quite random (and it is), but distance never exactly stopped us from traveling anywhere. 😉

The other benefit is that a lot of airlines publish cheap fares out of Colombo, so we could easily book cheap premium cabin tickets to get back from Colombo to the US.

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How Was Royal Air Maroc Business Class?

Royal-Air-Maroc-787 - 4

This morning I flew Royal Air Maroc from Doha to Casablanca, a flight that was operated by one of their new 787 aircraft. This flight was ~7 hours and covered 3,500 miles, so is roughly the same distance as a London to New York flight, as a point of comparison.

As I wrote about earlier, Royal Air Maroc has an odd business class product on this plane, which I can’t make sense of. Ultimately it’s nice to have a flat bed seat, though this has to be the most poorly designed “new” business class seat I’ve ever experienced.

What very pleasantly surprised me about Royal Air Maroc was the soft product.

We all have expectations coming into flights, often unfounded. For whatever reason I didn’t think service would be especially friendly. I also figured the meal service would be rather limited, given that the flight departed at 1AM and landed at 7AM. I figured there would be a small snack after takeoff, and then breakfast before landing.

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Is This The Worst (& Strangest) New Business Class Seat?

Royal-Air-Maroc-Business-Class - 7

It’s amazing the amount of innovation we’ve seen the past decade with international business class seats. Some international business class seats today look a lot like top international first class products did a decade ago.

Perhaps the most reliable and consistent new business class hard product is a reverse herringbone seat, where each seat has direct aisle access.

However, we’ve seen some innovative other new products as well. Earlier in the year I flew in an Apex Suite for the first time, a product that’s available on select Japan Airlines, Korean Air, and Oman Air planes.

The window seats in this configuration are probably the all round best business class hard product, as they feature unrivaled privacy and personal space.

Well, this morning I flew Royal Air Maroc from Doha to Casablanca, a flight that was operated by a 787 with their new business class product. I’ll have more thoughts on the actual flight shortly, but in the meantime I want to talk about the seat as such.

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Booked: China Eastern And Royal Air Maroc Business Class!


As I’ve explained many times before, the content of this blog is focused heavily on the journey rather than the destination. So while there are many places I really want to visit, I try to prioritize new airline reviews first. At the beginning of the year I shared 16 airline products I want to review in 2016, and I’ve been making good progress on that list.

I’ve already reviewed Finnair business class, Air India first class, Iberia business class, LAN business class, Oman Air business class, and Air France business class.

On top of the airlines I’ve already reviewed, over the coming weeks I have trips planned in Aeromexico and Avianca business class, Air Canada and South African Airways business class, SAS and Aeroflot business class, and Fiji Airways and Air Tahiti Nui business class.

As I look at my list of airlines left to review, I realize I’m almost there. Beyond that, I’m not limiting myself to the 16 airlines on the list, but am also trying to review other new airlines.

Well, I’m excited to report on the trip I just booked yesterday, which includes business class on China Eastern, Royal Air Maroc, and Qatar Airways.

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How To Redeem Miles On Royal Air Maroc


A couple of days ago I wrote about rumors that Royal Air Maroc will soon be joining the Star Alliance.

I can’t say they’re an airline I’m dying to fly, though I really do want to visit Morocco.

I had kind of assumed that Royal Air Maroc didn’t have any useful airline partners, though after some further digging I was surprised to find two semi-useful airline partners they have — Etihad Guest and Iberia Plus. So while it will no doubt be easier to redeem miles for travel on Royal Air Maroc if/when they join the Star Alliance, in the meantime there are two useful airlines through which you can book Royal Air Maroc:

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Royal Air Maroc Joining Star Alliance?


As I’ve said before, I’m always excited when smaller airlines join the major alliances, even if they don’t necessarily have the best reputation. That’s because often it is most practical to fly those airlines, and ultimately you’re better off being able to earn and redeem miles on them, not to mention take advantage of consistent elite benefits.

While oneworld seems to be on a kick lately with new member acquisitions, it looks like Star Alliance may have a small victory up their sleeve. Rumor has it that Royal Air Maroc is in the final stages of negotiations with Star Alliance, and that a formal announcement about them joining Star Alliance should be made in the coming days.

Royal Air Maroc would be the fourth African Star Alliance member airline, after EgyptAir, Ethiopian, and South African Airways.

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