Surprising Life Advice From The “Miracle On The Hudson” Pilot


Almost everyone is familiar with “the miracle on the Hudson,” where back in 2009 US Airways 1549 had a double engine failure shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia. They ditched the plane in the Hudson, and amazingly enough everyone survived. There has been even more press about the incident the past few months, given that the movie “Sully” was released in September, which documents the incident.

While Sully Sullenberger (the captain) has become a household name, not as many people could name the first officer of that flight, who was Jeff Skiles. Anyway, a Reddit user recently emailed Jeff, and received a fascinating response that I can’t not share.

Here’s the question that the Reddit user asked Jeff. The user is training to become a CFI (and presumably eventually wants to be an airline pilot), but has anxiety about having an engine failure after takeoff, and how it may inhibit his ability to think clearly:

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Horrible Injustice: Singapore Airlines Refuses Someone A Free Upgrade


It’s not often I check the comments section of airline Facebook pages, because they seem to be a dark, dark place. Come and think of it, I couldn’t imagine working in social media for an airline, given all the complaints they get.

However, one complaint from Singapore Airlines’ Facebook page is getting a lot of attention. This customer says that Singapore Airlines just lost a client and did something totally unacceptable that a world class airline wouldn’t do.

What did the airline do, you ask?

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Remember That Trump-Tirade Flight? Culprit Is Banned From Delta, Everyone Else Gets A Refund


As I wrote about yesterday, last week video footage emerged of a Trump supporter getting up and yelling at passengers, calling them “Hillary Bitches,” and saying that “Donald Trump is your president, every goddamn one of you.”

Yesterday Delta responded to this incident, apologizing for not kicking off the passenger. I gave Delta kudos for acknowledging what happened and apologizing.

Well, it looks like they’re taking it a step further. Today Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, sent out a letter to employees indicating that the passenger in question is banned from Delta, and Delta will be refunding the cost of tickets for passengers on that flight, and asking employees to ensure “civility on [their] planes.” Here’s the letter:

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The Strangest Hotel Ad I’ve Ever Seen


While we try to sell some ad slots to specific advertisers here on OMAAT, you’ll notice that sometimes ad blocks are filled in with more random ads, provided through an ad network. We try to keep them travel or credit card related, given that those are the primary topics we talk about here. Sometimes these ads can get a bit strange, especially outside the US.

However, several readers have now pointed out a specific ad for the Hilton Anchorage, which seems to be making quite a few appearances on the site. I just had it appear for myself the first time, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Here it is:

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Royal Jordanian Gets Political With Latest Fare Sale


Happy election day to those in the US!

Aeromexico has been having some fun with this election, and in particular with Donald Trump. In May they published an ad about borders, and in particular about the impact of building a wall. Then just last month they had a Donald Trump-themed fare sale, called “Bad Hombres, Great Deals.” They promised not to “leave [us] in suspense” with a “YUGE” fare sale.

Well, now another foreign carrier is capitalizing on the election, and this time it’s Royal Jordanian on their Facebook page. Specifically, they have a fare sales to the US:

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Coming Soon: World Of Hyatt Reddit “Ask Me Anything”


Last week we first learned about World of Hyatt, which will replace Gold Passport as Hyatt’s loyalty program as of March 1, 2017. The new program has gotten a mixed reaction from people — while Hyatt will be offering more benefits to their top tier elites, they’re also increasing the qualification criteria. So some people will come out ahead, while others some will come out behind.

A lot of people have had a lot of specific questions about all of these changes, so it’s worth pointing out that Jeff Zidell, the head of Gold Passport (and soon to be head of World of Hyatt) will be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, at 12PM CST. Next week exact instructions will be shared on how to participate.

For those of you not familiar with AMAs, it’s basically an opportunity for anyone to ask questions, and then the person hosting the AMA can respond in a forum-style format. While all questions will show, the most popular ones will appear at the top, and are typically most likely to get answers. So it’s a bit different than a traditional forum, in the sense that questions are prioritized based on popularity.

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British Airways Pilot Suspended After Kinky Cockpit Pictures Emerge

British-Airways-777-Club-World - 1

The Sun has the story of a 51 year old British Airways 777 captain who has been suspended after allegedly taking some very explicit pictures of himself in the cockpit of a plane full of passengers. You can find all the pictures with the story.

In the pictures, the pilot is shown wearing stockings while pleasuring himself, with his legs spread over the plane’s yoke and even over the engine throttles. On top of that, there are pictures of him having placed all kinds of porn over the plane’s instruments.

Per The Sun:

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Vote For Your Favorite Miles & Points Blog!


USA Today is running a “10 Best” poll, where they’re letting people vote on what they consider to be the best across many categories. One of those categories is miles & points blogs. I’m flattered to have been nominated, along with nearly two dozen other great blogs.

Ultimately I don’t place too much value on polls like this. I consider myself to be insanely lucky to make a living doing what I love every day, which is plenty enough of a reward. So certainly nothing will change whether I rank in first place or last place, since I’ll love what I do just as much.

However, if you are inclined to vote, you can vote for your favorite miles & points blog here (if you’d like to vote for another blog), or you can vote for One Mile at a Time here. The contest runs through November 7, 2016, and you can vote once per day. Voting takes just a few seconds, as you just have to hit the “VOTE” button, without sharing any personal information.

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Airline Refuses To Let Young, Black, Female Doctor Help In Medical Emergency


A Facebook post written by a doctor named Tamika Cross has been shared over 30,000 times. In it she recounts the discrimination she faced while trying to assist a passenger with a medical emergency on a Delta flight from Detroit to Minneapolis.

Essentially she tried to assist after a person a couple of rows ahead of her had a medical emergency, but the flight attendants kept turning down her help for a variety of reasons, assuming she couldn’t possibly be a doctor. It seems clear she faced some kind of discrimination, though we don’t know if it was due to her race, age, gender, or what.

Here’s the story, in full:

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La Compagnie’s Growth Strategy Is All Over The Place


La Compagnie is the fascinating all business class transatlantic airline that started flying in mid-2014. Their first route was between Paris and Newark, and I was able to review that flight within days of when they launched operations. Last summer La Compagnie launched flights between Newark and London as well.

In March La Compagnie claimed they were breaking even on their Paris route, and were still “ramping up” on their London route (in other words, they weren’t yet breaking even).

Well, early last month La Compagnie announced that they’d be discontinuing their flight between New York and London because of Brexit. Then La Compagnie announced that they’d instead add a second daily flight between New York and Paris. That’s a questionable move, given that they were apparently already only breaking even on the route. By doubling capacity without a corresponding increase in demand, they’re undoubtedly going to lower their yields.

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Trump Spokesperson Tries To Debunk Assault Allegations With Airplane Knowledge


One of the most controversial and talked about topics the past week involves allegations of Trump assaulting women. A woman named Jessica Leeds came forward to share that she was supposedly assaulted by Trump on a plane many years ago. Here’s part of how she recounts the story, per the New York Times:

“More than three decades ago, when she was a traveling businesswoman at a paper company, Ms. Leeds said, she sat beside Mr. Trump in the first-class cabin of a flight to New York. They had never met before.

About 45 minutes after takeoff, she recalled, Mr. Trump lifted the armrest and began to touch her.”

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Air India Is Taking Over Pan Am’s Round The World Flight… Really?!?

Air-India-Lounge-London-Heathrow - 46

Sunday Guardian Live published an article yesterday about Air India with the headline “AI will fly around globe, emulate Pan Am’s feat.” Naturally I was intrigued!

Is Air India really going to operate a 10-stop round the world flight like Pan Am did? Well, unfortunately not. As a matter of fact, the article is so off base that it’s sort of amusing, and worth sharing. Per the article:

“Air India, the national carrier, is set to become the first airline after perhaps the now defunct Pan American World Airways that will operate a flight that would go around the globe. The Director General of Civil Aviation has granted permission to Air India to go from New Delhi via the Pacific route to San Francisco in the United States. However, on its return journey to New Delhi, the non-stop flight would undertake the path over the Atlantic, thus becoming the only airline in the world whose same aircraft would cover its entire journey by flying around the globe.”

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The World’s Youngest Airline Captain Is A 26 Year Old Woman


Back in July I wrote about how EasyJet hired a 19 year old pilot, who must be one of the youngest airline pilots in the world. As a lifelong aviation geek I think it’s so awesome what he has accomplished at such a young age. Since he passed all his tests just like everyone else, there’s no reason his age should prevent him from accomplishing his dream.

Well, the airline is once again making the news this week for the age of one of their pilots. In this case it’s because EasyJet has just promoted a 26 year old to captain, making her the youngest airline captain on record.

Per the Press Association:

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The Best (Unpaid) Emirates Ad Ever


As those of you who follow the industry probably know, there has been a big controversy between the US and Gulf carriers for the past couple of years, though it’s finally mostly resolved. The US carriers have been emphasizing how the Gulf carriers are subsidized, while the Gulf carriers have been emphasizing how the US carriers provide a horrible product.

Emirates had an ad campaign with Jennifer Aniston highlighting this, which they supposedly paid her $5 million for:

The ad is pretty funny, and drives home the point of how Emirates provides a better product than US carriers. However, at the end of the day it’s an ad, so you can only put so much weight on it.

Well, I think Emirates just got some of the best publicity ever, and it didn’t even cost them a dime. One of the most popular YouTubers is Casey Neistat (his videos collectively have over a billion views). Even if you’re not into YouTube, you may remember I wrote about him earlier in the year — he made a video about how American took away his comped Concierge Key status, which is their invitation only status level.

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