Review: Air France Lounge Boston Airport

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We flew in the same day from New York, so arrived at check-in about three hours before our scheduled 9:15PM departure to the Azores. Azores Airlines departs out of Terminal E at Logan Airport, and their check-in area was around the center of the terminal.

Boston Logan Airport Terminal E check-in

While there was a bit of a wait in the economy line, there was no one in the business class line, so we were helped almost immediately. While we were already confirmed in business class, there was a sign offering paid upgrades to Comfort Class, with the cost being $250-400 one-way, depending on the type of fare you booked.

Azores Airlines upgrade costs

The lady checking in next to us was informed by the agent she’d have lounge access, which surprised her. As it turned out, she didn’t even realize she was in business class. The flight was oversold in economy (hours before the flight we were the only people assigned seats in business class), so I suspect she received an operational upgrade.

From there we headed to security, which surprisingly wasn’t too bad, given the number of evening departures out of Terminal E. We were through within about 10 minutes, and then turned right in the direction of the Air France Lounge, which Azores Airlines uses for their premium passengers in Boston.

Boston Logan Airport Terminal E airside

Enroute I couldn’t help but stop and admire the gorgeous Air France 777-200 being prepared for departure.

Air France 777 Boston Logan Airport

The Air France Lounge can be tough to find if you don’t know where you’re going. After turning right and walking to the far end of the hallway, take the escalator down a level to follow the signage to gates E1-E3.

Walking to Air France Lounge Boston Airport

At the bottom of the escalator hang a sharp left, and you’ll see the hallway leading to the Air France Lounge.

Entrance to Air France Lounge Boston Airport

We could access the lounge on account of our tickets, but it’s worth noting that the Air France Lounge also belongs to Priority Pass. Best of all, unlike some other US Air France Lounges, this one lets Priority Pass members in all hours of the day, and not jut outside peak times.

As a reminder, here’s a table with some of the major credit cards offering Priority Pass memberships, as well as their respective guesting rules:

Card# Of Guests Who Get Free AccessAuthorized User AccessCost To Add Authorized User
The Platinum Card® from American Express2Yes$175 For Up To 3 People, $175 For Each Additional Person Beyond That
The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN2Yes$300 Per Person
Citi Prestige® Card2 Guests Or Immediate Family MembersYes$50 Per Person
The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit CardUnlimited GuestsYes$0
Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ CardUnlimited GuestsYes$75 Per Person

Entrance to Air France Lounge Boston Airport

The Air France Lounge was a decent size, though still crowded, probably due to how many airlines use it for their premium passengers, as well as the ability to access it through Priority Pass.

Inside the entrance and to the left was a big room with traditional lounge seating, where leather chairs were lined up in rows.

Air France Lounge Boston seating

Air France Lounge Boston seating

The lounge had a few partitions throughout the space, so that the lounge was separated into a few zones. The buffet area was in the center of the lounge.

Air France Lounge Boston seating

Next to the buffet was a dining area with some tables that had two seats each.

Air France Lounge Boston seating

Air France Lounge Boston seating

Then in the far corner of the lounge was another sitting area, which was the only area of the lounge with any natural light. Even that didn’t offer a direct tarmac view, but rather it faced an arrivals hall that overlooked the tarmac. Probably my biggest complaint about the lounge was the lack of natural light, as it sort of felt like a dungeon. Most people in the lounge don’t have any sort of a view outside.

Air France Lounge Boston seating

The food selection was good for a Priority Pass lounge.

Air France Lounge Boston buffet

There were raw veggies, fruit salad, green salad, finger sandwiches, and a couple of hot dishes.

Air France Lounge Boston food selection

Air France Lounge Boston food selection

Air France Lounge Boston food selection

Air France Lounge Boston food selection

Air France Lounge Boston food selection

There was a coffee machine in the corner next to the food, as well as some tea.

Air France Lounge Boston coffee machine

On the opposite wall were two types of soup — miso and minestrone. There was also whole fruit, as well as brownies and cookies.

Air France Lounge Boston buffet

Air France Lounge Boston soup

Air France Lounge Boston soup

Air France Lounge Boston dessert

Also in that area were a few packaged snacks set up for EL AL passengers.

Air France Lounge Boston food

Around the corner from the main buffet was the drink area, which had a selection of self serve liquor, beer, wine, soft drinks, etc.

Air France Lounge Boston drink selection

Air France Lounge Boston drink selection

Air France Lounge Boston drink selection

There was also a selection of bar snacks, cold cuts, cheese, etc.

Air France Lounge Boston drink snacks

I spent about 90 minutes in the lounge working, and the wifi was fast.

Boarding was scheduled to start at 8:35PM, which was 40 minutes before departure. So we headed to gate E3 at around 8:20PM, though the gate was just outside the lounge, so we were there within a minute.

Azores Airlines departure gate Boston

Unfortunately this part of the terminal doesn’t have direct tarmac views, but rather the only picture I could get of the plane was through the arrivals hallway.

Azores Airlines plane Boston Airport

Finally at 8:45PM boarding began with business class, and we were the first onboard.

Air France Lounge Boston bottom line

The Air France Lounge Boston had a solid food and drink selection, and was pretty comfortable. However, I do wish the lounge had more natural light.

In terms of design this is probably my least favorite Air France lounge in North America that I’ve visited. I prefer the Air France Lounge New York and Air France Lounge San Francisco. However, those lounges restrict access to Priority Pass members during peak hours, while this one doesn’t.

So I wouldn’t arrive early to use the lounge, but it’s a nice enough place to kill time, and a great option for Priority Pass members.

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  1. MA has laws banning self-service alcohol. If you get table service at a club, which includes a bottle at your table, the staff is required to pour every single drink for you.

    I’ve always wondered if this lounge is breaking the law or there is some special airport exception.

  2. Great overview, Lucky!

    Can I access this lounge on arrival if landing at Terminal E and later connecting to a domestic flight in Terminal B?

  3. Unfortunately I think most, if not all, of the other lounges at Terminal E in Boston also lack natural light. When I was last there a few years ago the BA and Virgin lounges had no exterior windows at all.

  4. @ Bgriff

    The new BA, EK, and LH lounges have plenty of natural light. You’re thinking of the dungeon underground. BA and LH have closed their lounges there and all that’s left is VS and another priority pass lounge.

  5. Pretty sure every single international lounge in BOS I visited had self pour alcohol so might be an airport thing.

  6. Did I see “beef franks with vegetable” as the main hot entrée in your photo? Please say it ain’t so!

    BTW does Logan still have that public area with the white rocking chairs overlooking the tarmac? I always liked that. I think it was in the terminal used by American.

  7. Is there an airside access to terminal E via shuttle from Terminal B.. in order to use LH lounge on a domestic UA flight

  8. Yahtzee is correct, the main terminal in E has a better outlet situation than both this and the other PP lounge. Both are very sparse.

    Not C though. The Jetblue area is a disaster. Outlet policy of 1980, where only vacuums existed.

  9. I will be flying to Boston Logan for work next month, and I am considering checking out the Air France Lounge. Since I will be flying Southwest, I will departure out of Terminal A. Does anyone know how easy it is to go back and forth between Terminal A and E?

  10. @Nfd, no there isn’t. BOS has no airside shuttles. The only terminals accessible to one another airside are C/E via a walkway, and the alternate sides of terminal B, where UA and AA depart from.

  11. The Air France lounge doesn’t have brie and doesn’t have champagne? Wow. A first.

  12. @Kenny The lounges in E are post security, so I do not think you can access them without a valid international ticket. TSA may tell you to go to the proper checkpoint. If you do get in, you will have to leave E, walk over the skybridge to A and then go back through security in A.

  13. That prosecco is a joke. I’m actually shocked AF allows that.

    “MA has laws banning self-service alcohol. If you get table service at a club, which includes a bottle at your table, the staff is required to pour every single drink for you.

    I’ve always wondered if this lounge is breaking the law or there is some special airport exception.”

    Members only club. That’s probably the reason.

  14. Looked pretty poor. Like Boston, it rains constantly, grey overcast,, and frumpy folks. The lounge reflects Boston, not France.

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