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Nick brings the perspective of the infrequent but savvy traveler who finds that getting there is actually less than half the fun, but you might as well fly business class on the way and get a good night's sleep. Despite a relatively sparse portfolio of flown miles and hotel stays per year that would never otherwise qualify for status, Nick manages to leverage credit cards, promotions and points to secure elite status and increase his chances for that sought-after upgrade.

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More Tales Of United’s Thuggish Disregard For Passengers Emerge


As Ben pointed out yesterday, if there’s a silver lining to the brutal treatment of a United Airlines passenger forcibly kicked off a Louisville-bound plane Sunday evening in order to accommodate deadheading crew, it’s that suddenly the casually callous method of customer service perfected by United Airlines (although surely in one-off instances mirrored by American, Delta, and others) is starting to receive major pushback from the general public, and not just the insular miles-and-points community. People are outraged, and rightly so.

Now that this outrage is part of the national conversation, it seems more people are feeling like it’s worthwhile to come out of the woodwork — that their individual stories of customer treatment might collectively create a critical mass that might finally result in a sea change in terms of customer service.

The consumer affairs columnist for the Los Angeles Times published a piece yesterday which is infuriating, though not nearly in comparison to the horrific ejection of Dr. David Dao on Sunday. Per the Times:

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Why United’s Incident Is A Much Bigger Deal Than You May Think


Seems like at least a half-dozen times a year Ben reports on an unruly passenger being escorted off a plane, sometimes forcibly, sometimes not, almost always involving a fellow passenger recording the incident on video. It’s become, for better or worse, pretty routine. It’s easy enough to glance at a headline and scroll down.

Being in the OMAAT world as a contributor, commenter or regular reader, and being involved with the miles-and-points and aviation world directly or even tangentially gives you a certain bit of distance from this kind of situation, a certain inside-baseball-y “oh, well you have to obey a flight attendant’s orders!” kind of knee-jerk reaction.

This is not that kind of incident. It’s doing this incident an injustice to say it’s “gone viral.” Prank calls, parody music videos and misguided Pepsi ad campaigns go viral; this is an example of citizen journalism in action. What was a line-item news story on some miles-and-points blogs this morning has now dominated my social media news feed, and, in very quick order, become the topic of discussion in offices and in public.

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MORE Great Business Class Fares: LAX To Buenos Aires For $2,200


It has been something of a big news day for relatively affordable roundtrip business class airfares to typically expensive destinations. Earlier today I posted about a fairly amazing ~$2,100 airfare from Los Angeles to Nairobi on SkyTeam carriers, and now I’m highlighting another good value fare that’s probably not going to be around too long.

I’m seeing business class roundtrips between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires starting at around $2,192, on both Aeromexico (with one stop in Mexico City, and the possibility of lie-flat equipped aircraft on both the LAX-MEX and MEX-EZE legs) and Avianca, with two stops in Bogota and Lima (and a lie-flat bed only on the LAX-BOG portion of the journey).

This in and of itself isn’t jaw-dropping — I’ve seen similar fares come and go — but what is great about this fare is that it’s valid through the end of schedule, meaning you can book trips to Argentina over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, when airfare is typically outrageous (and capacity typically limited).

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GREAT DEAL: $2,100 Business Class Airfares To Africa On SkyTeam!

Nairobi business class availability on Delta's website in October

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some business class fare sales on SkyTeam carriers, but there are a few notable deals going on now that are worth jumping on quickly, particularly if you’re eyeing a trip to East Africa — perhaps to try out the new Park Hyatt Zanzibar?

Per this FlyerTalk thread, airfares between Los Angeles and Nairobi are available for as low as $2,146 roundtrip in business class on Delta, KLM and Kenya Airways. What’s notable about this flash sale is that the fares are good through the end of schedule, so this is worth jumping on if you’ve been itching to plan a safari but have been unable to find an award routing that works for you.

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CONFIRMED: Delta Improves Diamond Medallion Choice Benefits

Delta-One-London - 3

Last week Ben wrote about a rumored addition to Delta’s Diamond Medallion benefits. Per Rene’s Points, it was suggested that for the 2018 SkyMiles program Delta would take away the automatic SkyClub membership it bestowed upon its top-tier Diamond Medallions, and add a SkyClub membership back in as one of three “Choice Benefits,” as opposed to the two Choice Benefits that Diamond Medallion members currently receive.

In other words, the SkyClub membership — which for many credit card members was a redundancy for a benefit they would have received in any event through their card membership — is now “opt-in,” and the upside would be that a Diamond Medallion member who already has SkyClub access could choose an entirely different third benefit.

Well, the rumors are true and actually part of a big overhaul to the Choice Benefits program for Diamond Medallions announced today.

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Review: New United Club LAX

United Club LAX

While most readers know me as the lone (consistently) pro-Delta voice on the blog, I recently flew United Airlines out of Los Angeles. (In truth, I’ve long since requalified for Diamond Medallion, Delta doesn’t offer a nonstop from Los Angeles to Washington just yet, and during the holiday season United flies internationally-configured 777s between Washington Dulles and Los Angeles/San Francisco, so using miles I was able to score a “Polaris First” seat for the four-hour flight.)

Given the new United Club lounge that just opened at LAX’s Terminal 7 (which is in the midst of a remodel, if a rather generic one), I took this as an opportunity to review the new space. Tiffany generously offered one of her United Club passes that come as part of her perks as a Hyatt Diamond.

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First Look: Delta’s Gorgeous New SkyClub At SeaTac Airport

Delkta SkyClub Seattle

Delta’s $21 million new SkyClub at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport opens tothe public today between Concourses A & B, and at 21,000 square feet, not only is it enormous, but it’s a stunner.

This club supplements and largely supplements Delta’s existing SkyClub in the South Satellite gates at Sea-Tac.

I was invited to the opening preview yesterday, and it’s clear Delta is very proud of this particular SkyClub. And they have every right to be. The new-ish SkyClub at SFO is pretty roundly regarded as wonderful. The new Seattle SkyClub is another league above.

Words won’t do it justice, so I tried to include as many pictures as possible, though of course the uniquely Pacific Northwest mix of gloom with bursts of sunshine doesn’t quite let on just how airy the space is.

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Delta’s New LAX-DCA Route Will Have Lie-Flat Seats

Delta One 757 seats

I somehow missed this news on Friday (I mean, to be fair, I think we all missed every bit of news that was not Donald Trump and his love of Tic-Tacs and unwanted sexual advances on Friday), but Delta has made another game-changing move in its battle for dominance with American and United at LAX.

Currently Delta has no nonstop service to Washington, D.C. from LAX, which is both odd and frustrating for me, personally, since I live in one city and have family in the other. (Typically, I’ll either fly Alaska and credit my miles to Delta, but with no hope of an upgrade, or I’ll connect in Salt Lake or Atlanta.)

However, on Friday Delta not only announced new nonstop service beginning April 24, 2017 between Los Angeles and Washington-National — thus, directly competing with both American Airlines and Alaska — but announced that its new DCA service will be on a Delta One-configured 757-200 aircraft with 16 lie-flat seats. Presumably, this is the same aircraft configuration Delta occasionally flies between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco, which means the seats don’t all feature direct aisle access.

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Is This The Best Option For International Data?


There’s no doubt that staying connected while traveling abroad has gotten exponentially easier in the last few years. While options for local SIM cards and rentable My-Fi devices have expanded, U.S.-based cellular carriers have started offering competitive packages that allow you to use your phone as you would in the States, affordably.

Ben’s a fan of T-Mobile. Tiffany prefers her Google-Fi.

As for me, I’m a Sprint customer, and have been pretty delighted with Sprint’s international travel packages this past year. With Sprint’s Open World plan (which is free), voice and texting in the entirety of the Americas – North and South – is free, and 1GB of high-speed data is included (with overages charged at $30 per GB, billed in KB increments). In most of Europe, Australia, and parts of Africa and Asia, calls are just $0.20 per minute, texts are free, and high-speed data is billed at $30 per gig, in KB increments.

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Review: St. Regis Houston

St. Regis Houston floral arrangement

I recently had a last minute work trip to Houston, which is perhaps the only sort of trip one takes to Houston in the summer, as it’s not a popular leisure destination in August given the typical summer climate there. Nonetheless, hotel rates varied fairly widely, with the St. Regis (which is located in the Galleria area, near where I needed to stay) and the Four Seasons (in downtown Houston) being both the two top options, and the two priciest.

I happen to have a good friend who is a Houston-based Virtuoso adviser, and my friend Will wanted to place me at the St. Regis, but my work budget wouldn’t allow it. And this is where an excellent travel adviser works his or her magic, particularly when he or she has a good working relationship with a property: he asked what my budget was, and was able to find a rate that I hadn’t seen that fit my needs. Better still, he was able to secure me complimentary breakfast, a room upgrade, late checkout (which I wouldn’t be taking advantage of), a special amenity, and a partial food and beverage credit.

(Of course, it goes without saying having a locally-based Virtuoso adviser is always a plus, but any good Virtuoso agent can work magic — as Ford, for instance, often does. Still, when your travel adviser has a specialty or a connection, take advantage of it!)

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Review: Andaz Wall Street New York

Andaz Suite king bed

The Andaz Wall Street, in Lower Manhattan, is a foundation of Hyatt’s Andaz brand, being the third hotel to open under the Andaz flag (following the chain’s West Hollywood and London locations). There are no shortage of reviews of the Andaz Wall Street on this site (or on any other miles-and-points site), in particular because the hotel can represent an incredible value, especially on the weekends, when room rates can dip to around the $200/night mark (and sometimes drastically below).

Since its opening in 2010, the Andaz Wall Street has seen Hurricane Sandy inundate its lower floors, and it’s undeniably challenging for a 6-year old hotel to have had to undergo major renovations just to recover from a devastating flood.

I’ve personally stayed at the Andaz Wall Street twice before, in 2011 and in 2014. In 2011, pre-Sandy, I recall a bona fide luxury hotel with warm, personable service, endless amenities, and a quiet but convenient neighborhood. My prior stay, in 2014, I found the hotel to have weathered the storm fairly decently, with the overall modern style of the hotel intact.

I stayed at the Andaz Wall Street recently, however, and was a bit disappointed to discover a markedly different experience (and a general sense of downhill slide that others have telegraphed in foreboding terms).

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An OMAAT Chat: Tiffany & Nick Discuss Hotel Design


If there were an animated movie entitled “The Secret Life of OMAAT Contributors,” it might just be 90 minutes of a Pixar-rendered Tiffany instant messaging with similarly animated versions of Travis, Andrew B., Mike, Matt, Ford and myself.

Because both Tiffany and I stayed at renovated hotels recently with very noticeable design directions — Tiffany, at the Concourse Hotel LAX, which was redesigned with a “mid-century aviation” approach to great success, and me, at the Fairmont Olympic Seattle, a former grande dame whose renovation was executed in the “Z Gallerie Outlet, but slightly cheaper looking” aesthetic — we found ourselves in a discussion about what we like and dislike in hotel design.

Tiffany’s also currently staying at a Fairmont property, so we discussed the peculiarities of that chain — one we both really like, but one that’s hard to pin down.

So here goes, against Tiffany’s every instinct, our first (and possibly last!) installment of “An OMAAT Chat” – a nice, open-minded back and forth between Tiffany and me. But, as always, OMAAT is about the readership — so consider this just the beginning of a conversation, and please add your thoughts to the comments below!

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Review Update: Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle

Generic guestroom at the historic Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle

Back in November I stayed at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle and was thoroughly impressed — so much so, in fact, that I felt compelled to write a review for OMAAT detailing my experience there.

When I stayed at the hotel in November, I noted that the rooms were slated to be refreshed. The guestrooms certainly called for an update, since they featured a “classic” decor that didn’t feel dated so much as rickety — they hadn’t been materially updated since the days when the hotel was a Four Seasons, pre-2003.

I stayed there again this past weekend, in a renovated room — in fact, it’s my understanding they are nearly all renovated at this point. The public areas have yet to be renovated, though I was told that was to happen shortly.

Since I reviewed the hotel in depth before, I won’t rehash the basics — the excellent service, the historic and charming public spaces — but will instead focus on how the hotel has changed.

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Cookiegate 2016: Live Reporting From The Delta SkyClub


It seems the deceitful not-a-chocolate-chip-cookie / chocolate chip cookie at the Admirals Club has created one of the most controversial, thrilling, must-watch cookie situations since the delicious Cookie on Empire.

Reporting live from the front lines on rival territory — aka the Delta SkyClub at Terminal 5 — I can report that the reason Delta seems to be perpetually better, operationally speaking, than American Airlines is because they label their damn cookies.

Or maybe that’s just a by-product of their superiority, not a reason for it, depending on your stance re: carbs.

But seriously: IT’S CALLED A LABELLED JAR and it clears up a lot of confusion and prevents a lot of disappointed cookie monsters.

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