EVA Air award space temporarily pulled from united.com

Yesterday I posted that EVA Air award space became bookable on united.com. That’s not the case anymore. Per UA Insider on FlyerTalk:

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update here. We’ve seen a small issue with a limited number of BR awards since launch. It’s a relatively straightforward fix, but in order to maintain the quality of the booking path we’ve temporarily pulled down BR inventory while we work through the resolution. We’ll put the award booking functionality back online after we resolve the issue, likely late next week or a few days after.

Sr. Manager – Customer Experience Planning
United Airlines


(Tip of the hat to Thrifty Tourist)


  1. UnitedEF says

    Agree with NYBanker. The availability was ridiculous everyday was available in C or Y except for a few of their own blackout dates. Either they are going to block a lot of the inventory or they are going to fix the black out dates so even those dates are bookable. Somehow I think it will be closer to the first outcome.

  2. John says

    Eva Air award space just came back for Aeroplan and its a shadow of what was available before.

  3. Joey says

    I believe United. Remember how it took them some time to show Eva award space on its website? Perhaps they’re still fixing some bugs.

  4. Dan says


    Could you help me clarify the rules on a one-way united ticket? Please forgive my ignorance here.

    Is it possible to book the following in F?

    SIN-HKG-BKK-FRA-MAD-MUC-BOS (with up to a 24 hr layover at some of these stops)


  5. lucky says

    @ Dan — On a one-way from Asia to the US you’re allowed at most four segments, so that wouldn’t be allowed, since it’s too many segments.

  6. Dan says

    @ Lucky — ah! THANKS for clarifying. So, BKK-FRA-MAD-MUC-BOS is technically bookable? Are there any other rules to be aware of with UA rules? For example, I probably couldn’t do FRA-IAH-BOS (backtracking), could I?

    If there’s a link where you state these already please let me know. Feeble search skills…


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