Review: EVA Air Hello Kitty Business Class 777 Taipei To Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 15

While I love EVA Air’s business class in general, I was especially excited about this flight, because it was one of their special “Hello Kitty” services. EVA Air operates Hello Kitty themed flights on certain routes, and I intentionally booked my Taipei to Singapore flight for the Hello Kitty experience. I took Hello Kitty flights from Tokyo to Taipei and Taipei to Los Angeles a few years back, so was curious to see how the concept was holding up.

I boarded through door L1, where I was greeted by two friendly flight attendants, and escorted to my seat. I had assigned myself seat 11K, which is the window seat in the last row of business class on the right side.

This is in the rear mini cabin, which has just four rows of seats.

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Which Taiwanese Airline Has The Better Business Class Product?

China-Airlines-Business-Class-777 - 10

Taiwan has two great airlines — China Airlines and EVA Air. They didn’t used to be nearly as good as they are now (in particular China Airlines), though they’ve really put an effort into their product, and now both offer among the best business class products out there.

I’ve also reviewed both airlines in the past several months on the same route on the same plane:

— In February 2017 I flew EVA Air 777 business class from Los Angeles to Taipei
— In June 2016 I flew China Airlines 777 business class from Los Angeles to Taipei

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Review: EVA Air Lounge Taipei Airport

EVA-Air-Lounge-Taipei-Airport - 15

We spent a majority of our time at Taoyuan Airport checking out all the Hello Kitty goodness, though we also spent a bit of time visiting EVA Air’s lounges. EVA Air has four lounges at Taoyuan Airport — The Garden, The Infinity, The Star, and The Club.

If my understanding is correct, The Garden is for EVA Air Diamond members, The Star is for Star Alliance Gold members, The Infinity is for business class passengers, and The Club is for EVA Air Silver members. I’ve reviewed The Infinity and The Star several years ago, so I figured it’s time for an updated review.

All of these lounges are located one level above the main concourse in Terminal 2, just past security and immigration. The escalators are just beyond the immigration checkpoint.

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Review: Hello Kitty Ridiculousness At Taipei Airport

Hello-Kittty-Taipei-Airport - 4

Confession (okay, I’m not sure this is actually much of a confession, as it’s likely quite obvious): I’m a tween Asian girl at heart. At least I like most of the same things they do, including Hello Kitty.

So there’s nothing quite like the Hello Kitty experience at Taipei Airport. EVA Air operates select flights as Hello Kitty services. They pick a theme, and boy do they stick with it.

As we pulled up to the airport in our hotel shuttle we saw an EVA Air Hello Kitty shuttle — a sign of good things to come!

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Review: EVA Air Business Class 777 Los Angeles To Taipei

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 5

This trip report is going to be a bit different than my usual ones. I’ve been on an insane trip the past few weeks for something I’ve been working on, the full details of which I’ll eventually reveal. A lot of this involved flying airlines and staying at hotels I’ve already visited. As a result, I won’t be publishing the typical start-to-finish trip report this time around, but rather will be writing about select flights that I think will be most interesting to you guys.

So for the first installment I want to cover my flight from Los Angeles to Taipei on EVA Air, which I booked using Air Canada Aeroplan miles (Los Angeles to Taipei to Singapore cost 77,500 miles one-way in business class without fuel surcharges). I flew EVA Air back when they first joined the Star Alliance, though this was my first time flying with them in over three years. A couple of years ago EVA Air updated their business class soft product, so I was curious to see how the product compared.

Since my flight was departing LAX I had access to the Star Alliance Lounge, which is excellent, and I’ve reviewed before. At around 9:45AM I headed to gate 155, given that boarding was scheduled for 10AM.

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EVA Air Is Shifting Hello Kitty Flights From Houston To Chicago

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 5

I’ve written extensively about EVA Air’s Hello Kitty flights, which are one-of-a-kind. I took a Hello Kitty flight just a few days ago from Taipei to Singapore, and prior to that I took Hello Kitty flights from Tokyo to Taipei and Taipei to Los Angeles a few years ago.

For those of you not familiar, EVA Air has a partnership with Hello Kitty, and they have a handful of planes that are Hello Kitty themed. Everything about the experience incorporates Hello Kitty, from check-in, to the gate, to the plane’s livery, to the onboard experience. It’s sort of crazy and amazing. Actually, scratch that, it’s just amazing.

EVA Air operates Hello Kitty flights to several airports, including both shorthaul and longhaul destinations.

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The EVA Air Hello Kitty Experience In 10 Pictures

Hello-Kitty-Plane - 6

After flying EVA Air’s incredible 777 business class between Los Angeles and Taipei, I was very much looking forward to the connection on one of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty planes.

This wasn’t my first EVA Air Hello Kitty flight — years ago I took Hello Kitty flights from Tokyo to Taipei and Taipei to Los Angeles.

For those of you who still have no clue what I’m talking about, EVA Air has a partnership with Hello Kitty, and they have a handful of planes that are Hello Kitty themed. Everything about the experience incorporates Hello Kitty, from check-in, to the gate, to the plane’s livery, to the onboard experience. It’s sort of crazy and amazing.

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EVA Air 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures


Hello from Asia! On Wednesday I flew EVA Air’s 777 business class between Los Angeles and Taipei. I flew EVA Air back when they first joined the Star Alliance, though this was my first time flying with them in over three years.

Last time I flew with EVA I thought they were an all around solid airline with great seats, service, and an overall very good soft product.

Well, after this flight I’m convinced they offer one of the best business class products in the world. A couple of years ago they introduced a slight update to their business class product, and it sure does make a difference.

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EVA Air’s Top Notch (Non-Alcoholic) Business Class Drink Selection


Hello from somewhere over the Pacific! I’m writing this post live from my EVA Air flight, enroute from Los Angeles to Taipei. I flew EVA Air a few years back when they first joined the Star Alliance (including on one of their Hello Kitty flights), though this is my first flight on them since then. They’ve improved significantly over the past few years, and this is easily one of the top five business class products I’ve ever flown.

While I’ll have another post sharing my initial thoughts on the overall experience, in this post I wanted to focus specifically on EVA Air’s business class drink selection. More specifically, I want to focus primarily on their non-alcoholic drink selection.

First I should mention their champagne selection. EVA Air is known for serving the best champagne in business class of any airline. In the past they served Dom Perignon, Krug, and recently they even served Krug Rose, which retails for almost $300 per bottle.

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Oy: You Have To Hear This Audio Between ATC & EVA Air Pilots


Earlier I wrote about an incident that occurred Friday morning after an EVA Air 777 bound for Taipei took off from Los Angeles. There was a serious miscommunication between the pilots and air traffic control, to the point that the 777 allegedly only cleared a mountain by about 500 feet. On top of that, visibility was limited and it was nighttime.

While we’ve heard certain snippets of the ATC audio, there’s now a full recording of the communication between the pilots and controller, along with a map of where the plane was flying. The level of miscommunication here is alarming.

To summarize the sequence of events:

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Did An EVA Air 777 Nearly Crash Into A Mountain After Departing LAX?


It looks like the EVA Air 777-300ER flight this past Friday morning from Los Angeles to Taipei had quite a bit of excitement, and it wasn’t the pilots’ fault… at least not initially.

The weather in Los Angeles wasn’t good, and the 777 was departing towards the east (rather than towards the west, out over the ocean). The pilots read back the instructions they understood from ATC, which ended up being incorrect, though ATC didn’t correct them. Then ATC was shocked when they saw the plane was headed in the wrong direction, though it took the pilots over a minute to correct their course, putting them on a heading towards a mountain range and an Air Canada plane. Per ABC7:

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Great Opportunity: Redeem Miles For EVA Air Business Class To Asia


In mid-2013, Taiwanese airline EVA Air joined Star Alliance, which I was quite excited about. They have a great business class product, and at first had tons of business class award availability.

As happens all too often when airlines join alliances, EVA Air quickly adjusted how they release award availability. They went from releasing tons of business class award seats in advance, to having a trend where they generally released them only within 90 days of departure when booking through a partner airline frequent flyer program.

The 90 day restriction isn’t ideal to begin with, though even within 90 days award availability wasn’t wide open. From time to time we’ve seen EVA Air release more business class award space in advance, though it hasn’t really been predictable.

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EVA Air Ups Their Champagne Game Even Further


EVA Air is generally a very well regarded airline, and was just recently ranked as a Skytrax 5-star airline (whatever that’s worth). I had the chance to first fly them shortly after they joined the Star Alliance, and have enjoyed all my flights on them since (especially their Hello Kitty flights!). They have great reverse herringbone seats in business class, and a great soft product as well.

They even offer Rimowa amenity kits in business class, which I love.

But perhaps the one area where they excel the most is with champagne.

Over the past several years EVA Air has served Royal Laurel passengers Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2004, and Krug. All three of those are among the best champagne served in business class, and better than what a vast majority of airlines serve in first class.

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EVA Air’s 777 Economy Seats Are Getting Tighter


Per @airlineroute, EVA Air’s newly delivered Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will feature 10 seats per row in economy, rather than the current nine. The new planes will feature a total of 39 business class seats, 56 premium economy seats, and 258 economy seats. This represents a capacity increase of 20 economy seats, as the current 777-300ERs feature 238 economy seats.

This change is hardly surprising, as 10 seats per row in 777 economy is becoming the norm rather than the exception nowadays. I can think of fewer than a dozen airlines that still have only nine seats per row in economy.

Meanwhile most airlines, many of which are considered to be “premium” carriers, have 10 across seating nowadays.

In many ways I really can’t blame airlines for packing in seats like sardines, because there’s simply no return on offering a more spacious configuration as a standard offering. While extra legroom and premium economy seats sell, bigger basic seats as such can’t command enough of a premium to justify them.

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