Win Swiss, Ethiopian, And Schlappi Swag!

Back when I still had an apartment I was big into collecting airline amenity kits, menus, pajamas, etc. Now that I live in hotels, I don’t have any space in my carry-on to spare.

Since I’m wrapping up my last US Airways 90,000 mile business class award, I have a few things to give away:

  • Green Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine amenity kit
  • Red Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine amenity kit
  • Swiss first class amenity kit (which the friendly purser gave me because I didn’t get my meal choice on my Zurich to Beijing flight)
  • Schlappi the teddy bear, who I bought while mildly inebriated on my Swiss flight, simply because his name is one letter off from my last name — I hadn’t considered that I had nowhere to store him)

I mean, this is some high stakes stuff, folks:

  • Trust me, after my Ethiopian flight from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt, winning this contest is definitely the best way to pick up an Ethiopian amenity kit ;)
  • Swiss first class awards are now exclusively available to Miles & More elite members, so most of us won’t have a chance to pick up one of these kits on miles
  • Schlappi… well… who wouldn’t want a cuddly, (slightly) handsomer version of me minus the “g” (okay, I guess that’s really not much of a selling point)

To win the above swag, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59PM ET tomorrow, Sunday, July 6, 2014, letting me know what you’re up to this (hopefully) long weekend. One entry per person, please, and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday.


While my July 4 weekend consisted of flying Ethiopian Airlines and watching Germany kick some butt in the World Cup from the Vaterland (okay, they didn’t actually kick butt and really just lucked out, so I can’t say I’m looking forward to their semifinals game against Brazil), hopefully others had a more patriotic weekend. ;)


  1. JohnB says

    Moving files from my old computer to my new computer. Oy, this tedious work. So, much for PC Mover….

  2. Susan says

    Flying home to California from a trip to Nashville, Charleston & Savannah to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation.

  3. Damian says

    After many tough weeks at work and a teenager away at pre-college, we’re spending the weekend chilling…as much as this humid Hawaii weather will allow.

  4. Damian says

    ….oh… and lest I forget… Planning our Birthday trip to Iceland and Quebec.

  5. Dan says

    Trying to make fresh pasta, ain’t going so well.

    Also tinkering around with making a thai-inspired bloody mary. TBD how that’s going to turn out.

  6. Jon says

    Not a long weekend here, but my father did visit me so went out for a bunch of nice meals.

  7. wants2fly says

    I was volunteering at Travelers Aid JFK International Airport today. Helping passengers from all over the world navigating JFK.

  8. Michael H.(oldfox) says

    I’m enjoying this hobby by taking tours in Kyoto, Japan this weekend. First time to Japan and I love it here! Also love my business class award ticket booked last year using US Airways ….IAH to NRT for 90,000.

  9. Denis says

    Not really a long weekend here in Brazil, but I’m watching the World Cup… So, it’s even better!

  10. Alex says

    Not a long weekend for us here in New Zealand but happy fourth to all my American friends! Am spending the (not long) weekend cleaning the house… exciting stuff eh.

  11. Baqa says

    Driving 1.5 hours each way to Canada and back for a grand total of 30 seconds of interviews each from US and Canadian immigration officers for my 9 month old’s NEXUS appointment.

  12. Scott G says

    Planning our upcoming trip to Paris and Tokyo in between World Cup and Wimbledon matches

  13. Tina says

    Watch the world cup and decide on which airline shall i purchase my fall asia- US flight on.

  14. Andy Ng says

    Building Ikea furniture in the summer sunshine followed by hunting redemption flights on BA Avios!

  15. Jamie says

    Hanging out with my sister-in-law’s family, who are staying with us for the weekend. Watching the world cup and letting the kids stay up until nearly midnight.

  16. John says

    Mileage run to Alaska. Beautiful this time of year. Sun doesn’t set until 11:30 pm.

  17. ande777emt says

    I’m working the holiday weekend. Oh the joys of being a flight paramedic.

  18. Linda S. says

    I’m catching up with family and friends by phone after being away, in New York City, last weekend. And I plan to do some genealogy research on cousins I’ve recently discovered through DNA testing! But mostly, I’m watching the World Cup!

  19. parker asif says

    Worked this weekend @ blessing of hospitality industry.

    Now surfing the ( airlines/miles ) blogs to get some FREE BonVoyage (trip) and Good Night sleep (hotel)………..

  20. Christina says

    Watched the World Cup at home with bf, and spent time finishing up plans of a reunion trip with friends to France– utilizing my miles again! Feel great to be able to save on peak summer travels.

  21. Mrredskin says

    I ate fried chicken and drank a 40 for dinner on July 4. Then more Miller lite and some Jack.

    Last night I drank more Miller lite and helped my friend burn some moonshine on the floor of his garage.

    We tried making a back to the future style flame with a bottle rocket and the shine but it didn’t work

  22. MonikaM says

    I am about to start first vacation in five or six years….seaside is waiting :)

  23. Eric says

    Pick me! Since your choice is random, I don’t have to pretend to care what everyone else is thinking up to add as a comment in order to win! :)

  24. Lynn says

    Trying to keep my dog from freaking out about all the fireworks – and packing for an upcoming trip to Ireland!

  25. Katie says

    BBQ’ing and hanging out with family for the 4th and 5th. Catching up on work on the 6th.

  26. Chris says

    Starting a two week holiday today including KUL, BKK, HKT! Asia always has a great spread in the hotel club lounges too so looking forward to it!

  27. Jordan says

    Finalising plans for a trip to New York with a friend (his first time) in December and logging a Round The World itinerary on Flight Simulator; LHR-ZRH-SIN-MEL-ZQN-AKL-YVR-FRA-LHR. Yes, I’m a geek :D

  28. Shonuffharlem says

    I’ve never flown first class. I can use this swag to fake everyone out that I did so their jealous.

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