Strangers Sent To Kinky Sex Suite After Flight Cancellation


On Valentine’s Day, no less! Who said romance is dead?

Two Chinese ladies who didn’t know one another were in for a bit of a shock when their Hainan Airlines flight from Chongqing to Hangzhou was canceled due to weather.

Via The Daily Mail:

“The two single women were not only told they had to share a room, but the room was in a Chongqing love hotel, complete with a love chair, chains, and wrist and ankle cuffs.

Along with pictures of the dirty looking sex chairs in the red, pink, green and white room she wrote: ‘We are two single girls, is this sex room our Valentine’s gift? I cannot accept the ‘thoughtful’ gesture.’

Unsurprisingly both women were unsatisfied with the arrangements.”

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Review: Hainan Airlines LAX Limo, Check-In, And Lounge

Hainan-Airlines-LAX-Lounge - 30

My LAX ground experience with Hainan Airlines started before I even got to the airport. Hainan offers complimentary chauffeur service to business class passengers booked on revenue fares.

While Emirates and Etihad offer similar services and let you request them online, Haian’s process is a bit more complicated. To arrange the chauffeur you either have to call or email them. I chose to email Hainan’s limo service, which can be done at limo@hnair.com. I was impressed by their responsiveness, as I heard back within hours:


Thank you for your email. You are available for the limo servicer. Please finish the attachment and send back to us. If you don’t know how to fill it! You can call us 95339-2!

Best regards!”

Attached were two forms I had to fill out to request the service. There were some aspects of the form which confused me a bit, though I was pleased when I heard back from them less than 24 hours later confirming my limo service for all four occasions (on arrival and departure in both Los Angeles and Changsha).

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Introduction: 5-Star China On The Cheap

Hainan-Airlines-Business-Class-787 - 79

The planning for this trip started last December, after Hainan Airlines announced a new 2x weekly flight between Los Angeles and Changsha, China.

That seems like a rather random route, but the Chinese government has a law where only one Chinese airline can operate a given longhaul international route. Since there are already nonstop/direct flights between Los Angeles and Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, and Shanghai, that might explain why Changsha was decided on as the Chinese gateway.

Hainan Airlines is generally regarded as the best Chinese airline, and they’re also one of only seven Skytrax 5-star airlines in the world.

I’ve been curious to try them out, especially to see if they’re actually better than Air China and China Southern, which I wasn’t especially impressed by, all things considered.

Fortunately a great opportunity presented itself, when Hainan Airlines had some fantastic introductory fares on the route.

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The Worst Airport Lounge I’ve Ever Been To

Worst-Airport-Lounge - 4

I’d like to think I have fairly low standards when it comes to airport lounges. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to what I consider to be the world’s best lounges, so I’ve certainly had a taste of the good life. But much of my lounge time is spent in lounges with cubed cheese, Soviet era decor, and more people than seats.

After millions and millions of miles of flying, my lounge experiences have finally hit a new low yesterday, when I flew Hainan Airlines business class from Changsha to Los Angeles. I had low expectations, and figured my lounge experience might be similar to some of the lounges I’ve been to in China, or perhaps some of the lesser awesome contract lounges I’ve been to.

But my hopes were temporarily raised when I passed security at Changsha Airport, only to find a fairly new, modern terminal. Like, this terminal is much nicer than you’d expect for Changsha Airport, no?

I headed to the “No. 7 F/C VIP Lounge,” which is the lounge Hainan Airlines uses for their valued business class passengers traveling on the airport’s new flagship route.

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6 Thoughts On Hainan Business Class


As most of you guys have probably ascertained by now, I just flew Hainan Airlines on their new route between Los Angeles and Changsha. I booked the route shortly after it was announced, as they had amazing ~$1,350 roundtrip business class fares.

I’ll begin publishing my full review starting this weekend (after I finish the report covering my trip to the Middle East), but in the meantime I figured I’d share my initial takeaways from the outbound flight. I’ve long been wanting to fly Hainan Airlines, especially now that they’re a partner with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan.

They’re also a Skytrax 5-star airline, so did they achieve that with a generous donation, or earn it fair and square?

Here are my six initial thoughts about my Hainan Airlines flight, which was operated by a 787:

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Hainan Airlines Offering Limo Service For Business Class Passengers


Hainan Airlines is generally considered to be the best mainland Chinese carrier, as they are a Skytrax 5-star airline (whatever that means nowadays).

I’m excited to fly them soon between Los Angeles and Changsha, a route which they’re launching today. The flight will be operated 2x weekly using a 787 aircraft.

When the route was first announced, Hainan had a sale with some amazing fares — for example, I paid ~$1,350 for roundtrip business class between the US and China (and I can even credit those flights to Alaska Mileage Plan).

One thing I didn’t realize is that Hainan Airlines offers business class passengers complimentary chauffeur service.

The service is available for travel between the following markets:

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Do Flights Get Emptier Than This?


As of this Thursday, Hainan Airlines will begin 3x weekly flights between Los Angeles and Changsha, China. Hainan Airlines is the Beijing-based Skytrax 5-star airline, though I think Skytrax may have been a bit generous with that assessment.

Hainan had some amazing introductory fares on the route, of just $560 roundtrip in economy class, or ~$1,350 roundtrip in business class. That was enough for me to jump on the fare, as I’ve always wanted to review Hainan Airlines… and I’ll be picking up a good number of Alaska Mileage Plan miles in the process.

So I think the question 90% of people had with this route announcement was “what is Changsha?” and “of all places in China, why would they fly there?”

Well, China has quite a few state run airlines, and they have a policy where each longhaul international route can only be operated by a single airline. Air China flies from Los Angeles to Beijing, China Southern flies from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, and China Eastern flies from Los Angeles to Shanghai, Nanjing, and Chengdu. Hainan wanted to fly to Los Angeles, so that left Changsha, apparently.

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I’m Going To Changsha!


It’s always fun to plan a trip to a city you hadn’t heard of just a few days prior…

A couple of days ago I wrote about Hainan Airlines launching flights between Los Angeles and Changsha as of January 21, 2016.

To celebrate the new flight, they’re offering roundtrip business class fares of just ~$1,350, which is incredible for transpacific business class. Hainan Airlines is a Skytrax 5-star airline, along with only a few other carriers in the world. That’s pretty incredible, given that my experience with Chinese airlines has generally been less than stellar.

~$1,350 is a price at which I couldn’t turn down reviewing Hainan Airlines business class, so I’ll be heading to Changsha in February! I booked the ticket through Orbitz, and paid for the ticket using my Citi ThankYou® Premier Card. That’s because the card earns triple points on airfare, even when booked through travel agencies. I would have used the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express, though it only offers triple points on tickets purchased directly with an airline (and in this case I used an online travel agency).

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Amazing Deal: Business Class To Asia For ~$1,350 Roundtrip!


Hainan Airlines is generally considered to be mainland China’s best airline. Skytrax even ranks them as a 5-star airline, though I don’t put too much weight into what they say.

Most of Hainan’s US routes are operated by Boeing 787s (they fly to cities like Boston, Chicago, San Jose, and Seattle).

These 787s feature forward facing fully flat seats, in a 2-2-2 configuration. That hardly seems to be an industry-leading configuration, though still looks nice enough.

As of January 21, 2016, Hainan Airlines will be launching 2x weekly flights between Los Angeles and Changsha, China.

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Cheap Hainan Airlines Business Class Fares From Toronto To Beijing


While Chinese airlines aren’t well known for their service (even in first class!), Hainan Airlines is generally regarded as the best of the bunch. They’re one of only seven five star airlines in the world, according to Skytrax.

I’ve been eager to try Hainan Airlines, especially as they have quite a few flights from Beijing to North America, including to Boston, Chicago, San Jose, Seattle, and Toronto.

Historically it hasn’t been easy to redeem miles on them, given that they don’t have many frequent flyer partnerships. One exciting development is that they have a new partnership with Alaska Mileage Plan, offering reciprocal mileage earning on both airlines. However, redeeming Alaska miles on Hainan will only be possible as of November 2015.

Anyway, Hainan is celebrating five years of service between Toronto and Beijing, and to celebrate they have special fares between the cities. Through this fare sale, you can fly roundtrip between Toronto and Beijing for:

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Alaska & Hainan Announce New Partnership


As y’all know, I love reviewing new airlines, especially those that can easily be booked using points.

While China has more than a handful of “major” carrier, almost unarguably the best regarded Chinese carrier is Hainan Airlines, which is one of only seven five star airlines in the world, according to Skytrax (I don’t put too much weight into Skytrax ratings, though I do believe they’re a solid airline).

While I’ve sort of reluctantly reviewed Air China and China Southern (did I ever!), Hainan Airlines is one I really want to review. But go figure that up until now they’re also the airline which has had the fewest partners. That meant for the most part there has been no practical way to redeem miles for travel on Hainan Airlines.

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