Photo #481

It’s time for a reader photo. Thanks to Thrifty Tourist for sending in this one.

Correct Answer: Buchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia
Winner: Andrew

If you’d like your photo featured, please email it to me at, along with the correct answer.


  1. The others above have it correct, I’m sure. What’s special about this shot is what looks like the crossover between spring and summer. That’s a little unpredictable in B.C., but @Thrifty seems to have been there at the ideal time. Seeing local sights like this garden has to be a LOT more fun than quibbling about snack offerings in the 327th airport lounge.

  2. Even I who’ve never been recognize Butchart Gardens! Hmm, I’ve been wondering where to go on a transcon mileage run…

  3. We were there around our July 4th, they don`t celebrate that, but they did have an amazing fireworks show orchastrated to music at Butchart Gardens

  4. Been too long since last there. If you like that garden you will also like Ohme Gardens.

  5. No fair! I was so excited to say ‘Butchart Gardens’ but everyone said ‘Butchart Gardens’ before me so if it is not ‘Butchart Gardens’ I will be doubly sad. But great picture!

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