1. BrewerSEA says

    That is a ger, so probably somewhere in Mongolia or the surrounding area. My sister spends every summer doing digs in Mongolia and I’ve seen picture of her singing Karaoke, but I don’t think I’ve seen that specific yurt!

  2. Nathaniel says

    I’ll be honest I am not really sure since I have never been.. A family member is currently there and it looks similar to some of her pictures, though the use of English makes it highly unlikely.. (Though from my crash course on Kyrgyzstan it sounds like it is replacing Russian as the second language of the country so it wouldn’t shock me that a term like Karaoke would be left untranslated.)

  3. Scott says

    I think this is a trick question – I’m going with USA, the southern coast of Oregon – say somewhere between Coos Bay and Brookings.

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