Coming Soon: The New One Mile At A Time


Content is the most important feature of a blog, in my opinion, but I also want the theme and formatting to do a better job showcasing that content. I’ve been wanting to update the style of the blog for some time now, and this seems like a good opportunity.

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Cheapest Mileage Award Tickets To Tahiti


Tahiti is one of the most aspirational destinations out there, and also one of the toughest to get to on miles. That’s because only two airlines fly there direct from the US mainland. With that in mind, there are a few ways to redeem miles for business class to Tahiti.

The biggest challenge isn’t which mileage currency to use, but finding the actual award space, which can be tough to come by.

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Mixing Airlines On Mileage Award Tickets — What’s Allowed?


Many airlines belong to one of the three “big” alliances — Star Alliance, oneworld, and SkyTeam — but also have partner airlines on the side which don’t belong to those alliances.

In almost all cases, when an airline belongs to an alliance you can combine multiple of their alliance partners on a single award. However, in many cases you can’t mix them with non-alliance partner carriers on the same award.

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Airplane Tips: First Class Etiquette

I wrote a post last week about maximizing international first class travel in terms of how to make it most pleasant for yourself, but it occurred that I don’t think I’ve ever written a post about general first class etiquette… and there’s probably a reason for that. Now I’ve provided some very helpful PSAs over the years when it comes to flying.

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Best And Worst Asian Cities For A Quick Layover


One of the nice things about airline award tickets is that in many cases you’re allowed a free stopover when traveling between regions. And typically even if you’re not allowed a stopover, you can still make as many connections of under 24 hours as you’d like. That presents a fun opportunity to do several “mini-stopovers”…

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How To Maximize International First Class Travel


I’ve flown well over a hundred segments in international first class, so I figured I’d share some general tips for maximizing the enjoyment of longhaul premium cabin travel. These thoughts are totally scattered and perhaps mostly quite obvious, so take them with a grain of salt. I’d certainly love to hear what thoughts you guys…

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