British Airways Introduces Paws And Relax IFE

I tend to be pretty critical of British Airways. For example, their recent introduction of a “gourmet burger” in first class just seemed silly to me. Then they introduced a seven hour train journey to their IFE. Seriously?

But here’s an idea that’s truly brilliant:

That’s right, pretty soon you can watch nothing but cute animals on your IFE! Given how lackluster British Airways’ IFE is otherwise, I know what I’ll be watching on my next British Airways flight!

I mean, on my last Swiss flight they had a TV show called “The Secret Life Of Dogs” in their IFE system, and it was probably the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen on a plane other than the One Direction movie.


That level of cuteness amplified might be more than I can handle.

So who’s excited?!

(Tip of the hat to Andreas)


  1. Lisa says

    Aw, now I’m disappointed. I thought I would have the option of playing with one of the kittens or puppies. I suppose this is like Cute Overload on a Plane.

  2. DaninMCI says

    United already added interaction with dogs years ago. Oh…what’s that…yeah. Oh sorry that was just many of the FA’s on many of the flights I’ve been on. Sorry. My mistake.

    I could be crazy but didn’t I see where an airport someplace was using dogs around the terminal to comfort passengers or something. Any no I don’t mean the TSA and DEA dogs. Seriously. I could be crazy.

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