Amazing 75,000 Membership Rewards point sign-up bonus on American Express Business Gold Rewards Card!

Update: This offer for The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN is expired, but there’s currently an opportunity to earn 50,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $5,000 in purchases on the Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership. Learn more about the special offer here.

UPDATE: This offer is expired. You can find the best current offers here.

For several weeks now, American Express has been running a promotional 50,000 point sign-up bonus on the Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN. The 50,000 points can be earned after spending $5,000 on the card within three months. While the card has a $175 annual fee, it’s waived for the first year. Ordinarily this card doesn’t come with any sign-up bonus, so that was a nice promotion as is.

However, for whatever reason at the moment the same link seems to be returning a sign-up bonus of 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months. In the past American Express has sometimes offered 75,000 Membership Rewards points, though always with as least a minimum spend requirement of $10,000. So this is the best deal I’ve ever seen on the card.

Anecdotally I find the Business Gold Rewards Card to be the single easiest business credit card to be approved for, and even many that didn’t previously have any business credit cards have gotten instant approvals. Keep in mind that even if you have a personal American Express card you’re still eligible for the sign-up bonus on this. The only people that aren’t eligible for this bonus are those that have had a Membership Rewards Business card in the past three months, or this specific card in the past 12 months.

Anyway, I doubt this will last long — maybe a few hours, maybe a day or two, but I highly doubt any longer than that. Also, the promotion doesn’t seem to show up in all browsers. I actually only showed the 50,000 point sign-up bonus in all browsers on my laptop, though when I switched to my desktop I saw the 75,000 point bonus.

If you recently signed up for the Business Gold Rewards Card it can’t hurt to send American Express a secure message and ask if they’ll match the better offer.

(In the interest of full dislcosure I earn a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through the above link. Thanks for your support!)


  1. I just (last week) canceled this one. I think I got 50K bonus last year. I was hoping you were going to say the Personal Gold card since that is what I’m hoping to see later this year (or at least a 50K offer).

  2. @ rob — You log into your American Express account and go to the account you’re looking to message from, and there you should see an option to send a secure message.

  3. @ Dan — It’s not dead, you may just have to try a different browser or computer. I couldn’t get the offer to load on my laptop either, but then it worked on my desktop.

  4. Thanks Lucky, just did that. Do folks have luck with these requests on AMEX? I have with Chase.

  5. @ rob — In the past American Express used to almost always match the better offers, though nowadays Chase seems to be better about it. So it’s not a guarantee, though certainly worth a try.

  6. Thx Lucky for the info. I cleared my browser cache and now can see the 75K offer! But still hesitating since I finished my last Churn 2 mon ago and am planning the next one in another two month…

  7. @ Mike — Nope, it’s considered a different type of card, so you’d still be eligible.

  8. @ JW — While I’m all for having general churn “cycles,” I do think the concept of being totally strict about them is a bit overrated. One application between churns won’t cause any damage that will prevent you from getting cards in the future, and this is the first time we’ve seen an offer like this (without the $10K minimum spend)…

    While I already have the card, for what it’s worth I’m having family members sign up even though they’re between “churns.”

  9. @Lucky – if your readers have issues, Safari works great on PC’s and Chrome works great on Android to have this offer show correctly! – Rene

  10. Message sent to AMEX. I will let you know what they say about my 50k application request to turn into 75k.

  11. Am I eligible for this offer again if I cancelled my AMEX gold business card a year ago?

  12. Thx so much Lucky! I will go for it, Since Membership Rewards has proven to be so valuable with the current BA bonus. Just booked RT to Maui for me and my gf this Thxgiving with only ~40K miles with Avios 😛

  13. @ JW — Smart choice! And agree, I think the value of Membership Rewards points is on the rise as well over the past six months or so, and they’re not as easy to get as in the past.

  14. AMEX just denied my message to get a match to the 75k promotion. Just wondering, how did you guys word the secure message?

  15. Didn’t get instant approval. Didn’t get instant denial either. I will wait a bit before a reconsideration line request. I was expecting at least an application confirmation email though.

  16. I tried Safari on my iPhone, IE on my laptop and IE, Firefox, and Chrome on my desktop. All say 50K… 🙁

  17. My mac laptop: no go on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

    My XP desktop: no go on Chrome, Firefox but success with IE.

    “In Progress” status…..I’m thinking I’ll just wait for decision vs. preemptive call.

  18. @ Nic — That’s unfortunate! Have a public computer nearby somewhere you can use? Or maybe go to a Starbucks or something where you have a different IP?

  19. Already have the card but my wife received a targeted offer for 75k points with only 2k spend last month. We jumped on it immediately!

  20. Worked fine for me in Chrome in an incognito window. Instant approval!

    Might do SQ F R/T instead of SQ one-way, and CX one-way. Or just use for 2 UA I tickets SFO-JFK booked through SQ at 40K each.

    Other benefit: Keep my AX MR account open since I’m closing the AX Plat CC. Not enough benefits to me after Year 1.

  21. @ David — Congrats! Hey, if you can snag Suites both ways to and from the US, forget about Cathay Pacific. 😀

  22. Worked for me in Safari. Showed up as 75k points in Chrome, but couldn’t submit the form. Showed up as 50k in Firefox.

    Application approved!

  23. Thanks for the info, Lucky. I used your link to apply and got approval after a quick chat with CSR.

  24. The Terms and Conditions state that the 75K bonus is only available for applications received before August 12, 2013. Why do you think this will disappear soon? Also, a popup window warns that if you navigate away from the site you will lose the chance to apply???

  25. Lucky – I just got this, thanks! Question, since the annual fee is waived for the first year, can I do the $5K spend, get the 75K in points and then cancel a few months later? i.e. avoiding the $175 annual fee all together?

  26. so now that I’ve done an AMEX Business today can I do an AMEX personal and only get hit with 1 INQ?

  27. @ Matt C — Absolutely, you can cancel within a year and you won’t pay any annual fee. The annual fee won’t be billed till a year from now.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  28. @ Nic — It usually counts as two inquiries still. That being said if you haven’t done a churn in a while, might as well apply for a few more cards before this one hits your report.

  29. @ Fishing4Deals — Because this doesn’t seem to be a “published” offer. Usually when they increase the bonus long term they inform affiliates of it. So I don’t think that’s necessarily accurate. In the past we’ve never seen a bonus of 75K for more than a day, so I highly doubt this is intended to be a promotion that runs for months.

    I’d be willing to bet just about anything this will be pulled within a couple of days.

  30. Worked for me, got approved for the 75k.

    We sure live in an interesting world where 30 seconds of typing can earn you a private suite on the Singapore Airlines A380 from Los Angeles to Tokyo (74,375 Krisflyer transfered from MR).

  31. Chrome showed 50K, but went to Firfox (so slow!) and the 50K changed to 75K. Applied and rec’d instant approval. Assume I’m ok for the 75K points even though I was able to snag the recent 100K Platinum Card offer (non-business). Will be enjoying SQ Suites SIN-NRT-LAX using those points next week.

  32. I was approved two days ago for the 50k offer. I don’t have the card yet, and it hasn’t been automatically added to my AMEX online “portfolio”. I want to contact AMEX immediately about the better bonus, but submitting my request online seems inappropriate since the account isn’t setup online yet. How and when would you contact AMEX to ask for a match to the 75k offer?

  33. this is so tempting… i am still working on min spend on my last churn… but i wonder if i could do this… such a great offer.

  34. Lucky,
    I don’t have many cards but am looking for something for everyday use. I am considering this card, Club Carlson, and Chase Sapphire. Which ones would you recommend? W/ me being a beginner, I am not sure how long you keep each card and when you cancel. Confused.

  35. @ lsbuffs — Absolutely, you can earn the bonuses on a business and personal card without issue.

    Enjoy Suites!

  36. @ Gene — That’s a toughie. You can always try calling them regarding your account. Just call the same phone number from another AmEx card and tell them you have a question about a new account. They should be able to transfer you to someone that can help.

  37. @ Lantean — If it’s any consolation, chances are in the future the minimum spend would be $10K, as it has been in the past.

    Sounds like you need to use Amazon Payments, Bluebird, etc, a bit more. 😉

  38. Gene – let me know if calling worked for you. I’ve called, chat online and sent secure messages, but none of those seem to work to get my offer changed 🙁

  39. @Lucky

    haha. i am trying, but for someone who lives in Manhattan (no Walmart) and doesn’t have anyone here whom i could send AP it’s not so easy…

  40. @ Golfman — Generally speaking there are two types of credit cards — those you pick up the for sign-up bonus and those you pick up for their long term value. Not all cards fit in both categories, obviously.

    For example, this card offers a great sign-up bonus and a fantastic return on everyday spend (triple points on airfare and double points on gas and shipping), but the annual fee is steep at $175 (though it’s waved the first year). This probably isn’t a card I’d keep beyond the first year.

    In terms of overall valuable cards, you can’t beat the Chase Sapphire Preferred. It gets you double points on dining and travel, no foreign transaction fees, and a 7% annual points dividend. So you really can’t do better than that if you’re looking for a single great card.

    That being said, while picking up the Chase Sapphire Preferred there’s no reason you couldn’t pick up a few other great offers at the same time, which you can cancel within a year.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  41. Is it bad that I’m more excited about this card’s ability to reduce the effective CPM of all my mileage runs by 1.9% (1 more point per dollar on airfare i earn) than the 75k bonus? 😉

  42. @ Ben Hughes — Hah, not sad if you spend a ton of money on mileage runs… but otherwise maybe a little. :p

  43. My plan is as follows:

    1. Get this card.
    2. Get Chase Sapphire card.
    3. Get Club Carlson card.
    4. I got 2 Chase SW cards in April but haven’t opened any others this year.

    Couple of questions:

    1. Should I apply for all these on the same day?
    2. I only spend between $700-$1500/month on my credit card with majority of spending on general items. For the Sapphire card, is this a card that would still be worth the $95 annual fee after the first year.
    3. I am only applying for the Club Carlson card b/c of the 2nd night free bonus plus 40K points when annual fee is due which makes it worth the annual fee.

    I am new to this and thus all the questions. Sorry but this would help me out a lot.

  44. @lucky I’m going for both UA 1K and US Chairman’s almost entirely on mileage runs, so yes I spend quite a bit on them. It’s been a amazing year for <3.0CPM runs out of SAN this year, and I can't help myself!

  45. @ Golfman — Yep, I’d open those three cards in a day, I don’t think you’ll have any issues with that.

    I’d say the Sapphire Preferred is the one worth the annual fee after the first year.

    Also sounds like the Club Carlson card would be valuable for you.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  46. Hey Lucky, do we just put our social under tax ID or do you need to have a incorporated business.

  47. @ SM — Yep, as a sole proprietorship you can operate just using your SSN, so that’s what you could put.

  48. Is it better to apply for one card on May 8th, another on May 10th, and another on May 13th or better to apply for all 3 on one day? Or does it even make a difference (regardless of bank)?

  49. @ Golfman — Generally you’re best off applying for all cards in a single day. That’s because there’s a delay for when your inquiry actually shows up on your credit report, so might as well get in as many as you can at a time.

  50. if i currently have this card but the account was opened 3 years ago (it is still active) would i qualify for the bonus or not (with a different FEIN number)?

  51. @ mike — With the same business you wouldn’t be eligible, but you should be able to get multiple cards and earn the bonuses if you have different EINs for them.

  52. Neither myself or my husband have this card. Would you recommend us signing up separately so we can get 150K points? If we do, can these points then be combined into one account – either AMEX or when we transfer to a partner.

  53. @ Gwen — Absolutely, I’d highly recommend signing up individually so you can earn the bonus for both accounts. While you won’t be able to pool the points in a single Membership Rewards account, you’ll be able to transfer miles from both programs to a single account in a partner program.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  54. @Lantean, I hear ya completely. Vanilla Reload cards in Manhattan are pretty much always sold out (at least at the CVS stores I go to.)

  55. how do i get rid of TIN box
    i move dropdown to sole propriotor but its still demanding TIN box filled in order to continue with app

  56. My application is “Pending Further Review.” They have “processed [my] application but [they] need more information before notifying [me] of [their] decision.” Should I call the reconsideration line or wait for them to contact me?

  57. @ SMS — It’s totally up to you. You could call the reconsideration line (877 399-3083) and see if they’ll approve it on the spot or you could wait a few days and see if it processes automatically.

  58. @ Brian — What computer/browser are you using? Have you tried using a different one?

  59. Got this card a week ago. Ask Amex if they would raise my sign-up bonus. No go! They declined.

  60. Based on the above comments, I am not going to waste my time asking for the better bonus. Oh well, like I really need more points….

  61. Tried Firefox then IE, both 50K. Downloaded Chrome, 75K offer and instant approval. Beautiful.

  62. All you have to do is open a new browser window, clear the internet browser history, cache, cookies and then re-open the browser and follow the link. (If you have the page open while you clear out your history it won’t give you the offer). I got the 75k offer as soon as I did that. I used Internet Explorer since I never use it and didn’t have much history to clear anyway. Got a pending approval and called in to amex and got approved immediately, they just asked to verify the spelling of my name and company.

  63. @Lucky, I am currently at day 80 of my 91 day wait for my 2nd churn. Should I push up the 2nd churn to apply for this card? (That is, if I can get the link work on chrome/safari on my MacBook and iPhone, and the IE on my PC!). My very first churn in mid Feb I got 4 cards: hilton amex, citi hilton, chase marriott, BofA Hawaii Air. Was planning to get 3-4 cards in 2nd churn: the 50k offer of this card, chase ink bold and sapphires preferred, maybe a citi card and the Alaska card. Should I move the 2nd churn up or am I too aggressive? 😉 thanks in advance for your advice!

  64. @ Sharon — There’s nothing magical about the 90 day window, so I would indeed push up a churn for this offer. Given how diversified the cards are that you picked up in your last churn, I can’t imagine you’ll have any trouble being approved this time around.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck.

  65. I sent a secure message since I was approved for the 50k bonus offer a month ago. But response was, “While we appreciate your interest in this offer, we are unable to apply it to your account, as it was not available at the time you applied for the card.”

  66. If i have this card but for a different company, would i be eligible for the bonus?

  67. @lucky, I managed to get the link work in my iPhone Chrome browser, so I decided to apply, but it says “your application has been reviewed and is being reviewed”! What should I do? Is it bad to apply cards after work hours? I am planning to do my other cards tonight.

  68. @ Sharon — In your shoes I’d probably call the application line at (877) 399-3083 and see if they can approve it over the phone. Then keep applying for other cards as you otherwise would.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  69. I just did and I got it!!!!! They just needed to verify my birth year. Wow my first business card! Thank you!!

  70. Folks, it’s definitely not dead. I tried a handful of browsers here on my Linux machine and on a Windows machine. Couldn’t get Lucky’s link to give me the 75k offer but I was able to get it through Matthew’s blog over at

    Sorry, Lucky…I tried my hardest to get you the referral bonus but I just couldn’t make it work. Regardless, a big thanks for getting the word out about this one!

  71. Applied…pending approval…do you know how long it takes for them to make a decision? Thanks

  72. Agree with Ryan K, link does not work here in 3 different machines (at work) but works on Sorry!

  73. @Bill, it took me only a second when I called them. I would suggest you do the same! Good luck!

  74. @ Bill — It can take a few days. In your shoes I’d call them at (877) 399-3083 and chances are they can make a decision right away. Chances are they won’t even ask any questions.

    Let me know how it goes!

  75. Also, when you call the number listed above, try to do so from your home number. The agent I spoke with said this helps them confirm your identity. Mine was approved immediately and they even offered to send my card overnight as a “thank you” for being proactive about my application.

  76. Hey Lucky,
    I’m not currently a US resident. (American w/ ssn)
    Think it’s doable with a friend’s address ?

  77. @ Tristan — Hmm, I’m not positive there. If you have an SSN and are an American, I think you may still be able to get it. Though I can’t guarantee it.

  78. Submitted an application for my wife, and instantly approved. I got the same card last month, sent a secure message asking for a match to the 75k MR points and was denied – saying it was targeted and the offer was not showing in my account. I responded stating the bleeding obvious (why would the offer show when I just approved last month) – will provide an update on AMEX’s response once I hear back.

  79. Lucky, I recently got it, 2 wks ago, do you know if amx can increase the points from 50 to 75k?

  80. @Tristan – my brother (ex alien i.e. no longer living in the US – was here on a work visa only until 2002), still churns regularly and uses my address in California.

  81. @ JC — You can certainly try, though the above comments suggest people are getting denied as AmEx is claiming this offer is targeted.

  82. Hi Lucky, I just applied for 4 cards on 3/28 (2 Chase, 1 Barclays, 1 Citi – all approved, three hits on EX). My churn before that was in 11/21, at which time i also applied for 4 cards (1 of which was Amex). I know you mentioned in earlier comments that there is no “magic” rule for how long you need to wait, but in this case, do you think that Amex would deny my app for too many inquires? Have you had experience applying for so many cards in a short period before? Thanks in advance for your insight.

  83. Just applied and I think it may be tracking IP. Worked from my iPhone but not from chrome or safari (even with private/incognito or cookies cleared).

    Applied under my own SSN for a sole prop thing I’m doing… but applied and approved for the 50K offer just a couple weeks ago…

    If the new app doesn’t go through (fingers crossed), will Amex upgrade the 50K I *just* got?

  84. Thank you, thank you! Convinced the whole family to apply; 4 apps total through your link, 2 instant approval, 2 pending.

    All credit scores 750+, but the instants have 2x income.

  85. @ James — Congrats, and thanks! For what it’s worth if you want to get those pending approvals finalized, just about everyone that has called reports being approved instantly over the phone with virtually no questions.

    Thanks for using my links, I really appreciate it!

  86. @Lucky, so I did my churn tonight after the Amex approval, using all your links. I applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred and it was pending?! Barclays US Air was approved for a low 5K limit (what the heck!) and BofA Alaska is pending? I don’t know if the pending has anything to do with office might be closed at night?? I really want to apply for the Ink Bold but not sure if I should???

  87. @ Sharon — It’s very normal for applications to go into “pending” mode, especially for Barclays and BofA products, in my experience, both of which often don’t have instant approvals.

    Don’t be discouraged, it doesn’t mean you won’t get approved, but it’s just that not everyone processes applications instantly like American Express.

    Given how diversified the cards are that you’ve applied for, I’d also go ahead and grab the Chase Ink Bold, since it seems you’ve only applied for an AmEx business card so far. They’re considered independently of personal cards, so I’d say you have a great shot at it.

  88. Thanks Lucky! Will do! I guess maybe I should make a big payment to my BA card balance tomorrow 🙂 so it won’t be a factor for Chase. Now I have to get a plan to spend $13000 in 3 months!

  89. Although ‘m not eligible for the offer. (as I don’t live in the US. I would LOVE to get US credit cards here in Europe)

    I checked different browsers… (Windows 7)

  90. I just started getting into the miles and points game this year. I got the Chase SP back in Jan and wanted to go for my first churn with this offer. I applied for this offer moments ago but my application is pending approval. Assuming it goes through, I will try to apply for a few others later today. I’m considering the Ink Bold and United Explorer and possibly Amex Mercedes Platinum. This puts me at about $11k in spending requirements, which is right at my the limit of my current expenses (assuming I start using BB for rent and $1k Amazon payments each month). Since the Bold has a relatively high spend requirement, I’m considering replacing that with other cards with lower spends for this churn. I prefer flexible spending points, then airline miles, then hotel points. Are there other worthwhile card offers I should consider in lieu of the Bold. Or do you think the Bold is still the best deal to stick with?

  91. I tried calling and see if I could get the additional 25K and the rep said that since I already was approved for 50k 2 wks ago, I couldn’t get the new one… Oh well

  92. @ Max — I’d stick with the Ink Bold, personally. Ultimate Rewards are one of the most valuable points currencies, and the sign-up bonus on the Ink cards is the best one out there right now, in my opinion.

  93. Hey everyone! Signed up for this card 2h ago and got a ‘processing’ email. I called the number Ben posted and as promised, they pushed me through with no questions asked and ‘welcomed me to the AMEX benifits’! In fact the conf. Email came through almost before he’d finished the security questions! I’m 24, from Scotland so limited credit in US – it seems like they’re pretty happy to sign anyone up! So I’d go right ahead and call them if you’re still processing. The Indian chap was happy to help. See you in the suite @benhughes !

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