Review: EgyptAir Business Class 777 Toronto To Cairo


My flight from Toronto to Cairo was scheduled to depart at 12:45PM. In the morning the flight still showed on-time, though like any experienced traveler I checked the status of the inbound flight, as I knew the plane was coming from Cairo. Well, the plane was way late — it departed almost seven hours late, and was due to arrive six hours late.

Fortunately EgyptAir plans a lot of ground time for the plane in Toronto, though I still expected we’d have a 2-3 hour delay, given that the plane was arriving in Toronto 15 minutes after we were scheduled to depart.

I still decided to head to the airport at around 11AM. I took the train to Terminal 1, where I found a long line for EgyptAir check-in. Fortunately I had already been issued my EgyptAir boarding pass in Tampa, so was able to bypass that and head straight to the lounge.

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Introduction: Flying With Royalty (Or Not)


In 2016 my goal was to review as many new airlines as possible, and that’s something I want to continue into 2017. So I figured I might as well get my year off to a good start, and plan a heck of a trip for the first week of the year.

The primary motivation of this trip was to review as many new airlines as quickly as possible, though I was also excited about having stopovers that allowed me to briefly visit two countries — Jordan and Brunei — for the first time.

I only planned this trip in late December, about a week before I was due to takeoff. Let’s briefly look at the planning process.

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EgyptAir 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures


Hello from Cairo! I’ve been wanting to fly EgyptAir business class for quite a while now, and just had the chance to fly them from Toronto to Cairo. The inbound flight from Cairo was over six hours late (ouch!), though fortunately we were only delayed by about three hours, thanks to the amount of time the plane was supposed to spend on the ground in Toronto.

Last year a lot of airlines that I tried for the first time surprised me, which is to say that they were either much better or much worse than I was expecting.

In the case of EgyptAir, it was exactly what I was expecting. That’s to say that it’s a perfectly serviceable product, the flight attendants were well intentioned but not especially professional, and the food was edible, but that’s about it.

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A (Mostly) Dry Trip: EgyptAir, Royal Jordanian, And Royal Brunei Business Class!


Earlier today I wrote about my seven favorite airlines I flew for the first time in 2016. I’ve really loved trying new airlines, so in 2017 am hoping to review even more new and interesting airlines than I have this year.

I’m also making a point of trying to visit as many new countries as possible, and in 2017 am hoping to make it to my 100th country (I’ll have a separate post with my progress towards that).

With that in mind, I’ve planned my first major trip of 2017, which I’m really excited about! I think some of you will be interested in the airlines as well.

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Interesting Developments In The EgyptAir Crash


In mid-May, an EgyptAir Airbus A320 flying between Paris and Cairo disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean Sea, as it was slowly approaching Cairo. Per flightradar24, this is where radar contact was lost:

Given the complexity of air crash investigations, it usually takes quite a while before we find out what really happened.

It took several weeks for the EgyptAir flight data recorder to be recovered, and a couple more weeks for the cockpit voice recorder to be accessed.

While investigators explore all possibilities, typically they lean a certain way based on clues.

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What We Know So Far About The Disappearance Of MS804


About an hour ago it was first reported that MS804, an EgyptAir flight between Paris and Cairo, went missing.

Obviously there’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there, and we’ll likely find out a lot more over the coming hours and days. There’s the natural desire to know as much about these incidents as quickly as possible, which is why they tend to turn into 24/7 news cycles.

With that in mind, I figured I’d share the basic details we know so far (of course these are subject to change, given that they’re still in the early stages of the investigation):

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Oh No: EgyptAir Flight Disappears From Radar


News is just breaking that an EgyptAir flight between Paris and Cairo, MS804, has disappeared from radar. Per a Tweet from EgyptAir:

The flight was scheduled to depart Paris at 10:45PM and land in Cairo at 3:05AM. It’s now after 5AM in Cairo, and the plane hasn’t landed. The flight was operated by an Airbus A320.

Per flightradar24, here’s where the plane seems to lose radar contact, somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea:

My thoughts are with those aboard, as well as their families and friends…

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Help Me Pick The Most Amusing Routing From Colombo To The US!

Kuwait airways 2

Earlier I shared the details of the trip I planned yesterday, or at least the parts I already ticketed. This includes flights from Los Angeles to Shanghai to Colombo on China Eastern, and then flights from Colombo to Doha to Casablanca to Doha to Casablanca on Qatar Airways and Royal Air Maroc.

I’m doing this trip with my friend Matthew from Live and Let’s Fly. Before we started ticketing the first two parts of the trip we had already agreed on the return as well (which is option 1 below), but then we got a bit more creative. Now we’re down to three options, and it would be great to hear which one you guys would most like to read about.

When we were first planning the return, this was the option we had settled on. Kuwait Airways has sub-$1,000 one-way business class fares between Colombo and New York, which includes flights from Colombo to Kuwait on an A340, and then from Kuwait to London to New York on a 777. All of these flights are on their planes featuring a very outdated product.

The fare is unbeatable, and I’ve long been promising to review Kuwait Airways, so this seems like a great opportunity.

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You Don’t See This Everyday: Hostage Gets Selfie With Hijacker

picture submitted 29/03/2016

Earlier today an EgyptAir flight scheduled to fly between Alexandria and Cairo was hijacked, and subsequently diverted to Cyprus. As it turns out, the hijacker’s ex-wife lived in Cyprus, and apparently he wanted to see her. Fortunately all the hostages were released and everyone is safe, other than the hijacker, who I assume will be serving some jail time.

But here’s the highlight of the story — check out the below picture a Scottish guy took with the hijacker. This guy was apparently one of the last few hostages (dozens were released earlier). At some point during the hostage situation he got a selfie with the hijacker, which he seems quite amused by.

Via the Evening Express:

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