An Unusual Way Hilton Is Discriminating Against Elite Members


Online shopping portals can be a great way to earn additional rewards for your spend, with the option of earning bonus airline miles, hotel points, transferable points, or even cashback. Essentially you just initiate your purchase with a retailer through one of these portals, and then your purchase will be tracked, and you’ll be awarded a bonus.

The payouts on these portals can vary significantly, so I always recommend using a site like evreward.com to compare the payouts through various portals.

Many hotel chains even participate in these online shopping portals, meaning you can earn cashback for your hotel stays. The catch is that there are usually quite some restrictions in terms of what rates, brands, regions, etc., qualify. So it’s not as straightforward as just going through a portal and always earning a certain percent cashback for hotel stays.

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Hilton Honors Is Introducing Diamond Status Extensions Next Week

Hilton-Queenstown - 11

At the beginning of February we learned about some major changes that Hilton is making to their loyalty program.

As of now we’ve seen the name of the program changed, and just a couple of days ago we saw Hilton introduce Points & Money awards, which are a mixed bag depending on your redemption patterns.

While points pooling (yay) and the ability to redeem Hilton points for Amazon purchases (yawn) are being introduced in the coming months, we now have a date where the next new feature will be introduced.

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Hilton Points & Money Awards Are Being Rolled Out March 1, 2017


At the beginning of the month we learned about the changes that Hilton is making to their loyalty program.

We’re seeing five major changes coming:

— The name of the program is being changed from Hilton HHonors to Hilton Honors
— The introduction of points pooling, where you can pool points with up to 10 Hilton Honors members at no cost
— The ability to redeem points for Amazon purchases; this isn’t something any of us will likely ever use, but I can see value in this for the “average” person

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Earn 75K Hilton Bonus Points On A No Annual Fee Card For A Limited Time


Link: Citi® Hilton Honors™ Visa Signature® Card Hilton is unique as far as their co-brand credit card agreement goes, in that they have cards issued by both American Express and Citi. They’re the only hotel chain where that’s the case, and that means there are four types of personal credit cards available to consumers. An…

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Earn 500 Bonus Hilton Points Per App Booking For All Of 2017


Hilton Honors deserves a lot of credit for the continuous promotions they’ve been offering for a while.

As of February 1, 2017, Hilton Honors is running their “2K Every Day” promotion, which is straightforward. Members who register earn 2,000 bonus points per night, regardless of how long they stay for, at what Hilton hotels they stay, etc.

While 2,000 points per night isn’t a huge bonus, it’s solid, especially given the lack of compelling promotions from other hotel loyalty programs at the moment.

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Here’s The Real Reason Hilton Is Changing Their Award Pricing


Yesterday I shared all the details of the new Hilton Honors program, which will be implemented this year. Perhaps the most significant change is that Hilton is completely reinventing their award pricing. Rather than having a fixed award chart, Hilton will have variable award pricing. The absolute maximum award price for a hotel won’t be increasing, while there will be more flexible low season pricing.

Hilton has a handy calculator that lets you compare the cost of redemptions before and after the change. Understandably a lot of people are skeptical, because we’re used to loyalty program changes being negative nowadays.

Personally I don’t view these changes quite as negatively. Vineet emailed to explain his perspective on these changes, and I think he’s spot on, so I’d like to share his explanation, which is definitely worth a read:

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Earn 3,500 Bonus Amex Points For Spending $250 With Hilton


For those of you not familiar with Amex Offers, it’s a program available through most Amex cards, where different cards are eligible for different savings and bonus offers. In many cases the offers can be huge, and more than offset the annual fee on a card.

To view Amex Offers, go to the bottom of the account summary page of any American Express card, where you’ll see all the offers you’re eligible for. These offers come in different forms, including discounts and even in some cases bonus points.

At the moment there’s a targeted Amex Offer for 3,500 bonus Membership Rewards points when you spend $250+ at a Hilton Hotels & Resorts or Curio Collection properties. The offer is valid for stays at participating properties through April 15, 2017. The promotion is only valid for stays at U.S. properties, and isn’t valid at any Hilton family brands other than Hilton or Curio.

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A Closer Look At Hilton Honors’ New Award Pricing


Yesterday I shared all the details of the new Hilton Honors program, which will be kicking off over the coming months.

We’re seeing five changes, really:

— The name of the program is being changed from Hilton HHonors to Hilton Honors
— The introduction of points pooling, where you can pool points with up to 10 Hilton Honors members at no cost
— The ability to redeem points for Amazon purchases; this isn’t something any of us will likely ever use, but I can see value in this for the “average” person
— The ability to extend Diamond status for free as a one-time benefit, assuming you’ve earned Diamond for three years and have at least 250 lifetime elite qualifying nights or 500,000 base points
— The introduction of Points & Money awards, and in the process, Hilton is getting rid of their traditional award chart

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Register Now For Hilton’s 2K Every Day Promotion


Last week I first shared the details of Hilton Honors’ newest promotion, called 2K Every Day. While we already knew the details of the promotion at the time, registration hadn’t yet opened. Well, registration is now open for Hilton’s 2K Every Day promotion. You can also find the full FAQs for the promotion here.

The promotion is valid for stays between February 1 and April 30, 2017, so there’s no gap at all between this and Hilton’s last promotion, which ended on January 31. The promotion is valid for stays at all Hilton properties, and you earn 2,000 bonus points per night, with no limits. Bonus points should post 6-8 weeks after eligible stays, and even award stays should qualify towards this promotion, as long as you have an incidental charge on the room.

I value Hilton Honors points at ~0.4 cents each, so to me 2,000 bonus points per night is like an extra return of $8 per night. That’s not half bad, especially when you consider it applies to all hotels.

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Full Details Of The New Hilton Honors Program


Hilton has revealed some major changes to their loyalty program, and I just had the chance to speak to Aaron Glick, Hilton’s VP of loyalty, about them. While the new program will officially be communicated to members tomorrow, details of it are already emerging. My initial impression is that I’m quite excited and optimistic about these changes.

Here’s an infographic with the details:

And then here’s more info based on my call with Aaron:

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Hilton HHonors’ New “2K Every Day” Global Promotion


Hilton HHonors has really stepped up their game the past year or so. I’ve been very impressed, both by their transparency, and also by their promotions.

Through January 31, 2017, Hilton is offering two compelling promotions that can be stacked, which were launched last year:

— You can earn double base points for all stays, or triple points for all stays booked through the HHonors app
— You can earn 5,000 bonus points per stay booked with a Visa card

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Hilton Introduces Their 14th Hotel Brand — Tapestry Collection


Hilton has just announced their 14th hotel brand, called Tapestry Collection by Hilton. The brand is described as “a gathering of original upscale hotels catering to guests seeking reliability and value in their independent hotel choices.” Interestingly Tapestry Collection is Hilton’s second independent brand — Curio Collection is Hilton’s other independent brand.

Tapestry Collection is supposed to be upscale, but slightly lower end than Curio Collection, which Hilton launched in 2014. It’s similar to how Starwood has Luxury Collection, which is a collection of independent hotels, and then introduced Tribute Portfolio, which is supposed to be slightly lower end.

Per the press release, the first Tapestry Collection property will open in the third quarter of 2017, and seven hotels have signed letters of intent:

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The 7 Best Hotel Perks Offered By Credit Cards

St-Regis-Bali-Lagoon-Villa - 17

There are many reasons to pick up a credit card — some are worth picking up for the sign-up bonus, some are worth picking up for the return they offer on everyday spend, and some are worth picking up for the long-term perks they offer.

While there are all kinds of perks offered on cards, in this post I figured I’d look at the best hotel perks you can get with credit cards. Here are my favorites, roughly in order:

The Citi Prestige® Card has my single favorite perk offered by any credit card. While a lot of credit cards offer some type of “free night” hotel benefit, there are usually major strings attached. Citi Prestige’s fourth night free benefit is the most straightforward out there. To sum up the basics:

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