Official: Qatar Airways Adding Doha To Las Vegas Flights In 2018


In June 2016, Qatar Airways first announced their intent to begin flying between Doha and Las Vegas, which seems like a rather random route. It’s especially surprising when you consider that Qatar Airways doesn’t even fly to San Francisco, which you’d think would be a much bigger market.

At the time, Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways’ CEO, announced that the airline would offer daily Boeing 777-300ER service between the two cities as of January 2017. We didn’t hear anything else about the new route for a while, and then this past November Qatar Airways “announced” eight new routes, and Doha to Las Vegas was among them. Qatar Airways is known for not being the most credible airline out there, as they again “announced” the route without an actual start date.

Well, the route is now official.

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Even Cheaper: Qatar Airways Business Class To Singapore From $1,750


Earlier I posted about the great business class fares Qatar Airways published out of New York and Los Angeles to Singapore with their latest fare sale. Since Qatar Airways is a oneworld member, flying them is a great way to earn miles with any oneworld loyalty program, including American AAdvantage.

Earlier I wrote about a ~$2,050 business class fare from New York to Singapore, and a ~$1,950 fare from Los Angeles to Singapore. Fares were marginally less expensive if booking in pairs. However, it looks like it gets even better than that.

You can get 15% off your ticket price by using promotion code “VISA” and then paying with a Visa card.

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Great Deal: Qatar Airways Business Class From LA Or NY To Singapore For ~$1,900


I’ve written many times about Qatar Airways’ exceptional premium cabin fares, which are a great way to earn oneworld miles while flying one of the world’s best business class products. However, the catch is that usually these excellent fares don’t originate in the U.S. — instead they’re typically valid for travel from international destinations to the U.S.

Well, Qatar Airways has just announced their latest global fare sale, called the Qatar Airways Travel Festival, and we’re seeing some great fares globally, including for travel originating in the United States.

The basic terms of this fare sale are as follows:

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AMAZING Qatar Airways Business Class Fare — Asia To The U.S. For Under $1,500 Roundtrip!


In October I wrote about an incredible business class fare on Qatar Airways between Bangkok and Los Angeles. The itinerary routed through Doha, so was an opportunity to fly over 23,000 “butt in seat” miles for under $1,500.

The fare was around for a short while, and I know a lot of people took advantage of it. Well, if you missed out, it looks like the fare is back once again. For ~$1,485 roundtrip you can fly Qatar Airways business class from Bangkok to Los Angeles.

You’re best off using Google Flights to search availability, since not all dates are available. Then it will direct you to either Qatar Airways’ website or to an OTA to book. This time around the fare has a 30 day maximum stay, so you can’t stay in Los Angeles for more than 30 days between the outbound and return.

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Qatar Airways Adding A380 Flights To Melbourne In June 2017


Emirates’ planned A380 fleet is larger than those of all other airlines combined, which is why they fly them just about everywhere. However, their Gulf rivals have much smaller A380 fleets, so have to be much more selective with where they fly them. Qatar Airways, for example, has just six A380s in their fleet.

As of now, Qatar Airways flies their A380s to London, Paris, Bangkok, Sydney, and Guangzhou. Obviously they don’t have much room to expand A380 routes, given how few of the planes they have.

However, Qatar Airways has just announced their next A380 route. Qatar Airways will begin daily A380 flights between Doha and Melbourne as of June 30, 2017. The A380 flight replaces the existing 777-300ER on the route, and will operate with the following schedule:

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Qatar Airways Adding 8 New Destinations, Including Las Vegas & Rio De Janeiro


Qatar Airways has just sort of announced a bunch of new destinations, that they plan on launching in 2017-2018. I say “sort of,” since the press release mentions several new routes, though most of them don’t yet have official start dates. Qatar Airways is notorious for announcing routes and then not following through on them, so I’ll believe the routes when the inaugural flights take off from Doha.

Per the press release:

“Qatar Airways, the award-winning and fastest growing airline in the world, today announced eight more destinations for 2017-18, in addition to seven previously announced new cities for a total of 15 new gateways. Joining the Qatar Airways’ route network, which spans more than 150 destinations on six continents around the world, are: Canberra, the airline’s fifth destination in Australia; Dublin, Ireland; Las Vegas, the airline’s 11th destination in the United States; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Medan, Kualanamu International Airport, the airline’s third destination in Indonesia; and Tabuk and Yanbu, the 9th and 10th destinations in Saudi Arabia.”

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Surprise: Airline Caviar Is Often Produced In China?!

Lufthansa-First-Class-747 - 50

The topic of this post is exclusively to share something I found interesting, rather than to express outrage at airline caviar not being imported from the countries I was expecting. 😉

For many airlines, caviar is a big expense. For example, a few years ago Lufthansa’s CEO claimed that the airline is responsible for 5% of the world’s caviar consumption. It’s sort of crazy to think that a single airline serves that much caviar.

My assumption has long been that most airlines’ caviar comes from Russia, Iran, etc. However, a friend just pointed out something interesting about Qatar Airways’ caviar, which I wasn’t aware of — Qatar Airways imports their caviar from China. As you can see below, the label indicates that it’s from China, and upon further inspection, Gourmet House’s website indicates that they farm caviar in the Chinese province of Hubei.

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Whoa: Ex-Cairo Business & First Class Fares Cheaper Than Ever!

Qatar-Airways-First-Class-A380 - 8

Last week I wrote about one of Qatar Airways’ excellent fare sales out of Cairo, where we were seeing ~$1,300-1,600 roundtrip business class tickets from Cairo to the US. Well, Egypt has just devalued their currency against the dollar, and airfare continues to be pegged to the Egyptian pound. That means airfare has just gotten even cheaper for those of us paying in foreign currencies.

So, how good are the fares? You can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to New York for ~$1,150:

You can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to Los Angeles for ~$1,070:

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Ouch: Executive Club Drastically Cuts Qatar Airways Mileage Earning


Update: Now a British Airways representative on FlyerTalk is saying that this is in fact an error, and that “R” shouldn’t have been removed. Hopefully that’s actually the case, as there were a lot of BA reps who suggested this was an intentional change.

I don’t think there’s an airline in the world that publishes more consistently excellent business class fares than Qatar Airways. Since they’re part of the oneworld alliance, booking discounted business class tickets on Qatar Airways can be a fantastic way to earn miles and requalify for status with one of their oneworld partner airlines.

Generally Qatar Airways uses either the “R” or “I” fare class for discounted business class tickets. It used to be that “I” was the most common discounted business class fare class, while nowadays we’re increasingly seeing discounted business class tickets book into the “R” fare class.

British Airways Executive Club didn’t used to credit miles for the “R” fare class, probably primarily because it wasn’t a common fare class back in the day. However, as of May of this year, British Airways Executive Club made Qatar Airways “R” fares eligible for mileage accrual.

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Qatar Airways Is Bringing Back All Business Class A319 Flights

Qatar-Airways-A320-First-Class - 1

In May 2014 Qatar Airways launched an all business class flight between Doha and London.

The flight was marketed as “Business One,” and was operated by an Airbus A319LR featuring a total of 40 fully flat business class seats, spread across 10 rows in a 2-2 configuration.

I guess the flight was the closest thing to British Airways’ “Club World London City” service, where they operate an all business class A318 between New York JFK and London City Airport.

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Surprise: Qatar Airways’ “Super Business Class” Is Delayed Again


There’s no one in the airline industry quite like Akbar Al Baker, the CEO of Qatar Airways. I don’t think there’s another airline executive who says so much that they don’t follow through on.

Since early last year Al Baker has been telling us that Qatar Airways will be introducing a new “super business class” product, and that after we see it there is “really not need for first class” (which is a convenient statement, since his two biggest competitors have first class on most of their planes).

The new product was supposed to be unveiled a while ago, and he actually said that by this year Qatar’s current business class product would be obsolete.

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Great Qatar Airways Business Class Fares Out Of The US


I’ve written many times about Qatar Airways’ exceptional premium cabin fares, which are a great way to earn oneworld miles while flying a great product. However, the catch is that usually these excellent fares don’t originate in the US — instead they’re typically valid for travel from international destinations to the US.

For example, a few weeks ago Qatar Airways had ~$1,500 roundtrip business class fares from Bangkok to Los Angeles, and just last week they had ~$1,300 roundtrip business class fares from Cairo to New York.

Of course for those who are US-based, a fare sale to the US isn’t as practical as a fare sale from the US. Still there, are many crazy people among us who like taking advantage of these fares (and also people based outside the US who find value in these).

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More Crazy Cheap Qatar Airways Business Class Fares


Qatar Airways consistently has great business class fares, especially for travel to the US (unfortunately the same can’t be said for tickets originating in the US). For example, just a few weeks ago I wrote about Qatar Airways’ cheap business class fares between Bangkok and Los Angeles, which cost under $1,500 roundtrip.

Cheap business class fares on Qatar Airways are a great way to rack up American AAdvantage miles, and even a great way to get accelerated earning towards American’s elite qualifying dollar requirement, which kicks in starting next year.

Well, perhaps the market with the most consistently excellent Qatar Airways fares is Cairo, and Qatar Airways is back with some of the best fares I’ve ever seen out of the market. The fares are valid for travel through next year, with a three day minimum stay requirement, and a two month maximum stay requirement. As usual, you’ll want to search these fares on ITA Matrix and Google Flights, and then go to Qatar Airways’ website to book.

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The Best Business Class Fare I’ve Ever Seen From Europe To Australia


Here’s an amazing fare for Europe based readers (or anyone who can position to Europe).

Qatar Airways is no stranger to discounted business class fares. Just last week I wrote about how they had sub-$1,500 roundtrip business class fares between Bangkok and Los Angeles, which is obscenely cheap, especially given how far it is to route through Doha. It’s amazing how often they have business class fares that you’d assume are in economy based on the prices, as the above was hardly the first time we’ve seen such a low fare published by them.

Well, as anyone based in Europe probably knows, flying to Australia can be expensive. There’s no airline flying nonstop between Europe and Australia, so not only will the journey take a long time, but it’ll be costly, especially in a premium cabin.

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