Airplane Tips: First Class Etiquette

I wrote a post last week about maximizing international first class travel in terms of how to make it most pleasant for yourself, but it occurred that I don’t think I’ve ever written a post about general first class etiquette… and there’s probably a reason for that. Now I’ve provided some very helpful PSAs over the years when it comes to flying.

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Best And Worst Asian Cities For A Quick Layover


One of the nice things about airline award tickets is that in many cases you’re allowed a free stopover when traveling between regions. And typically even if you’re not allowed a stopover, you can still make as many connections of under 24 hours as you’d like. That presents a fun opportunity to do several “mini-stopovers”…

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How To Maximize International First Class Travel


I’ve flown well over a hundred segments in international first class, so I figured I’d share some general tips for maximizing the enjoyment of longhaul premium cabin travel. These thoughts are totally scattered and perhaps mostly quite obvious, so take them with a grain of salt. I’d certainly love to hear what thoughts you guys…

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Winner Of The $200 Visa Gift Card Courtesy Of LoungeBuddy


On Thursday I launched a giveaway courtesy of LoungeBuddy for a $200 Visa gift card. For those of you not familiar with LoungeBuddy, it’s an innovative app that — as the name suggests — is all about the airport lounge experience. The LoungeBuddy app is location based so it can automatically tell which airport you’re…

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Win $200 Visa Gift Card Courtesy Of LoungeBuddy


Keep reading to find out how you can win a $200 Visa gift card courtesy of LoungeBuddy. LoungeBuddy is an innovative app that — as the name suggests — is all about the airport lounge experience. It’s location based so can automatically tell which airport you’re at, and will show you the lounges nearby, along…

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Freddie Awards Results 2014


This past Thursday the 26th annual Freddie Awards were held at the Museum of Flight near Seattle, Washington. For those of you not familiar with the Freddies, they’re intended to recognize the best frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs. Everyone can vote, and with millions upon millions of votes cast, winning a Freddie Award is…

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Changing US Airways Award After Departure?


Reader KG sent me the following message: I had booked a US Airways award ticket in business class for 90K per person. Our routing was IAH-IST-ZRH (open jaw), BRU-LHR-ICN-PEK (destination) – IAH. We flew the IAH-IST-ZRH legs. We arrived at the Brussels Airport but unfortunately were denied boarding. My wife holds an Indian passport and…

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How Much Should You Value Miles?

Are you valuing miles based on the absolute maximum cost you’d be willing to pay for the premium cabin products you’re using miles for, or lowering that valuation a bit based on the number of options you have to redeem for that product?

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Things I Learned Selling Stuff On Craigslist


Well, it’s official. As I wrote about last week, I’m now “homeless.” Yesterday I officially vacated from my apartment, and as of today I’m living in hotels full time. I have a lot of thoughts to share, though let me start by sharing my experience on what was my biggest moving “obstacle” as of last…

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Does It Make Sense To Switch Airline Loyalty?

Reader John Delta left the following comment on the “Ask Lucky” page of the blog last week: lucky, Well, you probably have guessed that I am bailing on Delta after more than 4 decades with them. Like you (were), I am Washington resident and am asking you where should I begin to place my loyalties…

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Register For 2014 Chicago Seminar Do


One of the longest standing annual miles & points “events” is the Chicago Seminar Do, which has been held in Elk Grove, IL near Chicago for the past four years. The Chicago Seminar Do will be returning this year, October 17-19, 2014. Registration opened a couple of days ago, and as of now about half…

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