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If you have questions about how to search for award space or how to redeem miles I’ve probably already answered it in a more detailed post, so check out the “Tips & Tutorials” page for some quick references.
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  1. lucky says

    @ Kelt Tobunluepop — If I’m not mistaken they have a new lounge, which is apparently quite nice. I wouldn’t arrive too early, but it’s probably worth at least checking it out.

  2. Naveen says

    Hey Lucky, love the blog!

    have a question on booking mileage runs – I found a couple of decent itineraries with 3 segments from EWR-LAS on AA metal through ITA, but I can’t book them using either the carrier site or Kayak. Kayak won’t find them (don’t know how to increase the number of stops beyond 2 while searching, the multi-city option didn’t show anything), and AA site won’t find the same itinerary, but finds a different one for triple the amount.

    So how would you go about booking 3 or 4-segment mileage runs (round trip would be 6 to 8 segments) if you get a good price using ITA?

  3. Jeanne says

    Will this deal for 150,000 airmiles expire in Dec.? We are in the midst of negotiating a refi for our home and do not want to disturb our credit rating?
    Hate to miss this.

  4. grandgourmand says

    thanks lucky. your responsiveness is amazing. try to take some down time over the holidays. merry xmas!

  5. Erik says


    I’m traveling to Bangkok next week via Hong Kong on CX first. I booked a one-way ticket and was hoping to book my return while overseas as my plans might change a little. I’m concerned about the entry requirement in Thailand that you need to show proof of onward/return tickets, which I won’t have. I’ve read a couple reports of folks unable to board the outbound flight or unable to exit the airport in BKK without proof of a return ticket. I unexpectedly ran into similar problems (didn’t print a copy of my itinerary and wasn’t allowed to enter the airport) a couple years back in India which caused me to miss a flight.

    Any suggestions for how to get around this?

  6. Zed says

    Hi Lucky, I’m looking at snagging two Suites on a FRA-JFK SQ flight that departs in the next couple of days. The date I need to fly, however, is only showing “waitlist” at the saver level even though there are at least 7 open seats in F (at least for revenue) that day. Given the large number of open seats just a couple of days out of depature, what do you think the odds are of clearing the waitlist? I am a little scared to transfer all those points from UR for nothing…

  7. Richard says

    Hi Lucky – I had a BA Exec Club award booked on AB through TXL on to OSL. AB cancelled the OSL route, so shockingly BA routed me on AB TXL-CPH, then SAS to OSL. I was surprised this happened as SAS is not a BA partner airline.

    A month later, I checked back in and found that the SAS flight to OSL was removed and the booking terminates in CPH.

    Have you seen this before and is there any way I can get them to add the SAS flight back?

  8. Keya says

    Hi Ben

    Been a while since i bugged you on the blog to answer a query. This time it ain’t a query. Just something I thought you’d be interested in. I remember the article you wrote about the canadian guy looking for a girl with same name as his ex to travel with him around the world. Well he seems to have finally found one. Whats even better is the charity he’s set up to help people take vacations of their dreams. Hope you’ll like this …

  9. lucky says

    @ Richard — That’s odd, they definitely should still get you to your final destination. I’d suggest calling BA — it could be that you’re still booked all the way to OSL and it’s just not showing on the “surface” of the ticket.

  10. lucky says

    @ Zed — Not good at all, unfortunately. In my experience when they do clear waitlists it’s usually a week or so out. Afraid it might be too late now, even if the cabin is wide open.

  11. Abdel Rahim Abdallah says

    I have an Alaska flight landing at 9:04am SFO-SEA and I have to be at the Hilton SeaTac by 9:30am, doable? (0.4 miles)

  12. lucky says

    @ Abdel Rahim Abdallah — If everything goes as scheduled and you take a taxi that should be doable. That being said, it leaves no room for error, which is risky given how frequent delays are out of SFO.

  13. Jordan says

    I’m a Platinum guest with Marriott. I am staying at one of their resort properties next week. I know its going to be busy due to Christmas, so I contacted the hotel to request an upgrade and two adjoining rooms. Basically they responded with ‘Its Christmas, its full, there’s no guarantee of anything.’ In looking at my benefits, there isn’t anything that’s guaranteed or added since I’m Platinum. They do not provide lounge access at resort properties and virtually everything else is ‘as available’ (upgrade, adjoining rooms, early/late check in/out). Is there anything that I can actually do to get any benefit from being Platinum? Or is this just a lesson to dump Marriott in favor of SPG?

  14. Reine says

    Have you noticed that the SkyTeam website is perpetually broken?? I’ve randomly tried to access the site multiple times over the past couple of months and it NEVER works. It’s kind of hilarious.

  15. Joey says

    I see you and other commenters have a photo/thumbnail next to your comment. How do I put that on mine? Sorry I’m not too familiar with wordpress.

  16. charlie says

    Hi Lucky,

    I have an upcoming business trip that will require me to fly from NYC to LAX. Do you have any suggestions for which airline uses the fewest points for a round-trip reward business ticket? I have over 100K Chase and Amex points available.


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