Qatar Airways’ First Plane Is Now Being Configured With Qsuites


In March Qatar Airways revealed their new business class product, which they’re calling Qsuites. The product looks stunning, as each seat will be a fully enclosed suite with direct aisle access. The way I see it, Qatar Airways already has the world’s best business class product, and that will only be improved further with this new seat.

When the product was first announced, it was said that the first plane with Qatar Airways’ new business class product will be flying in June, likely between Doha and London. However, Qatar Airways is also notorious for not doing anything on time, so I’m not putting too much weight on the timing or the route.

Well, on the plus side, it looks like Qatar Airways is at least getting a good start with reconfiguring these planes, per jbflyboy84 on FlyerTalk.

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Qatar Airways Is Adding Flights To San Francisco In 2018


During a press conference today, Qatar Airways announced their intentions to launch flights between Doha and San Francisco as of 2018, using the Boeing 777-300ER. As of now, no exact launch date or frequency information has been provided, as I suspect they haven’t exactly ironed out those details yet.

This announcement comes just days after Emirates announced that they’re cutting 15x weekly flights between Dubai and the US, following the travel ban and electronics ban that the US recently implemented.

Qatar Airways is known for announcing new routes and then delaying them. For example, Qatar Airways announced that they planned to launch daily 777-300ER flights between Doha and Las Vegas as of January 2017, and then later announced their intentions to instead launch the route 4x weekly using a 777-200LR as of January 2018. Today they also announced that the Doha to Las Vegas route will be delayed again, until June 2018.

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Wow: Qatar Airways Will Offer Loaner Laptops & Free Wifi On US-Bound Flights


The US electronics ban has been in place for several days now, and we’ve started to see how airlines are dealing with the ban. Emirates, Etihad, and Turkish have all shared what they’re doing to try and minimize the impact this ban has on passengers.

On Tuesday we learned that Etihad will be offering complimentary wifi and loaner iPads for business class passengers on US-bound flights, as a way of trying to minimize the disruption they face. Well, Qatar Airways is now taking that to the next level.

Qatar Airways will offer business class passengers loaner laptops on US-bound flights. This new feature will be available starting next week, and the laptops can be collected from the gate just before boarding. Customers can download their work onto a USB before boarding.

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IATA Calls Out The Electronics Ban, Demands It Be Reconsidered


For just under a week now, an electronics ban has been in place for select flights to the US and the UK. The ban seems a bit ridiculous to me, not because I want safety to be compromised, but rather because of how inconsistent and poorly thought out the policy seems to be.

A lot of people have called into question the logic of the ban (especially as it pertains to the US restricting flights from the UAE and Qatar, while the UK doesn’t, even though they’re presumably going off the same intelligence).

Well, now the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is calling out the electronics ban and demanding a change. For those of you not familiar with IATA, it’s an airline trade organization representing 265 airlines and roughly 83% of total air traffic. In other words, they’re the voice of airlines. Here’s what they’re saying about the electronics ban:

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The Most Practical Way Airlines Could Avoid The Electronics Ban


As I’m sure just about everyone knows by now, the US has implemented an electronics ban for passengers traveling nonstop to the U.S. from Amman, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Casablanca, Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, Jeddah, Kuwait City, and Riyadh.

While I don’t question that they’re likely working off of a very credible threat, and while I think it’s important to keep passengers safe, I have a lot of questions about the implementation:

— The UK has instituted a similar ban and presumably they’re sharing intelligence, so why did the US put the UAE and Qatar on the list, when the UK didn’t?
— More specifically, there’s a US Pre-Clearance facility in Abu Dhabi with an additional and thorough security screening checkpoint, so why aren’t those flights excluded, because the security is unarguably tighter than if you’re traveling through many European airports?
— Only direct flights from the above countries are included in the ban, so Emirates’ flights from Dubai to Milan to New York, and Dubai to Athens to Newark, are excluded. Does that really make sense?

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Will The Electronics Ban Change Which Airlines I Fly?


Reader David W asked the following question in the Ask Lucky forum:

“@Lucky @Tiffany and anyone else:

Will you be making changes to existing flights that are affected as well as changing plans that are in the works?”

I can’t speak for Tiffany or anyone else, though I will share my perspective. As I assume just about everyone knows at this point, there are restrictions on electronic devices in the cabins of planes for nonstop flights from:

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~$1,100 Roundtrip Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From Cairo To The US!


Qatar Airways consistently has great business class fares, especially for travel to the US (unfortunately the same can’t consistently be said for tickets originating in the US, though there are exceptions).

Cheap business class fares on Qatar Airways are a great way to rack up American AAdvantage miles, and even a great way to get accelerated earning towards American’s elite qualifying dollar requirement.

The market with the most consistently excellent Qatar Airways fares is Cairo, and Qatar Airways is back with some of the best fares I’ve ever seen out of Cairo.

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Qatar Airways To Start A Full Service Airline In India With 100 Planes

Qatar-Airways-A320-First-Class - 43

Well, it looks like Qatar Airways’ new Qsuite business class isn’t the only interesting development at Qatar Airways this week. Qatar Airways’ CEO, Akbar Al Baker, has also announced that they plan to launch an airline in India with a fleet of 100 planes. Now, Qatar Airways has invested in foreign airlines in the past, though those were simply minority stake investments, and not actually fully owning and operating an airline.

Beyond just investing in foreign airlines, Qatar Airways tried to launch an airline in Saudi Arabia, and failed. The airline was going to be called Al Maha Airways. The airline had already taken delivery of several Airbus A320 aircraft, though they had an issue getting their license. The airline was supposed to launch in 2014, and that kept getting pushed back.

Then they said they’d launch in the summer of 2016, before finally giving up (for now). Qatar Airways has shelved the idea of their Saudi Arabian airline, though unfortunately only after they took delivery of several planes. Even though Al Maha was a failure, it doesn’t look like it’s preventing Qatar Airways from trying again in a different market.

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My Thoughts On Qatar Airways’ New Business Class Qsuite


As just about all of you probably know by now, Qatar Airways revealed their new business class “Qsuites” earlier today. We also learned when the product will be launched, what planes it will be on first, what impact the new product has on seat count, etc.

In this post I wanted to share my thoughts on the new product, though first I wanted to add a few disclaimers:

Some people love Qatar Airways, while others can’t stand the airline. Personally I have both good and bad things to say about the airline. I think Qatar’s CEO is passionately nuts, and can’t be trusted. I also think service on Qatar Airways isn’t on the same level as some other airlines.

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Which Qatar Airways Flights Will Feature The New Business Class Qsuites?


Earlier today Qatar Airways revealed their newest business class product, which they’ve been promising for the past couple of years. The product looks incredible, though I’ll share my thoughts in a follow-up post.

In this post I wanted to share some of the answers Qatar Airways has provided to logical follow up questions about the product. In no particular order:

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First Look At Qatar Airways’ “Revolutionary” New Business Class Suite!!!


Well, the time has come. Over two years ago, Qatar Airways’ CEO revealed that the airline was working on a “super business class,” which would make first class obsolete. The wait is finally over, as Qatar Airways has finally revealed their new product just now at ITB Berlin, one of the world’s biggest travel trade shows.

Qatar Airways is calling their new business class product the “Qsuite,” with the slogan “First in Business” (well played, Qatar Airways!). During the big reveal, Al Baker said that they patented the product, and that it’s “way way above what anyone else will every attempt.”

Here are some pictures of the new product:

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Tune In: Qatar Airways Is Unveiling Their New Business Class In Less Than An Hour


The day is finally here! In less than an hour, Qatar Airways is revealing their much anticipated “super business class.”

Qatar Airways’ chief, Akbar Al Baker, will be revealing the new product in Berlin at 11AM (which is 5AM ET). Best of all, you can tune in for the event on Qatar Airways’ Facebook page, as they’ll be broadcasting the event through Facebook live.

We know that Qatar Airways’ new business class will feature fully enclosed suites, though not much more. Delta announced last year that they’d introduce fully enclosed suites in business class on their A350s, so Qatar Airways was beaten to the punch on that. However, maybe Qatar Airways will take the concept to the next level.

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First Image Of Qatar Airways’ New “Super Business Class” (Sort Of)


Since early 2015, Qatar Airways’ CEO has been promising a new “super business class” product, and that after we see it there is “really not need for first class.” While they’ve pushed back the release date on this product over and over, it looks like the product will finally be introduced shortly.

Qatar Airways will be unveiling their new “super business class” at ITB Berlin this year. There’s even a countdown on Qatar Airways’ website about the big reveal, which will occur at 11AM Berlin time on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

While Qatar Airways is tight-lipped about the new product, it looks like by adjusting the lighting on the “reveal” picture they posted, you can get a sense of what the product will look like. It’s not a great picture, but is better than nothing. MYT332 on changed the contrast on one of the pictures Qatar Airways posted, which revealed the following:

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Qatar Airways Updates Their Checked Baggage Policy For The Better


While I think the oneworld alliance is the all around most rewarding alliance for frequent flyers, I was very disappointed in a policy change they made last June. As of June 1, 2016, oneworld changed their policy so that:

— Oneworld airlines no longer have to check your bags through to other oneworld carriers if you’re booked on separate tickets
— Oneworld airlines no longer have to protect you in the event of a misconnect when on separate tickets

While oneworld’s missed flight protection was quite generous, allowing passengers to check bags through on separate itineraries should be an absolute no brainer. You want to encourage people to stick within the alliance, and it’s not like airlines have much to gain by inconveniencing passengers and making them visit the baggage carousel during their layover (which becomes especially problematic if someone doesn’t have a visa to visit the country they’re transiting).

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