The Park Hyatt St. Kitts Opening Is Delayed… Again


One of the most anticipated Hyatt hotel openings at the moment is the Park Hyatt St. Kitts. Hyatt doesn’t have many good luxury resorts in the Caribbean, so this will be a very nice addition to their portfolio. The renderings of the property look gorgeous, and I’m sure many will want to redeem their points here.

The Park Hyatt St. Kitts will be a Category 7 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a redemption will cost:

— 30,000 World of Hyatt points for a free night (no blackout dates, as long as a standard room is available)
— 15,000 World of Hyatt points plus $300 using Points + Cash
— 48,000 World of Hyatt points for a free night in a suite (minimum of three night stay required

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The 4 Personal Travel Credit Cards NOT Subjected To The 5/24 Rule


Last year Chase expanded what’s commonly referred to as the “5/24 rule.” I’ve received quite a few requests from readers asking for an updated list of which cards aren’t subjected to this rule, so that’s what this post is about.

With Chase’s 5/24 policy, you typically won’t be approved for a card if you’ve opened more than five new accounts in the past 24 months. This is more of a general guideline than a strict rule, though. Here’s what you should know about 5/24:

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Everything You Need To Know About The Hyatt Anniversary Free Night Certificate


Earlier I wrote a review of The Hyatt Credit Card, which is one of my all around favorite hotel credit cards. The card offers a big sign-up bonus of two free nights at any Hyatt in the world upon completing minimum spend, plus an annual free night certificate on your account anniversary.

While there are lots of other perks for the card, in this post I wanted to focus on the annual free night certificate that it offers:

On your credit card account anniversary each year you’ll be issued a free night certificate, which is valid for a stay at any Category 1-4 Hyatt hotel globally. The certificate should be issued shortly after your account anniversary, and is valid for a stay within a year of when it’s issued.

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Review: The Hyatt Credit Card


There are lots of reasons to apply for credit cards. Some are worth getting for their great sign-up bonuses, others are worth getting for the return they offer on everyday spend, and others are worth getting for the great long term perks they offer. Some cards even excel in a couple or all of those categories.

One of the all around best hotel credit cards is The Hyatt Credit Card, which is a card I’ve had had for years, and highly recommend. In this post I wanted to look at some of the benefits of the card in more details.

The Hyatt Credit Card offers a fantastic sign-up bonus, as follows:

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Hyatt Now Lets You Redeem Points For AFAR Experiences


We’ve seen major hotel loyalty programs increase the ways in which you can redeem points, beyond just traditional hotel stays. Probably the most popular opportunity to redeem points for “experiences” is SPG Moments, which lets you redeem points for access to sold out concerts, sporting events, etc.. This is something that Marriott Rewards has adopted as well, with their experiences marketplace.

World of Hyatt launched on March 1, and prior to that I shared how the new “World of Hyatt” concept goes beyond just the loyalty program. Rather it’s their new global philosophy for the brand, which they describe as follows:

“World of Hyatt is our new global platform, driven by our purpose to care for people so they can be their best. It’s about engaging more deeply with our community and understanding that community better. It’s an expression of who we are and what we stand for, as well as an opportunity to extend what we do with our guests, colleagues and partners beyond just hotel stays.”

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The One Policy That “World Of Hyatt” Needs To Change


March is almost over, which means that it has been almost a month since the Gold Passport program was discontinued and the World of Hyatt program was introduced.

Very few people seemed to be excited about the introduction of World of Hyatt. Arguably it’s positive if you spend 55+ nights per year with Hyatt, since Globalist status comes with some perks that Diamond status didn’t.

Now that the program has been in place for a month, I’m slowly starting to warm up to it. I’m not a fan of the marketing and branding surrounding it (the latest promotion offers double points “just for being you” — seriously?), but overall I’m feeling somewhat better about the program than I was initially.

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Review: Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Hyatt-Regency-Kathmandu-Nepal - 13

We spent three nights in Kathmandu prior to our visit to Bhutan, and for me the hotel choice was obvious. As a Hyatt and Starwood loyalist, there was only one hotel I really considered, which was the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. I had heard good things about the hotel, and best of all, it’s a Category 1 Hyatt property.

That means a free night redemption costs just 5,000 points per night, or you can book a Points + Cash booking for 2,500 points plus $50 per night. On the surface an outright points redemption is actually a better value (since I don’t value Hyatt points at two cents each), but we made a Points + Cash reservation since those stays qualify as eligible elite nights, while outright free night redemptions don’t.

As a point of comparison, the paid rate at the Hyatt Regency was ~$200 per night including taxes and fees, so redeeming points was by far the best value.

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World Of Hyatt Promotion: Earn Double Points Through June 30, 2017


Last October we first learned about World of Hyatt, which replaced Hyatt Gold Passport as Hyatt’s loyalty program. The program kicked in as of March 1, 2017, and has gotten a mixed response.

Well, the first World of Hyatt promotion has just been announced, which is called “Double Points for Being You.”

Through this promotion, World of Hyatt members can earn double base points for all stays between April 1 and June 30, 2017, starting with the second stay. Here’s what Jeff Zidell, SVP of World of Hyatt had to say about the promotion:

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Introduction: Journey To Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, And Kuwait


For about a year now, Ford has expressed interest in visiting Bhutan. While I had heard of Bhutan, and could have probably roughly pointed to it on a map, at the time I didn’t know much about it at all. But the more research I did, the more interested I became. It’s supposedly this incredible shangri-la with the happiest people in the world (heck, Drukair’s frequent flyer program is called “My Happiness Rewards”). Is that actually the case, or…?

There are two things to understand about visiting Bhutan:

— It’s the most expensive place in the world to visit in terms of the entry fee (though I don’t think it’s as bad as it sounds) — they do this to preserve their country, to pay for many services for their citizens, etc.
— It’s a pain to get there, as only two airlines fly to Paro Airport, and both have limited destinations and high pricing

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And The Winner Of Hyatt Globalist Status Is…


The new World of Hyatt program launched last week, and to celebrate, Hyatt offered to give a lucky OMAAT reader Globalist status through February 2019. There were five ways to enter to win, with each method potentially scoring you an entry.

Well, the deadline to enter the giveaway was yesterday, so it’s now closed. There were over 7,000 entries, so I had Rafflecopter randomly choose an entry (which is powered by The winner is @MattHerbst_. The entry that won was him following Hyatt on Twitter.

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Review: Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite


For our last two nights in Jordan, we chose to stay at the Grand Hyatt in Amman. Technically it was the last 1.5 nights, as our flight to Istanbul left at 3AM, but it seemed worthwhile to have the hotel for the full evening so we could at least get a few hours of sleep.

Our stay overlapped with Ben’s (which was super fun), so I won’t review the full hotel. I did, however, apply a Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade to the reservation, and I figure other people might be interested in knowing what the suites are like. We had breakfast in the Grand Club instead of the restaurant, so I’ll cover that as well.

We made several stops on the drive north from Petra, so it was about 4PM when we arrived at the Grand Hyatt. As Ben mentioned, security was tight, so the valet took the car at an outbuilding where we cleared security, before walking to the main hotel. It was a decently efficient system, and whenever we left the hotel the car was brought to the main entrance and the parking berms were lowered for us, which was nice.

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Last Chance: Enter To Win Hyatt Globalist Status


The new World of Hyatt program launched last week, and to celebrate, Hyatt offered to give a lucky OMAAT reader Globalist status through February 2019. That’s right, one lucky person will receive almost two years of Globalist status.

As I explained, the caveat is that benefits under the “More Rewards Await” section of (like the Category 1-7 free night, four suite upgrades, My Hyatt Concierge, and lowered nights requirement for the subsequent year) do not come with this gifted status, since those are only earned after 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points in a calendar year. However, the winner will receive all the other perks associated with the status, including club access, breakfast, late check-out, and suite upgrades on arrival!

If you haven’t yet entered, the giveaway will be ending at 11:59PM PT tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

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I Was Offered A Suite Upgrade On My First Hyatt Globalist Stay (But Turned It Down)


The new World of Hyatt program kicked in as of March 1. Former Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond members are being converted into World of Hyatt Globalist members. In terms of the on-property experience, the single biggest difference is that Globalist members receive unlimited complimentary suite upgrades, subject to availability (Diamond members, on the other hand, received the best available non-suite rooms, unless using a suite upgrade award).

It’s one thing to have a policy, but the big question is how hotels handle these upgrades in practice. Do they offer the upgrades proactively? If not, do they offer them when asked? Or do they come up with any excuse to deny an upgrade?

Like most hotel chains, I suspect it will come down to the individual hotel. Some hotels are great about going above and beyond for elite members, while others seem to do everything they can to deny benefits.

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5 Predictions For World Of Hyatt


This week is the launch of the new World of Hyatt program. I’ve been talking about some of the changes to the program over the past week. If you’ve followed along, you know that I’m not a fan. Be it the high qualification requirements given their small footprint, the swap of tiered-award nights for amenity points, or the diluted breakfast benefits, I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense. But it is what it is.

For better or worse, a lot of my travel so far this year has taken me to Scandinavia, a land completely devoid of Hyatts, so I’ve only recently been sharpening my pencil to determine if requalifying as a Globalist makes sense. Or will even be possible. That’s why I’ve been breaking down the program piece by piece this week, even though we’re partway through the qualification year.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to post my predictions for the World of Hyatt program. As you read this, keep in mind that these are just my opinions. I don’t know anyone at Hyatt. I haven’t been on any blogger conference calls. And I’m not speaking for Team OMAAT.

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