ExpertFlyer Adds Flight Schedule Alerts

ExpertFlyer is a subscription based service that I find valuable. A subscription costs $99 per year, and there is quite a bit of value you can get out of it:

  • You can see fare class inventory and fare rules for a vast majority of airlines
  • You can search award availability on select airlines
  • You can look at seatmaps for specific flights on many airlines
  • Most useful of all is that you can set alerts, so that you’ll be emailed when a specific seat opens up, specific fare class opens up, award seat opens up, etc. (though for award seats it only works on select airlines)

If you’re a frequent flyer, I think having an ExpertFlyer subscription is well worth it.

Well, ExpertFlyer has just added another feature that I think many will find valuable. ExpertFlyer now offers flight schedule alerts, which will monitor a flight for any schedule change, and notify you as soon as it’s made. You can choose how sensitive you want the alert to be — whether you want to be notified of any change, or only want to be notified of a change of at least 5, 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.


You can create these alerts in one of three places:

  • Flight Details results page
  • Flight Timetables results page
  • The Create New Flight Schedule Alert page (linked to from the left side menu)

There are a couple of reasons something like this could be valuable:

  • Often airlines will have schedule changes but won’t inform passengers; they’re supposed to, but that doesn’t mean they will, so this is a great way to stay on top of that
  • Airline schedule changes allow you to change tickets without paying any fees, so this is an easy way to track whether or not you get one of those

As a premium ExpertFlyer member you can set up to 30 alerts at a time, which includes all types of alerts. So if you’re a super frequent flyer you’ll have to pick and choose which flights to set alerts for.

Will you get any use out of ExpertFlyer’s new flight schedule alerts feature?

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  1. I have used EF for years and its always my go to, even with google flights being quite powerful. Nice note!

  2. @john if this was a paid plug, it didn’t have enough marketing elements to be effective (at least on me) – no value proposition, sense of urgency or call to action – so I’d assume no. But covering the united leggings story, maybe paid for by Delta? Not that I care, I find this blog to be the best source of aviation news to me a frequent flier out there – and since I pay nothing, I’d be happy that the writers get something to keep this up.

  3. Yes, I’ll use this. I’d be tempted to put every itinerary in for a schedule change alert, purely because a schedule change opens up my entitlement for free changes. Also, schedule changes often come with equipment changes, which can be a strong reason to change itineraries. Has your flight been chAAnged from a 777-300ER in J to a 777-200?

    This is a great improvement to a great service. I only take 4-5 trips a year, but I wouldn’t be without my (paid) ExpertFlyer subscription.

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