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Dear Aeroplan: Your Hold Times Are RIDICULOUS


Aeroplan is Air Canada’s spun off loyalty program. Back in the day it was probably my single favorite program to transfer points to (they partner with Amex Membership Rewards and SPG), though after many devaluations, it’s more of a niche program that I only use for a few types of redemptions.

The problem is that Aeroplan is a completely separate company from Air Canada, which is just a horrible situation for an airline’s points program to be in. With a spun off program like this, Aeroplan has little incentive to provide a decent experience for members, since they have a pretty captive audience.

For example, Aeroplan’s hold times are consistently horrible. Horrible. Half the time that I call them I get a message saying that they can’t take my call due to “higher than expected call volume.” This isn’t just the past few weeks, but consistently.

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150 Free Aeroplan Miles In Less Than A Minute


Here’s an easy opportunity to pick up 150 free Aeroplan miles. This is most useful for those with existing Aeroplan mileage balances, since miles expire after a year of inactivity, so participating in this should extend the life of your miles.

The Aeroplan homepage indicates that you can earn 150 bonus miles for “setting your travel goals” by December 16, 2016. The banner leads to this page.

On the next page you’ll be asked to enter your Aeroplan number, last name, and email address.

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Business Class Award Alert: Air Canada’s New Vancouver To Frankfurt Flight


Securing award flights nonstop from the west coast to Europe can be quite difficult. At least it’s finally getting a bit easier with Star Alliance, for travel on Austrian and LOT. Austrian announced a new route between Los Angeles and Vienna, while LOT announced a new route between Los Angeles and Warsaw.

Well, it looks like there’s now another good option for nonstop business class award availability between the west coast and Europe.

Air Canada has just announced a new seasonal flight between Vancouver and Frankfurt, which will begin on June 1, 2017. The flight will operate with a Boeing 787-8, featuring excellent reverse herringbone business class seats.

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Transfer Hotel Points To Aeroplan And Earn Bonus Miles


A few times a year Aeroplan offers a bonus when you convert hotel points into miles (most recently they offered one in August). Well, Aeroplan has just announced their latest bonus, and some might find it to be valuable.

You can earn up to a 30% bonus if you convert hotel points into Aeroplan miles between November 7 and December 12, 2016.

While the past several promotions have offered fixed tier bonuses (i.e., transfer 200,000 miles and get 55,000 bonus miles), Aeroplan’s bonus is slightly different this time around. The bonus is still tiered, though offers a percentage bonus rather than a fixed bonus, as follows:

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Earn 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles For Your Next Club Carlson Stay


A few days ago Club Carlson announced their latest global promotion, offering double points or double elite night credits through the end of the year.

Club Carlson members ordinarily earn 20 points per dollar spent, so through this promotion they can earn 40 points per dollar spent. If you have Gold status you earn a 35% bonus on base points, meaning many of us are earning 47 points per dollar spent, which is quite good.

There’s another promotion being offered by Club Carlson that could make your next stay especially rewarding. Through their “Take Off With More Miles” promotion, Club Carlson is offering 5,000 bonus Aeroplan miles for your next stay at an eligible property in the United States or Canada between November 1 and December 31, 2016.

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1,000 Free Aeroplan Miles In Less Than A Minute

Air-Canada-777-Business-Class - 63

Aeroplan, the independent loyalty program of Air Canada, has published a quick quiz to test your knowledge of their program. You earn 1,000 Aeroplan miles for participating, and it takes no time to complete.

Fortunately, as Aeroplan and I apparently exist in different realities, it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not you get the answers “correct.”

Some are downright falsehoods:

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Aeroplan Adjusts Award Ticket Fees (For The Worse)

Lufthansa-First-Class-747 - 1

Air Canada’s (spun-off) Aeroplan program used to be my favorite loyalty program for transferring points. Going back five years, you used to be able to book a Star Alliance round the world first class award ticket with no fuel surcharges, and with two stopovers in addition to your destination, for 120,000 miles.

Unfortunately over time the program has become less lucrative (which is true across the industry, I suppose), both in terms of redemption rates, and also in terms of the addition of fuel surcharges to many of their airline partners.

However, there’s still value to be had through Aeroplan, as they continue to have good redemption rates in many markets, and they don’t have carrier imposed surcharges on some of their partner airlines. For example, I still find them useful for Star Alliance awards between the US and Europe.

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Air Canada Offering Bonus Miles For Global Travel


This week Air Canada has announced their Destination Bonus Event, where members can earn bonus miles for upcoming travel. In order to be eligible for the promotion, travel has to be booked by November 14, 2016, and completed by April 30, 2017. Registration is required.

The good news is that the promotion is valid for travel all over the world, including within Canada, to the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, etc. Through this promotion, the bonuses range from a percentage bonus on flown miles, to a fixed mileage bonus depending on how far you’re flying.

I won’t recap the entire promotion here, since it’s rather complicated, but just to give an example, here’s how their bonus miles offer is structured for travel to Europe. For select economy fares you can earn anywhere between 5,000 and 25,000 bonus miles per roundtrip:

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Air Canada’s Big International Expansion: Mumbai, Nagoya, Taipei, And More!

Air-Canada-777-Business-Class - 8

Air Canada has been growing nicely lately, especially in terms of longhaul destinations. This is thanks to a couple of factors:

— Air Canada has taken delivery of 21 Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft, which open up a lot of markets that weren’t previously practical
— Air Canada has expanded their low cost Rouge division, which has opened up a lot of new international leisure markets that weren’t previously practical

With that in mind, Air Canada has just announced some impressive international expansion.

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1,000 Free Aeroplan Miles For Enrolling In Fairmont President’s Club

Air-Canada-777-Business-Class - 1

Air Canada’s Aeroplan program is one of the more useful Star Alliance frequent flyer programs, and I book quite a few awards through them. At the moment there’s an opportunity to pick up some easy miles with them.

Per Frequent Flyer Bonuses, you can earn 1,000 bonus Aeroplan miles by registering for the Fairmont President’s Club loyalty program by November 15, 2016, using enrollment code FED16.

You’ll want to include the enrollment code and your Aeroplan number on the application to be sure you’re eligible.

I didn’t receive the actual email with the offer, so can’t confirm how long it will take for miles to post, but I imagine it’ll take a few weeks.

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Earn Up To 55,000 Aeroplan Bonus Miles For Transferring Points


Through August 15, 2016, Air Canada’s Aeroplan frequent flyer program is offering up to 55,000 bonus miles when converting hotel points to Aeroplan. They seem to run this promotion up to a few times per year — most recently they offered the promo in April, prior to that last December, and then before that last August.

The bonus is tiered, with the following thresholds:

As you can see, the promotion maxes out at 55,000 bonus miles, which converts into a 27.5% transfer bonus for those transferring exactly 200,000 miles.

The bonus you earn is based on the cumulative miles generated, so not all the miles have to come from a single transfer partner. Registration is not required, and the bonus miles should post 7-10 days after eligible transactions are complete.

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Review: Air Canada Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto Airport

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 3

As I wrap up this trip report, I’ll be brief. As you can see from the above index, I won’t be reviewing my flight from Toronto to Vancouver, since it was also operated by a 787, and was remarkably similar to my previous three flights. That’s to say that the food was good, service was excellent, and seat was unbeatable for a domestic flight.

I figured I’d just briefly talk about the domestic Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Toronto, though. I’ve reviewed the domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Vancouver, the international Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto, and the Maple Leaf Lounge London, so how does the domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto compare?

Upon landing from London the immigration formalities in Toronto were quick, thanks to the automated machines they offer nowadays. Clearing security in the domestic terminal took just 10 minutes, so within about 25 minutes of arriving in Toronto I found myself in the domestic Maple Leaf Lounge.

Air Canada has three Maple Leaf Lounges in Toronto — one domestic, one international, and one transborder (for those flying to the US).

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Hilarious: Air Canada Gets Political, Encourages You To “Test Drive” Canada


You’ve gotta love how our neighbors to the north and south are taking advantage of the US presidential election for their ads. A bit over a week ago I posted about the Aeromexico ad subtly taking aim at Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico. The ad feels more like a serious social justice campaign until the last few seconds, when it’s revealed that Aeromexico is behind the ad.

It’s not just our neighbors to the south which are taking aim at the current presidential election. Air Canada just released an ad which takes a more humorous approach towards it, engaging those who say they’ll move to Canada if they don’t like the outcome of the presidential election.

In this ad, Air Canada encourages you to “test drive Canada” before moving there. Of course you should fly Air Canada for your trip as well. Here’s the ad:

Here’s the inspiration for the ad, per AdWeek:

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Review: Air Canada Business Class 777 London Heathrow To Toronto

Air-Canada-777-Business-Class - 1

My previous Air Canada flights were operated by 787s, so I was excited to see how the 777 compared. I boarded through the forward door, and was pointed to the far aisle, since I was seated on the right side of the plane.

Air Canada’s 777-300ER business class on this configuration consists of a total of 40 seats, spread across two cabins.

The forward business class cabin has a total of 26 seats, spread across seven rows (the first six rows have four seats per row, while the last row has just two seats on the window sides).

Then there was the mini cabin behind that, where I was seated. This cabin consisted of a total of 14 seats (the first row had just two seats in the center, while the other three rows had four seats each).

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