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Ford is a 20-something Angeleno, originally from Manhattan, and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. After completing his studies at Brown University and Phillips Exeter Academy and returning to NYC for a year, he settled in Los Angeles. He’s an avid traveler, bootcamp fanatic, and devotee of life’s ever-changing journey. You can follow Ford on Instagram @fordbeckett.

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Review: SPG Moments With John Legend


Ben and I recently attended an SPG Moments event at the Downtown Los Angeles Sheraton, where John Legend performed for about 200 of us. Doors to the event opened around 7:30 PM, we arrived shortly thereafter, and John Legend came on around 9:00 PM and performed until just after 10:00 PM. We were invited to the meet and greet as well, but we were tired and I find meet and greets a bit forced, although based on John’s performance I’d say he’s a genuine man.

As I mentioned, the SPG Moments event was held in the newly renovated DTLA Sheraton, which had a very chic, crisp library-turned-lobby complete with taupe leather tufted couches, 20+ foot ceilings, mahogany paneling with brass fixtures, and a marble espresso and coffee bar with frosted glass bottles up to the ceiling.

We were both very impressed by the taste and elegance, which gives us high hopes of the refresh the Sheraton brand is undergoing! If you’re interested in staying downtown the next time you visit LA, the Sheraton is more than worthy of consideration.

The event was held in two purple-lit rooms a few floors beneath the lobby. The first room, where guests mingled, drank, and had some light fare, was spacious, although seating was limited to nooks with a few couches and chairs.

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Ford’s First Time In Cathay Pacific First Class


Ben and I are on another adventure, this time in Asia, now that we’ve conquered Dubai together for the first, but hopefully not last, time.

I’m still adjusting to Ben’s last-minute lifestyle and have had a hard time explaining it to “normal” people. We booked our flights to HK less than 48 hours before, don’t have a return ticket, and don’t even know where we are headed next. A few ideas include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Japan, although I forgot to pack sweaters so anything too far north may not make the cut. I think I’m returning to LA in perhaps the least direct route – heading west, since Ben has to go to the Middle East after this, and suggested I might as well tag along for the flights. I momentarily forgot where I was this morning. Stay tuned!

We flew from LAX to SFO on an American Airlines 737 that I sensed was older than I am (from the rather worn-in seats), but alas it was barely an hour flight and before we knew it we were in SFO and ready for our longer, and more exciting, leg of the trip to HKG.

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10 Things I’ve Learned From Dating A Miles & Points Geek


My boyfriend Ford recently wrote a blog post about his first time in Emirates A380 first class. Before we met he didn’t know the first thing about miles & points (like, he thought redeeming transferrable points currencies for cash towards a statement credit was a good deal, which is a cardinal sin around here). And in fairness, before we met I didn’t know the first thing about anything other than miles & points/Real Housewives, so the learning here is mutual!

Suffice to say his perspective on points has changed quite a bit. In this installment he’s back to share 1o things he has learned about miles & points/our little obsession.

For more from Ford, you can follow him on Instagram.

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Boyfriend’s First Time In Emirates First Class

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As someone with my sensibilities famously said, “a luxury, once sampled, becomes a necessity.” This certainly applies to Emirates A380 First Class, which I flew for the first time about a week ago from Dallas to Dubai.

How does one begin to enumerate the details and nuances of the experience that make it so incredibly pleasant, enjoyable, and frankly – fun?

To get them out of the way, I’ll start with the things I found slightly unappealing (I suppose once could say “dislike” but that sounds a bit harsh and hyperbolic):

Five minutes of water in the shower isn’t much, and I felt rushed and ultimately finished my shower in fewer than three! I live in LA, so I’m familiar with water conservation efforts, although I doubt the water policy is an effort at environmentalism. Given that there were only three passengers in First Class, including me and Ben, it would make sense to allocate a bit more water to each passenger. Emirates may want to consider a sliding scale for water allocation…

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