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  1. lucky says

    @ Matt — Yes, usually it’s much cheaper, in my experience. More like $150 or so that time of year. It could be that there’s a convention in town the days you’re staying, which explains the higher rates. That’s the only explanation I have, at least.

    Otherwise the Grand Hyatt is very similar and in the same area. The Westin and Sheraton are also in the same general vicinity. Don’t like them quite as much, but if they’re substantially cheaper I’d consider them.

  2. lucky says

    @ Patrick — Heh, interesting. Over the years I’ve learned the answers to most of these types of questions, so not sure there’s anything I’d personally ask. I find that for the most part, especially at mid-range hotels, GMs won’t proactively be very “revealing,” so either way I wouldn’t really count on all that much insight.

    What do I think is interesting? How do hotels decide whether they want to be included in the global SPG promotions, how do hotels allocate upgrades, etc. But that’s largely because I’m more interested in SPG than hotel operations as such.

    Sounds like a nice gesture on the part of the GM!

  3. lucky says

    @ Michelle — You can transfer the points to your Alaska or British Airways account, and then from there can without problems book for your parents.

  4. lucky says

    @ Todd — It’s a good herringbone product anymore. As far as North American airlines go, I find that Air Canada has among the best service and food, so I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them.

  5. lucky says

    @ TheRealBabushka — There are often married sectors for these routes. Which city pairs are you looking at?

  6. marty says

    Hi Lucky
    I have been offered some Sheeba miles and was going to use them to travel from Melbourne to LHR on TG J class. Do they charge ridiculous taxes and fuel surcharges like BA and QF. Thanks

  7. says

    Hi Lucky,
    You recently flew the KLM World Business Class ORD-AMS. How did you determine which routes were flying the new lie-flat business class? I want to try it out, but am challenged with determining which routes are being serviced. Vancouver-Amsterdam would be a winner for me.

  8. Andreas says

    Hey Lucky,
    I followed your guides and tutorials and managed to get really good fares using the SPG preffered guest in the Sheraton Maldives and I will be going there next summer :) however I didn’t have as much luck when booking the flights (MUC-MLE). I was just having a look at the different options and I have two questions:
    1- I saw in wikipedia BA does the LGW-MLE route seasonally, do you know when in the year do they operate and which aircraft they use?
    2- I was having a look at the other airlines and I like more the option of flying QR, however it is 600 Euro more expensive per person (would be +1800€) than EK is it worth for me paying this difference?

    Thank you for the help! Auf Wiedersehen

  9. lucky says

    @ Shannon M. — I asked them on Twitter, since I wasn’t sure. I believe all the 747s now feature the new product, while none of the A330s do.

  10. lucky says

    @ marty — Yes, I believe Ethiopian does impose fuel surcharges for travel on partner carriers.

  11. says

    Cheers. Thanks. Yeah, I asked them via a FB message. Their website is not clear. They have a sale going on for some of the 747 routes that expires in the next couple days.

  12. turgutbey says

    Hey Lucky,

    I’m booked on a fairly complicated mileage plus itinerary this Dec in Biz. The return looks like this CMB-SIN-ICN(stopover)-SFO-SEA. I’m on SQ to ICN and then UA the remainder. I have a 7 hour layover in SIN b/c the only UA bookable SQ flight (an A333) leaves at that time.

    My question is do you think the SQ airport agents in CMB or SIN would consider moving me to the earlier SIN-ICN flight on a 777-300 if I ask at airport? And if they do agree, is there a chance that doing so would screw up my flights on the ICN-SFO-SEA portion? Thanks for your help!!

  13. jim says

    Hi Lucky

    Does Aeroplan not allow one-way awards if not travelling to/from N America?

    It won’t allow me me any one-ways within Asia 1.

    Or is it a case it must be called in?


  14. lucky says

    @ turgutbey — It’s highly unlikely they would, since United issued your ticket. If they do you’d want to call United to make sure the ticket looks good on their end. That being said, highly doubt they would do it.

  15. Reine says

    I’m taking advantage of the American Airlines-Cadillac test drive promo and I was told by the rep who scheduled my test drive that they’re scheduling appointments out to the 30th of December, BUT that slots are filling up very fast and it’s a limited quantity promotion and told me to advise any others who want to take advantage of this promotion to act fast. Just thought you and the readers want to know. I’m going for a test drive next week during my lunch hour at work.

  16. Hasse says

    Hi Lucky,
    Have you heard anything about Lufthansa enforcing a new revenue management methodology to seat assignments?. Have recentfly booked a number of lufthansa long haul flightst and seat assignment at time of booking have been rather problematic. Finally our corporate travel agency told us today that Lufthansa is now including the ticketed class as a decision factor IF you can select at certain seat. Some ticketing classes now longer allow seat at aisle seats, some only allows for middle seats etc.
    The rule was enforced on was enforced on all 6 out of 7 flight segments when booking, forcing the change of ticketed class on all those 6 segments.

  17. says

    Hi Lucky- I have a question about using Miles and More for LH F awards. You wrote in the past about being able to place a 5-day hold on award tickets but can you do that without the miles? I’m wondering if you can hold a ticket and then transfer points from SPG. Thanks! Our schedule isn’t flexible which is why I want to use M&M instead of Aeroplan.

  18. Hasse says

    @Lucky, that’s what is puzzling to me – Usually I would get my flight booked and then pay for the advance seat assignment choosing my desired seat (if fee apply). However I have lately experienced difficulties and after 3 hours on the phone today with the travel agency , having issues with the seat assigment, the reply was that lufthansa is now also saying that some fare classes are not allowed to sit in certain areas of the cabin – forexample aisle seat. A change to higher fare class is necessary AND then pay for the assignment as well. – I have not heard about this change before and was very surprise.
    Makes corporate travel on client bill even more complex than ever.

  19. Mark says

    Ben, any help for choosing the best MCE seat on American Airlines newly refurbished 767-300? Also any ideas about the best one in the new business class?

  20. Reine says

    I just heard that American Airlines is adding daily non stop operations to LAX! Direct competition with Delta on a major route! I think I smell mileage runs and cheap fares! Do you think this has the potential to turn into a “Battle in Seattle”-type situation?

  21. lucky says

    @ Reine — I definitely think we’ll see some promo fares and maybe bonus miles. American is dumb for entering this market, in my opinion, so it will surely lead to some good fares.

  22. lucky says

    @ Mark — Hmmm, haven’t flown that specific plane yet. In business class I’d choose any of the window seats which are “closest” to the window, as they’re much more private. In MCE I’d do the bulkhead if at all possible.

  23. Reine says

    You think they’re dumb because Delta has pretty much owned Atlanta for decades and their grip around the neck of the city is about as relentless as a starved pitbull on a steak? lol. If so, I definitely see your point. When you’re flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson, it’s the same as flying out of Charles De Gaulle with the lines of Air France jets. There’s nothing but lines and lines of Delta jets (at the domestic terminal, at least). Taking on Delta on their home turf is pretty risky, but I will enjoy promo fares/bonus miles for as long as they’re available. I’m keeping a close eye on this one. I live ATL and hate being hub trapped. It will be nice to see some “competition”.

  24. lucky says

    @ Reine — Well I think it’s not a smart move because:
    1) Even with three flights a day they can’t even begin to compete with Delta’s 10+ daily flights.
    2) LAX isn’t even *really* a hub for American. LAX is in general a city which confuses airlines. They all sort of have a big presence there, but not enough to truly be a hub. It’s one thing if they started this route out of one of their “real” hubs, where passengers might on average have more of an allegiance to American than Delta. But that’s not the case at LAX.

  25. lucky says

    @ Hasse — That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Will do some research, and if I figure something out I’ll let you know.

  26. says

    Hey Ben,

    Ok, today I am just trying what you say about checking cx availability through JAL website as you said that they have bunch of seats on business class. I am looking from Jakarta to Chicago, on the business class, however it never come up all the segment, or if it come, the return trip always show no seat availability. However, if I break down the segment into Jakarta first to Hongkong, then another segment from Hongkong to Chicago, I can make the trip more reasonable and it shows for both round trip. Do you think AAdvantage miles CS can book on that segment if I check this on separate segment? Thank you very much.

  27. lucky says

    @ Ernest — If they see availability on the individual segments you should be able to book by phone.

  28. Mbfanos says

    I have a question regarding transfering Chase Ultimate Rewards points to someone else’s (not spouse or domestic partner) airline account. I know that Chase is strict on UR to UR but I’m not sure about transferring UR to Airline/Hotel. Can I transfer 100k points to my friend without getting my credit card cancelled?
    Thank you very much.

  29. Todd says

    Hey Lucky,

    I’ve been driving myself a little crazy trying to obsess over what’s the best option for flying SEA to LHR on an award next summer. Could you tell me how you would rank the following based on overall flight experience without consider fuel surcharges, and then how you’d rank them taking fuel surcharges into account?

    The choices are:

    A. SEA to LHR nonstop in F on BA 777-300ER
    B. SEA-SFO/LAX-LHR in F on BA A380 from SFO/LAX to LHR
    C. SEA-ORD-LHR in F on AA 777-200 (assume non-retrofitted) from ORD to LHR
    D. SEA-DFW/LAX/JFK-LHR in F on AA 77W from DFW/LAX/JFK to LHR
    E. SEA-LAS-LGW in J on VS 747 (LGW refurbished 747)
    F. SEA-YVR/YYZ-LHR in J on AC 777-300ER from YVR/YYZ to LHR
    G. SEA to LHR nonstop in J on DL 767-300

    I hope this isn’t too much to ask — I’d really appreciate your rankings both without and with consideration of the fuel surcharges on BA and VS.

    Finally, should I be considering any UA metal?

    Thanks SO much,

  30. lucky says

    @ Mbfanos — The terms state you can only transfer the points to a spouse/domestic partner. In practice I know some have reported being able to transfer them to the frequent flyer account of someone else, though it does technically violate the rules.

  31. lucky says

    @ Todd — Really there’s such minor differences between many of the options that it’s tough to say for sure. In general not factoring in fuel surcharges, maybe A, B, D, G, E, F, C. Factoring in fuel surcharges I’d probably generally stick to American on the 777-300ER if there were space, or otherwise do the Delta nonstop, given how convenient it is.

  32. Lantean says

    hi Ben,
    do you know if it’s possible to book jetstar flits with avios over the phone?
    nothing is showing up on avios website… thank you.

  33. Gonzo says

    Lucky: What happens if I have a hotel reservation to meet minimum spend then after reversing the charge don’t fulfill my $5K in 3 months? Do they actually come back and get points? Has anyone not made spend requirement – what was the outcome?

  34. Todd says

    Hey Lucky,

    Thanks so much. As luck would have it, the confirmed ticket I’m holding is your last choice — SEA-ORD-LHR in F on AA on the 777-200. At the moment there is space available in F on BA on the 777-300ER nonstop SEA-LHR. But of course it comes with the fuel surcharge. At least there’d be no change or redeposit fee for that option. Since there’s currently no space on the 77Ws, would you pay the fuel surcharge for BA F on the 777-300ER over AA F on the 777-200 (since we can’t predict what will happen with the retrofitting by next August)?


  35. lucky says

    @ Gonzo — I know from people that have had charges reversed that they’ve clawed back the miles, yes.

  36. lucky says

    @ Todd — Ultimately redeeming American miles for a transatlantic flight with a flat bed and no fuel surcharges is a great deal, in my opinion. So I wouldn’t hesitate to go with American’s old first class product. Is it worth an extra ~$400 to fly nonstop in British Airways first class? Probably depends on your financial situation, so it’s tough to say. If you haven’t done BA first class I’d say it’s *probably* worth it to try it out, but I also don’t feel strongly one way or the other.

  37. Meagan says

    We will be on a International return flight from Rome to Miami with our 3 children (15,10,10) in coach on award tickets. AA said they had 2 award business seats and I thought about taking them. My thought was my tall husband and a child could take a breather then switch with myself and another child for short naps. What is your opinion on switching seats protocol? Rude? Will flight attendant prevent us from doing so. Flying Iberia.

  38. lucky says

    @ Meagan — I don’t know Iberia’s policy, as every airline has a different policy. In general making multiple switches is frowned down upon. I know some crews will let you switch once during the flight. It will unfortunately come down to the individual crew you’re flying with.

  39. Rod says

    Lucky: I have a first class ticket RT to Beijing on Air China. The first leg of my return PEK -LAX is in Biz since First wasn’t available. Where can I search or get an alert to learn when that seat opens up in First?

  40. Melissa says

    Hey Ben! I can’t seem to find your trip report from this summer in Iceland.. Can you provide the link!

  41. lucky says

    @ Melissa — It’s the next trip report I’m publishing. Still haven’t gotten around to it. Sorry!

  42. gina says

    How useful is it to purchase an economy fare and then use points to upgrade to business? There’s a lot of emphasis on first class, but I’m setting my sights lower :).

    I have 2 parents in their 80s and would like to take them to visit their 18 year-old grandson in Osaka (from DC). I was hoping to buy economy class and use the 60K of points to bump them into business. Is this possible?

    If not, I might have to buy their fares in business with $, and use all the pts to get me into business if I’m lucky.

  43. James says


    We are flying to EBL from SEA. I’d like to go first class in Etihad, which usually has an AUH to EBL flight and we could connect in Dallas or Chicago or LAX, but right now Etihad isn’t running flights into EBL because of safety. By the time of our flight, in about 6 weeks, there’s a good possibility they will though. Anyways, wondering if it’s possible according to AAdvantage rules to book SEA-LAX (or ORD or something)- AUH-DOH-EBL. This would mean flying from Abu Dhabi to Doha to Erbil since Qatar is still operating flights to EBL.

    Anyways is this legal per their rules? Would an AA agent think this isn’t the “most direct”? We could just fly Qatar Air but want to fly first class. At the end of the day, it might not be worth the extra flight though.


  44. lucky says

    @ gina — The downside to upgrading is that there are usually big co-pays, and confirmable upgrade space is limited. So in addition to 30,000 or so miles, you may pay as much as $600 in co-pays. The other downside is that you typically can’t upgrade partner airlines unless you book a full fare economy ticket, which can often be as expensive as business class.

    In your shoes I might try to strategically buy miles when they’re on sale, whereby you’ll get a better deal than upgrading or outright paying for business class.

  45. lucky says

    @ Louis-Jérôme — Enjoy Lufthansa, love the 747-400! Will have a blog post about the Air Canada changes shortly. :)

  46. Tar_00 says

    Hi Lucky,

    Are there any AMEX cards that are presently offering a membership rewards bonus other than the Platinum, Premier Gold, and SPG cards?


  47. lucky says

    @ Tar_00 — To clarify, the SPG Card doesn’t accrue Membership Rewards points. That being said, the EveryDay and EveryDay Preferred Cards do.

  48. Camilo says

    Hi Ben!

    Hope everything well… 2015 is almost here and I am planing to dump United, so I am on the hunt for a loyalty program, and wanted to hear your thoughts. I fly around 20-30K miles a year (excluding awards), I am based in NYC and my “fixed” destinations are mostly Colombia and Denmark.

    I fly mostly *A (not that I can’t change that) so I’ve been considering lifemiles, but I also would like to find a program where I can complement what I fly with miles from CCs (I’m canceling my United Club card, but I have Chase Sapphire Preferred, SPG Amex, US Airways and recently got a Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage). So I am not sure what to do… Which program would you suggest for *A and which one for OW? I really really appreciate you input in this! Thanks a lot!!


  49. Douglas says

    I just achieved status for the first time with American and am doing a mileage run on an AA md80 to finish out status through 2016. I know it’s going to be rough, but would you recommend exit row or MCE if I’m unable to upgrade? Also looking for a seat near power for my laptop but don’t know where it’s located. Any advice how to find seats that have power?

  50. lucky says

    @ Camilo — That’s a real toughie. With how quickly things are changing lately, it’s really tough to recommend switching. With Star Alliance I might consider Singapore, given that they’re transfer partners with all four transferable points currencies. Just check to make sure the fare classes you usually fly are eligible for mileage accrual with them.

    Then with oneworld, American or British Airways are probably your best bet. I might even lean towards British Airways.

    Good luck!

  51. Lauren says

    Hi Ben, I would like to try and use my Avios for some intra-South America flights for a trip I am taking this spring. Specifically SCL to EZE, EZE to IGR and IGU to GIG. showing no availablity for the dates I am looking for. Is there another site I can use? Spend hours on the phone with surley BA rep?


  52. lucky says

    @ Lauren — Chances are there’s just not award space, unfortunately. LAN is quite stingy when it comes to award availability within South America. YOu can always try calling BA, though.

  53. John says

    Hi Ben,

    I have several revenue trips (in First and Business) from now through the end of the year that would get me approximately 20K miles. These trips are all booked on UA ticket but not necessarily all on UA metal. Since I’ve achieved Platinum already for next year but won’t make it for 1K, I was thinking of crediting either Aeroplan or KrisFlyer for these upcoming flights. Do you think I should credit another FFP or just credit them to UA? My goals are to fly first class on Lufthansa and Singapore Suites eventually.

  54. John says

    FYI – Received an e-mail from Barclays regarding my USAirways World Elite MasterCard saying that I will earn 2X the miles on American Airlines purchases in addition to the 2X the miles USAirways purchases.

  55. lucky says

    @ John — Well if your goals are specifically to fly Singapore or Lufthansa then I’d probably credit to KrisFlyer. That being said, I’d still probably credit to United, since you earn the elite bonus for your travel on United, so you’d probably end up earning a lot more miles that way. But it still won’t get you Singapore Suites.

  56. Michelle says

    Hi Ben,

    Newbie here still trying to understand how it all works. Thanks for your reply earlier regarding my transferring of UR/Starwood points to myself & then booking for my parents.

    Then another reader asked about transferring points to a friend & you said that may be violating terms.

    What’s the difference between the two situations?

    Thanks again,

  57. lucky says

    @ Michelle — You can redeem your miles for anyone. So you can redeem your miles out of your account for someone else. What you can’t do is transfer your Ultimate Rewards points or Starwood points to someone else’s frequent flyer account (under most circumstances), and then book them out of there. The mileage transfer has to be to your account.

  58. jialing says

    Hey Ben,
    Have you ever visited the old TWA terminal at JFK? Just saw this article today… it’s so gorgeous and luxurious looking! I wish the terminals of today were more like this. Kind of goes with your post about changing the flying experience before and after you board the plane, and was the flying experience better back then…

  59. KahunnaTravel says

    @jialing and others – perhaps an even better question would be how many readers are old enough to have flown TWA out of this terminal as adults? I get the real sense that a lot of the blog audience hasn’t hit 45 yet – lol. But in answer to my own question, yes – my first international flight – to LHR – routed out of here in 1984, and yes I remember the red bench chairs and white motif……..

  60. Ahmed says


    I have accumulated over 300K Southwest Points over the past year traveling domestic for work.

    I would like to use these points for an International trip preferably in the Middle East. What’s the best way to redeem these points or convert them so I can either get economy or business RT out of them. As always thanks.

  61. lucky says

    @ Ahmed — Ouch! Unfortunately there’s no efficient way to redeem them for travel on other airlines. Any option would involve losing a LOT of value in your points. You’re best off redeeming them for travel on Southwest. Sorry. :(

  62. KahunnaTravel says

    @Ahmed – Ben’s right, there is really no “efficient” way to use W RR points for international travel – but it’s not impossible and it can be done directly via SW’s web site – follow this url –

    There is a belief that SW RR points can’t be used on other airlines – but in fact, they can. It’s not their best use, but if you really don’t have a need for them for SW travel – it’s still a way to get some utility for them.

  63. Nola says

    I flew through the TWA terminal on my first trip home from college in 1990. I remember the red carpeted arms stretching from the head house to the gates. I only got to fly TWA one way on that trip–we had a very long mechanical delay on the return trip and the flight was ultimately cancelled. I got rerouted on a Continental flight to LGA and never flew TWA again.

    I tried to visit the head house a few years ago when I had a Jet Blue layover, but it wasn’t open for visitors.

  64. sam says


    Sorry, I had hard time to find this info at Singapore Airline,
    What is changing fee and cancellation fee for Singapore KF award ticket?


  65. Keya says

    Hi Ben

    I’m back to Dubai from Singapore and had a lovely stay there. Surprisingly the gallery I worked for on this trip loved my work and have invited me back. Since, I’ve always stayed at various different hotels on my visits to Singapore, I don’t have much idea about the chain hotels there. However, now that I’ve started collected hotel points too, I was hoping to stay at either the St. Regis Singapore or Grand Hyatt Singapore. Since, yours is the only blog where you seem to have stayed at both hotels, I think its best to get your opinion to decide on where to stay. My budget would be under 500 USD per night for a 4 night stay inc. all taxes and charges and I’d prefer the hotel with better rooms, service, facilities/amenities and general feel for a non-elite status holder. Which one do you think I should go for ?

    Thanks as always :)

    PS – So far across the internet I’ve had better reviews for St. Regis but your opinion would be most valuable.

  66. lucky says

    @ Keya — Between the two I’d DEFINITELY go with the St. Regis. Far prefer it, and should easily be able to get it for under $500USD per night. Let me know how the stay goes when you do stay there.

  67. Josh says

    Is there a search tool to find award availability in general for American or partner? Or do I need to have my destination picked/do multiple searches? Ideally I would like to put in dates and my departure airport and see what pops up. Many thanks, Josh

  68. Portakal says

    Hi Lucky – after 10 months of anticipation to fly in the Asiana first class suites jfk – icn, just got an itinerary update showing equipment change to 747 combi 3 weeks before our departure. Seems to impact only our flight. Is there anything we can do? I suppose no but thought I’d ask. Thank you as always.

  69. lucky says

    @ Portakal — Ouch, sorry to hear about that! Unfortunately nothing you could probably really do. You might be able to call Asiana and ask if they’ll move you to a flight the day before or day after, but I can’t guarantee they’d do it.

    I’m sure it’ll still be a great flight!

  70. Justin says

    Hey Ben,

    We are looking into going to Jamaica and Panama in December. We have too many AA miles, but there’s NO availability whatsoever, while a ton of United (which is fine, we just wanted to save UR’s.)

    Why does United have such better availability between Christmas and New Year’s? Any theories? Is it just because United has more partners?

  71. Gabe says

    Hey Lucky,

    If I were to purchase AA miles would that transaction count as travel on the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card?

    Also, If you were to try to boox CX F between HKG and Europe, how would you do it? I have 250K Avios but I would rather spend my AA Miles, but it seems harder to find availability far in advance with AA, any advice?

    Thanks, Gabe

  72. Keya says

    Hi Ben

    I’ve just been home and have already started looking at my upcoming travel plans. I’ve just realises that I have around 8-10 weeks off work in March/April next year and was hoping to travel with my cousin just to relax. My cousin has unfortunately never flown in F with any airline so it would be great to surprise her with that. My question is that is there any search engine or app or website where I can just put in a point of origin or an airport I’d prefer to fly from and choose the cabin as F and it just gives me all airline and destination options according to prices. Like for example I set the airport as Bangkok and it just lets me know where all I can fly in F Bangkok, with what airline and for how much ? That way I may be able to find a new destination that may be a lot cheaper in F than a fixed destination I may have in mind and which may be served in F only by very few or none airlines at all.

    As always, eagerly awaiting your response :)

  73. lucky says

    @ sam — Yes, you would have to appoint them as a nominee, but you can add nominees freely, whether they’re family or not.

  74. lucky says

    @ Justin — Every airline has different approaches they take towards inventory and revenue management, so while United may have lots of availability in that market, American might have more availability in another. In general, American is getting very stingy with saver award space on their own metal, so I’m not too surprised, unfortunately.

  75. lucky says

    @ Gabe — It’s processed by, so wouldn’t be coded as travel.

    I’d definitely redeem American miles over Avios for travel in CX F between Hong Kong and Europe. They should have the same availability as BA. Make sure you’re checking all the gateway cities.

  76. John says

    Hi Ben,

    I seem to recall that you posted a while back when various airlines open up their schedule for award booking. I can’t seem to find where that post is. Can you please send me the link?


  77. Franck says

    Hey Lucky. Quick one. I am struggling BIG time to redeem either AF or BA points on JL form NRT to SIN on 23rd Nov J. I have been looking for months, was hoping it would free up closer to the date, but still nothing. I have a SIN-NRT on SQ all sorted already, just don’t want to be stranded there and really need to be on JL as I am travelling with a friend. :(

  78. lucky says

    @ Franck — Unfortunately sometimes space just doesn’t open on a particular date. JAL typically releases space within a couple of weeks of departure so I would keep monitoring and hope for the best.

  79. Michelle says

    Hi Ben,

    Do you also have email where one can email you with more specific questions or is the message board the only option? Thanks, Michelle

  80. lucky says

    @ Gabe — All depends on the season and specific flight. Just go to Cathay Pacific’s website and see if they’ll sell you a first class seat on a given flight.

  81. Zach says

    @lucky : question from newbie that just got into the game few months ago, so be gentle and patient:)
    What are the option to go from either SFO, SJ(SAN JOSE AIRPORT), OAK

    HND or NRT

    on Cathay Pacific first class, 2 ppl , around end of the week of March 2015. By using AA miles.
    I still don’t know the hub or gateway cities of CX. I checked using BA website but cannot find and availability for March 28-30.
    Greatly appreciate your help.

  82. lucky says

    @ Zach — With American miles you’re not allowed to route from the US to Asia 1 (Japan) via Asia 2 (Hong Kong). So that would require two awards.

  83. Keya says

    Hi again

    Three quick questions :

    1. If originating from London or a Western European city close to the UK, which airlines do you think offer the best Business Class product for a journey within Europe for a flight time under 5 hours ? Surprisingly BA uses a320s for even a 4/4.5 hour trip to Tenerife or Mykonos/Athens. I’ve heard Iberia has the best J product. Your advice/opinion on this ? I’m more interested in trying a good Biz product within Europe for a short/medium haul flight, rather than specifically flying to a specific destination.

    2. In USA, whats the best F product in terms of over all hard and soft product offering and the relative value it offers for the money spent. If that depends on specific routes then lets say for example NYC – LA (basically east-west coast and back or just generally the longer Intra-USA domestic/transcon flights).

    3. What’s the best major touristy city in USA to fly to Hawaii (Honolulu or Kahului) from and whats the best airline to choose to get a good hard/soft product in J or F. Someone told me its best to fly from the west coast (Specifically LAX) to get best direct flight fares as well as the best J/F products. Is that correct or should one plan to fly from some other major tourist destination in States ?

    Looking forward to your response :)

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