Book Now! Lufthansa First Class Award For Next Summer With United Miles!

On Tuesday Lufthansa announced two new routes to North America out of Munich.

The first route is Munich to Mexico City, which they’ll operate 5x weekly starting April 3, 2014. The new route will be operated by an A340-600, and the schedule will look as follows:

LH520 Munich to Mexico City departing 10:25PM arriving 4:25AM (+1 day)
LH521 Mexico City to Munich departing 10:30AM arriving 5:10AM (+1 day)

Meanwhile they’ve also announced new service from Munich to Toronto, which they’ll operate daily starting June 5, 2014. The route will be operated by an A330-300, and the schedule will look as follows:

LH494 Munich to Toronto departing 11:55AM arriving 2:50PM
LH495 Toronto to Munich departing 5:45PM arriving 7:45AM (+1 day)

Anyway, in light of the upcoming United MileagePlus devaluation I know a lot of people are trying to redeem miles for travel on partner airlines, in particular for travel next summer to Europe. Award space is almost impossible to come by at this point.

But I have, really, really, really good news — there’s ridiculously good award space on the Toronto to Munich flight in both business and first class. That’s right, Lufthansa has released first class award space even to their partner airlines on this route. Keep in mind that Lufthansa usually only releases first class award space to partner airlines 15 days out, so I’m not sure why the space is available this far out. Something similar happened about a month ago, where Star Alliance carriers had access to Lufthansa first class award space over a small period of time between Montreal and Munich.

Obviously this is especially timely, with so many people wanting to burn their United miles before the devaluation.

The flight is scheduled to be operated by an A330-300 featuring Lufthansa’s new first and business class.

Lufthansa A330 new first class

Looking at award space in business class from Toronto to Munich, the below dates in green are ones with nonstop business class award space:



I conveniently left out one detail — that’s the availability when searching for eight passengers per flight.

I also see at least four first class award seats available per flight.

So literally almost every single date has at least eight business class award seats and four first class award seats to Europe over summer, which is amazingI’ve called United and Aeroplan to verify the space is actually available and that it’s not phantom space, and it is indeed available.

As a reminder, under their current award charts, the cost to book Lufthansa first class is as follows:

United MileagePlus:
50,000 miles one-way in business class
67,500 miles one-way in first class

Air Canada Aeroplan (fuel surcharges apply):
90,000 miles roundtrip in business class
125,000 miles roundtrip in first class

AviancaTaca Lifemiles:
52,500 miles one-way in business class
72,500 miles one-way in first class

US Airways Dividend Miles (first class space blocked):
100,000 miles roundtrip in business class

Anyway, if you’re trying to redeem your United miles or have been trying to go to Europe over summer on Star Alliance, this new route is a phenomenal new option.

Lastly, while not nearly as exciting by comparison, the new Mexico City route also has good business class award space three days a week through the end of schedule. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any first class award space, however.


If you’re looking to book first class to Europe this summer, book now. This won’t last.

If you need a refresher as to how to book awards using United miles I’d recommend the following posts:

As always I’m more than happy to answer questions in the comments section, or if you need more detailed help booking and are ready to pull the trigger, feel free to check out our award consulting service, PointsPros.

(Tip of the hat to Ed and CFFrost)

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Ben Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile At A Time.

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  1. No idea why you keep overhyping LH F.
    Food is awful, service used to be excellent but is hit and miss these days.

    Contents of amenity kit is rubbish. Pyjama trousers are rubbish.
    FCT is nice, but anyway just a lounge. FCT relaxation room is a joke because extremely noisy (you can hear every single footstep amplified).

    Who cares a bout a 2min car drive to the plane?

    I honestly had flights in C that were better.

  2. Thanks Lucky! I was planning on using United miles to book LH first for my honeymoon next summer and was really bummed out with the recent devaluation, which would have ruined my plans. Thankfully I read your blog multiple times a day and was able to pounce on this last night. I booked two tickets for FCO-MUC-YYZ-ATL to add an amazing return flight experience for my future wife. Just a question, there was no business class space on the AC flight YYZ-ATL, yet the cabin seems quite open. In your experience, does AC typically open up more business class space as the flight draws near? Thanks again, this totally made my day last night.

  3. @ Rookie10 – Sometimes the website has issues pricing complex itineraries, but if your destination is Seoul the price should have been 60k each for the one-way in Business. If you call they should be able to fix it for you.

  4. @Lucky I booked YYZ-MUC one way 4 tickets 1st class for 270000 miles but the fees and taxes came to $463 for the 4 tickets $115.75 per ticket although it was showing $52 per ticket, does it look right to you or do i need to call United to fix.? Thank you for this great deal.

  5. Awesome!

    SFO > YYZ > MUC (stop) > FRA > BKK, BKK > FRA > YYZ > SFO for 140k. I’ve only got I from FRA to SFO, but thrilled to book this before the devaluation. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. @ Lucy – If you have your Lufthansa record locator you can reserve seats on their website. Either United or Lufthansa should be able to provide you with the locator.

  7. Was just able to book SEA-YYZ-MUC-FRA-BKK-CDG-MUC-SEA. Cant wait to experience LH F and TG F A380! just wanted to say thank you Lucky, your work is really appreciated.

  8. A bit off topic, but since we are maximizing LH enjoyment and not to mention de Deutsche lebensstil, I might as well ask would you rather drive from Munich to Frankfurt or just take the flight? Munich to Frankfurt should give you the choice of enjoying some long stretches of Autobahn driving or you can take the “Romantic road”.

  9. Wow lucky is the most popular thread you have ever had? it has exploded! Quick question-AFTER 2/1 -If I have ord-fra on united F can I switch to ord-fra on LH F if the avialbility is still there within two weeks and just pay the $100 change fee per ticket? the date would not change. thanks

  10. If my Itinerary is something like YYZ-MUC-FRA-BKK, and YYZ-MUC on LH F, MUC-FRA on LH C, and FRA-BKK on TG F, am I eligible to use the FCT (not the FCL, but the FCT) at FRA?

  11. Wow. The amount of interest in this post is staggering. Just goes to show how many UA/UR miles people are rushing to burn. Unreal.

  12. United confirmation email said Flight operated by THAI AIRWAYS” but reservation on website show correct info (Operated by Lufthansa.) which one is right?

  13. I originally had SFO-YYZ-MUC, MUC-YYZ-SFO. When I changed it SFO-YYZ-MUC-VIE, MUC-YYZ-SFO, $24.10 added to the fee. Does it sound right? thanks!

  14. Hi Lucky. I just want to thank you for all the help you’ve provided to the points and miles community. You answered my question last night around midnight and it appears you’ve been going non-stop (no pun intended) since then. This is such a great example of travel blogging that really makes a difference. No need to respond-just thanks again.

  15. @lucky to clarify for the FCT…I’m booked YYZ-MUC in F, the same day i arrive in MUC I’m looking at MUC-FRA-DUB. Do i Get FCT access or do i need to make the FRA layover happen on the return trip DUB-FRA-MUC-YYZ to get it?

  16. @AJK Thank you! This is such a great community. Unfortunately, I am just too inexperienced to contribute 🙂 I will definitely do whenever I can as it goes…

  17. @Ian —

    You won’t get FCT access on your outbound, but you can get it on your inbound, so long as your MUC-YYZ in F leaves the same day as your FRA-MUC in J.

  18. @ TopGunner — Frankly my first choice would probably be the train. I like driving in Germany, but it’s a bit on the long side for me. Also keep in mind that if you’re exploring the countryside you’ll do a lot of driving anyway. The Autobahn isn’t nearly as exciting as it used to be given the amount of construction going on and speed restrictions that come with it.

  19. @ Flyerdad — Really appreciate the kind words, thanks so much. Finally did get a few hours of sleep just now.

    This is what makes what I do exciting. 🙂

  20. For air Canada, can I do seat assignment online? I was able to do seat assignment online for Lufhansa based on Lucky’s pointer earlier. Just called air Canada and it is 45+ minutes hold..Ouch. BTW, Lucky, thanks to you, I was able to book 4 first class tickets, although SFO-YYZ does not have saver Business awards available for all of us, but I was at least able to get two on the return flight! This is my family’s first international travel in first class! It’ll be a blast 😉 Thanks again!

  21. @ jackie — Awesome to get a family of four in first class internationally! Ridiculously enough if the ticket wasn’t issued through Air Canada you have to call for seat assignments. 🙁

  22. Thanks again, Lucky. Was able to book FRA-MUC-YYZ-ORD-LAX as a one way. Not enough United miles or UR to do round trip but wanted to experience the FCT before it is totally unrealistic with United miles. Singapore suites and now this. All I can say is, Thank You!

  23. will this work: bos-yyz-muc-bkk-syd? also, my friend wants to put on hold yyz-muc while she search for the return flight on cathay. if she cancels within 24 hours, will she get her tax refund to her credit card? the reason i ask is because the agent who changed my ticket issued me a credit voucher for the tax difference. it was a small amount so i didn’t push the matter.

  24. wow, for once my procrastination didn’t actually bite me in the @ss – I think I may have just snagged the final 2 seats in July 🙂

    Doing YYZ-MUC LH F, then MUC-FRA LH F/J (it just lists 2 classes, so I’m hoping this is “first” to them?), then FRA-BKK TG F.

    A little bummed that I won’t be able to enjoy the LH FCT in FRA – guess I just get the lounge (and possibly car service if we arrive at a remote stand)? Anybody know if the same goes for Thai’s lounge in BKK? i.e. can I partake in their awesome ground product if I’m just arriving there (rather than departing)?

    ‘lucky’ is truly a misnomer – it’s all SKILLS 🙂

  25. @lucky

    just want to clarify for the FCT before my 24 hours is up…I’m booked YYZ-MUC in F, the same day i arrive in MUC I’m looking at MUC-FRA-DUB. Do i Get FCT access or do i need to make the FRA layover happen on the return trip DUB-FRA-MUC-YYZ to get it?

  26. Going to do a stopover in London on the back half…for adding an infant to the ticket (under 2) what fare is the 10% based off of when since i booked an award ticket>?

  27. @ mangoceviche — You unfortunately can’t route from the US to Australia via Europe and Asia. If you cancel within 24 hours you do indeed get the taxes back.

  28. @ Jason — Awesome! If you’re arriving in Thai first class in Bangkok you’ll be picked up at the gate and driven through immigration in a golf cart. It’s a nice experience!

    If you’re connecting to Thai in Frankfurt, though, you won’t be picked up by car typically.

  29. @ Ian — You do get access, since you’re arriving in Lufthansa first class same day and connecting to another Lufthansa flight.

  30. Thanks Lucky. Back in the days, I go after cheap fares and flights with the shortest connection time. Ever since I discovered your blog, I’ve been chasing rubber duckies, rimowa kits, and shanghai tang pajamas. you’ve corrupted me and i’ve never been happier about flying! 🙂

  31. I love this thread 🙂

    Looking forward to Thai first class on the A380!

    If making BKK my destination, do I still get to grab breakfast/lunch in the FC lounge and get the free massage? (6:25am arrival) Wondering if I should change to TG FC on the A340 in order to arrive at 1pm – hmmm…air product or ground product…such hard choices 😉

  32. Grrrr….dang outsourced UA call center agents are testing my patience 🙂

    Can anyone confirm this is an accurate routing? I’m 99.999% sure it’s not an “around the world” booking like the first 2 agents tried to tell me, but the part I’m not positive on is whether or not I can traverse back through BKK on my return (since it’s my destination). The first agent told me it was “backtracking, which is prohibited and must be priced as 2 awards”, and while the second agent didn’t balk at it, she insisted on it being an around the world trip (who knows if once I got an agent who finally realized it’s *not* an “around the world trip”, they wouldn’t then complain about hitting BKK the 2nd time). Frustrating!

    Here is the departure portion I have booked so far:


    No stopovers, BKK is my destination and I want to make it the start of an open jaw, with my return starting in DPS. Here’s the return I’m attempting to add but not having luck thus far:


    One stopover, DPS is the closing of the aforementioned open jaw, and I confirmed with the agent that I can fly into JFK and depart from EWR less than 24 hours later and it is just a normal leg (not an open jaw since they’re considered co-terminals?). I got pushback for traversing BKK the 2nd time – I can’t seem to find anything one way or another in my research on whether it’s legal or not.


    Still lovin this thread 🙂


  33. @ Jason — You can do five segments per direction, so TPA-YYZ-MUC-FRA-BKK-DPS should be allows as an outbound, assuming there aren’t any more connections than that. Then on the return DPS-BKK-HKG-TPE-JFK/EWR-TPA would be legal. So as long as you keep it to five segments in each direction you should be fine.

  34. @ lucky – thanks, I was almost positive on it being legal. Frustrating to have to play whack-a-mole with the agents – my wife is just shaking her head in the living room listening to me play the game 🙂

    And just to confirm – nothing has changed in the last day to make this routing a UA “around the world” trip that has to go to their “special desk” to ticket, right? Both agents I talked to put me on hold a few times and also sadly sounded like they were very confident (I guess on the surface one would *assume* since you’re circling the globe it would be, but as far as their routing rules go it’s still just a SE Asia award, correct?).

    Thanks again so much!!


  35. Finally got the last booked. YYZ-MUC-FRA-DUB on the outbound and LHR-MUC-YYZ coming back. The DUB-LHR segment was having problems so she put a note in my record to not charge when i try calling back tomorrow to add it. Couldnt get a west coast to yyz round trip to work out with it, so will just book a separate ticket for that, most likely using a companion pass. great tip lucky, thanks!

  36. I did some modifications on my original booking, but when I click on “View Receipt” It shows the old routes. Should I be worry?

  37. @John definitely call back. I made 3 changes in the 24 hour period and every time i was instantly emailed a new receipt with new itinerary and it showed up on the website as well.

    @lucky can’t wait to see the numbers you are gathering of how many booked. I booked 2x FC

  38. A one-way NRT-BKK-MUC-YYZ-SEA prices out at 100,000 miles on the UA reservation agent’s terminal, and with the supervisor this agent checked with. Is this figure correct? The NRT-BKK and YYZ-SEA legs are in business, and the BKK-MUC and MUC-YYZ legs are in first. All connections are under 24 hours. All legs are at the Saver award level.

  39. @ Jim — So this is an area where I think United has updated their rules. The issue isn’t the number of segments, but rather that you’re transitting Europe and Southeast Asia enroute to Japan. So you’re being charged for a Japan to South Asia business class award (30,000 miles) and a South Asia to US first class award (70,000 miles)

  40. Thanks very much for sharing this amazing deal. Was working on getting tickets the night before the news broke, lucky for me, my computer “blew up” and since it was late at night, my husband shooed me off to bed. So this timing was perfect as we snagged two FC tickets the next day. This will be our first international trip in FC.

  41. @John

    same for me, the “view receipt” only shows the flights I originally booked online, not the flights I added over the phone… not sure what’s up with that… but I called Air Canada to select seats and they saw my reservations correctly… Also Lufthansa website is showing the segments on LH and TG… so I am not really worried… do you guys really think we need to call?

  42. @lucky

    That explains it. Still worth the additional 30k as it sets me up for F on TG (and the the lounge/spa in BKK!) and F on LH across the pond. Thanks for pointing out this great deal.

  43. Woah, well that was scary for a sec…just a heads up to everyone.. I was just looking over my reservation to make sure I didn’t want to make any last changes within the fee free window when I realized in the confirmation e-mail that it said my YYZ-MUC was on an AC ERJ-190 in I. I called in to make sure this was just a mistake on my e-mail but sure enough the united agent told me that the flight was being shown as operated by an ERJ-190 and I was indeed in business. Luckily there was still O space available and she made the change but I’m just warning to check over your itineraries carefully… it might be important to note that my positioning flight from Seattle is on this exact equipment type so that may have somehow interrupted the system or something? anyone else with a similar problem?

  44. Youre awesome- just snagged 3 1st seats MUC-YYZ in June!

    Super excited! Hopefully they like kids up there….

  45. @William
    mine shows up like that to in the email, it shows the flight on whatever your previous flight to MUC or YYZ is…shows up fine on the LH website and on the UA website it just has a blank for type aircraft.

    I’m sure it’s fine because i was able to select my seats on the A330 on the LH website

  46. @Lucky —

    You wrote that @Ian *would* have access to the FCT when asked about the below routing:

    “just want to clarify for the FCT before my 24 hours is up…I’m booked YYZ-MUC in F, the same day i arrive in MUC I’m looking at MUC-FRA-DUB. Do i Get FCT access or do i need to make the FRA layover happen on the return trip DUB-FRA-MUC-YYZ to get it?”

    From the LH site and FT, it doesn’t look like he’d get:

    “(1) Access to the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport is only possible with a confirmed same-day departing First Class flight on Lufthansa or SWISS. . . . Access to the First Class Terminal is not permitted for arriving passengers.”

    It looks to me he’d only get it on the return, when he departs MUC in LH F on the same day as an arrival in FRA…

  47. @AJK I really hope that isn’t right. I only booked the FRA layover on the way in and my 24 free change window has already passed. I’m hoping the arriving passengers part is for passengers terminating in frankfurt not connecting….but @lucky would really like some clarification on this

  48. @ Ian –

    Per my understanding (which certainly could be incorrect), if you are arriving LH and departing LH FRA on the same day, you would get FCT access. In my case, I’m arriving in MUC (via LH), then the next day taking LH from MUC-FRA, then that same day taking TG from FRA-BKK – even if I had it all the same day I don’t believe I’d get access to the FCT as even though my arrival is LH FC, my departure is TG FC. But I’d get FCL access in both MUC and FRA (I think).

    Not the end of the world though – from what I’ve read the FCL in MUC and FRA is nearly as good as FRA’s FCT, albeit not *quite* as exclusive.

  49. @Jason
    I hope that is the case, I’m arriving LH F in MUC that morning and connecting in FRA to DUB the same day. I hope it works that way because in order to get it on the way back I’d have to overnight in FRA and lose a day in London.

  50. @ Ian @ AJK – Jason is correct, as long as you have a same day connection to a Lufthansa group carrier you should have access.

  51. @ AJK — Have done exactly that a dozen times before. As long as you have a confirmed same day Lufthansa first class boarding pass and are connecting to a Lufthansa group flight you get access to the FCT.

  52. I want to change my current reservation from SFO-YYZ-MUC//FRA-MUC-YYZ-SFO to SFO-YYZ-MUC-ZAG-PUY (destination)
    PUY-ZAG-DBV (stopover)
    DBV-FRA-MUC-YYZ-SFO (origin)

    Would this be valid routing?

  53. How many times do you have to call back to get a United agent that knows how to book this route FRA-MUC-YYZ-LAX, which is wide open for the dates I checked, but First Class only for the MUC-YYZ segment?

    Online: Booked First Class MUC-YYZ
    1st United Agent: Could not book since only Business was available on the FRA-MUC and YYZ-LAX segments.

    2nd United Agent Booked my intended one-way:
    FRA-MUC-YYZ-LAX and told me MUC-YYZ was First Class.

    I looked online and all flight including MUC-YYZ were business class.

    Sunday agents?

    I’m within the 24 hour window, can I cancel everything with no cost, or shohuld I keep trying?

  54. @jaggerfoo i booked VIE-MUC-YYZ-LAX both yesterday and today. didn’t have a problem on any of my attempts. keep trying i guess?

  55. Looks like user error on my part – it’s my first try at this sort of thing. I was patient with the agents and the third one informed me that I initially booked business class (yikes) MUC-YYZ, instead of first, which was the cause of my problem. Things change rapidly I am learning.

    In looking for a another date, I found one Business-First-Business and when I had the agent change it the Business YYZ-LAX disappeared, so I settled for AC economy.

    I have more time, so I’ll look around or keep checking for a Business Saver Award to open up (ExpertFlyer is no longer useful for this).

    Now I have to figure out how to get to EU.

    Anyways thanks Lucky you’re top notch, I always mention to others that you are among the best travel authorities on the internet.

  56. Jason said “Per my understanding (which certainly could be incorrect), if you are arriving LH and departing LH FRA on the same day, you would get FCT access.” This is not my experience. I flew LH F dfw-fra and then LH fra-ath in C and was told no for the FCT because I was not flying F fra-ath despite the fact that I had just arrived on LH F. YMMV

  57. got xxx-YYZ-MUC r/t in F for 2 pax, then continuing on MUC-BKK weeks later for others on TG. for a simple YYZ-MUC-YYZ in LH F, if MUC is final destination, do i get access to FCL in MUC? i have read conflicting reports on that…? had a friend last year arriving in MUC on LH F, boarding pass and no onward connection, he could access MUC LH FCL. Now?

  58. lucky,

    I want to book Lufthansa first class seats using United miles for a flight at FRA tomorrow. It’s currently available on UA’s website.

    But a United rep told me it’s less than 24 hours in Europe now, and it needs 24 hours in advance to confirm the flight.

    She said LH may say no such booking once I get to the airport.

    Is it true?

  59. @ lucky Thanks for all of your help! I wanted to give an update, I was able to changing my reservation to the following:

    SFO-YYZ-MUC-ZAG (open-jaw/stopover)

    Agent was able to book it with no problems.

  60. Hi,

    just wondering if anyone else’s ticket hasn’t been ticketed yet. I finalized my booking last week Friday/Saturday and they told me it would take 24 hours for them to ticket it. Miles have still not been deducted from my account but I was able to reserve seats for the UA and LH segments.

    Routing is (SFO – YEG in XN, rest in I):

    SFO – YEG – YYZ – MC – DUS
    TXL – FRA – MAD
    MAD – MUC – YYZ – SFO

    Is there anything I can do to expedite the ticketing?


  61. @ FMF — That’s definitely odd, it should have ticketed by now. I’d recommend calling back and following up, as it shouldn’t take that long.

  62. @ FMF – I’d definitely call in, that does not seem right. Mine was ticketed within a few minutes (and each time I called in within the 24 hour change window to change it, the updated tickets came in under 10 minutes). Hopefully they didn’t release your seats, as they normally only hold a reservation prior to ticketing for 24 hours!

  63. Thanks guys!

    I just called United and apparently there was an internal booking engine problem which prevented the ticketing to be completed. The agent had to re-enter everything manually again (took 30 minutes) and then she was able to ticket it. Just received my final confirmation and miles were also deducted.

    My personal assumption is that there was a problem with the XN connecting flight SFO – YEG (I don’t have any status with UA) and me trying to use my Chase Sapphire Preferred instead of my MileaguePlus card for the fees. A previous rep said it was going through with the CSP too, which apparently was wrong.

    Next time I know that I should call them earlier, but it all worked out. Too bad I didn’t have the miles to fly in O, but that’s life 🙂

  64. I’m trying to book 2 LH first class tickets using United miles, but only succeeded 1 so far. As days approach, on ANA search tool I can see there are seats available on later days.

    I’m anxious. Does that mean the chance for getting the 2nd ticket isn’t high? From seat chart of the 1st ticket, there are only 2 seats – me and another – occupied (out of 8)! Why doesn’t LH open more seats?! What’s my chance?

  65. @ Ursula — Lufthansa is good about opening up more space as the departure date approaches. They just seem to hold it back till closer and closer till arrival, so I’d suggest continuing to monitor closely.

  66. I’m seeing no seats all summer/fall for YYZ to MUN – – is that correct? They’ve all been taken? Was checking ANA. Thanks!

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