Edelweiss Adds Seasonal Service To San Diego


San Diego will see increased transatlantic traffic this summer, as Edelweiss (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss), is adding direct flights between Zurich and San Diego. This isn’t earth-shattering news, but for those of us in San Diego where we currently have a whopping three long-haul flights, this is pretty awesome.

The seasonal service will operate twice-weekly on an A340-300, with the following schedule:

• Monday | Zurich – San Diego 1:30pm – 5:05pm LX8018
• Monday | San Diego – Zurich 6:45pm – 3:20pm (+1) LX8019
• Friday | Zurich – San Diego 2:05pm – 5:40pm LX8018
• Friday | San Diego – Zurich 7:10pm – 3:45pm (+1) LX8019

Zurich is a fantastically easy airport to connect in, and the flight timings seem reasonable for catching onward flights to other cities in Europe. And for twice-weekly service, a Friday/Monday schedule is pretty much as good as it gets. Edelweiss has historically been successful at operating less-frequent service to leisure destinations, and hopefully that pattern continues.

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