Amazing deal: 100,000 Membership Rewards point sign-up bonus on the American Express Platinum card

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Update: The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN has exciting new benefits, and a great new limited time offer. Learn more about the current offer here.

Update: This deal has expired and is no longer available

Well this is bizarrely awesome. While the best publicly available sign-up bonus (through my affiliate link and otherwise) on The Platinum Card® from American Express is 25,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $2,000 on the card within three months, it seems that just about anyone can get a 100,000 Membership Rewards point sign-up bonus by going through

To start go to and click on “Offers Matched for You” on the top left of the site.

On the next page you’re asked to enter your personal information including social security number. I can’t vouch for this site and am somewhat in disbelief that I actually filled out the form, but I did (update: RakSiam notes in the comments that you don’t actually have to enter your social security number).

Then on the next page you’ll be presented with customized credit card offers. The first for me was the American Express Platinum card, with an offer for 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $3,000 on the card within three months.

I was still skeptical, though at this point was redirected to the American Express website, where the offer is reflected on the application page.

Back in the day 75,000-100,000 Membership Rewards point sign-up bonuses weren’t out of the ordinary, though in the past 18 or so months they’ve greatly cut back on sign-up offers. So if you’re targeted for this offer I’d highly recommend signing up.

The card does have a $450 annual fee, though as I covered last week, keep in mind that you get a $200 airline fee credit per calendar year, which means you can get two of those credits during your first year of card membership. Furthermore this card gets you lounge access with American, Delta, US Airways, and Priority Pass, a Global Entry fee waiver, and access to American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts.

The one thing to keep in mind is this restriction on the sign-up bonus:

Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.

I’m not sure in practice how consistently that’s enforced, but if you have any of those cards you’re technically not eligible for this sign-up bonus.

I doubt this offer will last long, so if you’re interested I’d apply ASAP.

Update: This deal has expired and is no longer available

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  1. We would only get one $200 credit since we would have to cancel the card in December or early January. Or am I missing something?

  2. We would only get one $200 credit since we would have to cancel the card in December or early January. Or am I missing something?

  3. You don’t need to enter your SSN. Just your name and address can be enough. I did not include my SSN and I got the Amex Plat offer.

  4. Can’t believe I just followed that link. But it worked! Approved for Platinum with the offer. I’m printing off that approval screen!

  5. @ Dee Tee — Right, you get the credit now and then again at the very beginning of January of next year.

    @ S — If you have a business card it shouldn’t apply. It’s only personal cards that would potentially disqualify you.

    @ RakSiam — Good to know, thanks!

  6. Does the 90 days mean that you’ve applied for a personal gold within those 90 days or just owned one in the past 90 days? (I’ve had my personal gold for over a year now)

  7. While I got the offers when I clicked the link to apply so far nothing has happened (too busy?).

    Ditto for the Gold bonus (also saw nothing but Amex offers)

  8. I’m just bit confused. If I buy GC on Jan 1 you still have to cancel that month or pay $450. What if hasn’t posted?

    Anyone had any experience getting this card in January and canceling a year later?

  9. @ Dee Tee — If you apply today and make another purchase that qualifies for the fee credit next January 1, it should post by this time next year.

  10. Does anyone know how the Global Entry reimbursement works? If I let someone else charge it for her application…will it still work?

    (I already have GE, but may pay for my sister.) I assume it reimburses the first GE charge…

  11. I think it’s being taken down, just got “Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call/contact us as follows:
    To apply by phone or for product information — 1-800-223-2670”

    Not auspicous. BTW, I was surprised I would be ok with a business gold card within the last 6 months, so was happy to the see comment above.

  12. @ David — Paying for someone else should be fine since the fee isn’t linked to a specific person.

    @ Eric F-D — It’s supposed to, I believe. In practice reports go both ways, though.

  13. darn thanks Lucky. I guess the only offer i can take advantage of is the 25kMR points to upgrade my personal gold to a platinum.

  14. Regarding the restriction below – do you think this includes Gold Delta Skymiles Personal card, or is it only referencing the Premier Rewards Gold and Amex Gold?

    And are we sure the word CONSUMER is only referencing ZYNC? It could also be interpreted to read Consumer Zync, Consumer Green, or Consumer Gold card accounts – right?

    “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”

  15. I did two things and finally was transferred to the link and got approved:

    1. Switched browsers from Firefox to Safari
    2. Redid the form and entered my SSN on the web site.

    I’m thinking item 2 was the trigger but it could have been the browser. Now the question is, do I double down and get the Gold card?

  16. When I clicked the link at first nothing happened either. But I just closed that tab and tried again and it worked. So maybe they are just a little busy.

  17. btw, does anyone know if any of the US Airways status buyups would count as travel expenses (as part of the $200 credit or does the purchase have to be under $200)? ie. buy up from Silver to gold, gold to platinum, etc.

  18. Congrats to everyone getting approved!

    @ Jake — You should be fine with a Delta Gold SkyMiles card. That’s not included in the restrictions.

  19. What timing on this. I actually went through an app-o-rama earlier today! One problem, though: I applied and was instantly accepted for the Mercedes-Benz Platinum card earlier today. When I signed up for this card, I was given a “pending review” notice before I called reconsideration and was approved after about 30 seconds.

    I asked about the bonus offer and had it confirmed, and then asked if my M-B Platinum application was considered the same “product” and one that would prevent me from receiving the bonus. I was told no, but is that accurate? Should I just send the M-B Platinum card back before activating it to be safe? Can I even do that?

  20. @ Michael H. — I believe it does count “against you,” though there are certainly mixed reports.

  21. Thanks for the quick reply Lucky. So, tell me if I’m understanding you correctly: You’re interpreting the text as: bonus not eligible for people that have had Consumer Zync, Premier Rewards Gold card from American Express or Amex Gold Rewards card. Is that correct?

    So people that have had Gold Delta Skymiles Personal OR Business, Amex Business Gold Rewards Card, or Amex Business Green Rewards Card – are all eligible and okay?

  22. @ bill — I believe they are considered the same product for the purposes of the bonus, though American Express is extremely inconsistent in practice with awarding bonuses. For some they post them on both cards, for some they don’t.

    I’d say it’s worth a try for both.

    @ David — Two years?!

  23. @ Jake — Right, I interpret it as meaning anyone with a personal Membership Rewards branded credit card isn’t eligible. If it’s co-branded with another company you should be fine, though.

  24. Lucky, where did you hear about the mixed report for people who got Gold and applied for Platinum?
    Should I cancel my Gold card now. I am instantly approved. I talked to the CSR and she said I should get the bonus points even though she saw that I have a premier gold card. I am not sure she is aware of the term

  25. Wonder if I could apply for the Plat and Gold cards one-after-another for a combined 150k points? Never had an Amex except for the SPG Amex.

  26. Well…I take 1 big trip a year…so my annual trips in 2013 and 2014 will probably be in SQ F, as I was able to book a trip last year.

  27. Damn, I just got 50K Amex Plat MB a month ago. Guess it doesn’t even make sense for me to try for this offer..

  28. Other than the OPEN savings available to the Platinum Business Card, are there any differences between Platinum Business and Platinum Personal?

  29. @ duc — Heard that based on emails I’ve received, online forums, etc. You may very well not have an issue getting the bonus. I wouldn’t cancel your current card, as I suspect you’ll get the bonus. At least we can hope so.

    @ DiscoPapa — I’d probably just go for the 100K offer. Risky since you could get the 50K bonus but not the 100K bonus. But totally dependent on how much of a risk taker you are.

  30. Just for gigle I applied and within 30 secs, got instant approval. OOps.. that means, $450.00 – $200.00(Airline credit) – $100(GE) = $150.00 for 100K MR. I guess it’s worth it

  31. Whats the transfer rate from MR to SPG points? I’m sure you’ve written a post on it, but I’m in a hurry! 🙂

  32. I think it’s 3:1, is that correct? If so, I’m going to pass… here I was thinking I could ‘buy’ 100k SPG for $450…

  33. Just approved. Don’t use the “expedited app” link for current members as it seems to have a fault. I called, after approved, to verify the application and approval were legit, they said all good. Great find and thanks for sharing Lukcy.

  34. Me. My wife. My 2 older sons. My daughter in law. 5 PRG apps. 5 approvals. Had to call in for recon on one of them. Other 4 were instant. 250K MR points for 5K spend–no annual fees. C’mon bonus transfers!

  35. Lucky, got the personal PRG card about two months ago. What do you think…is this worth a shot for Amex Plat 100k MR bonus???

  36. Applied. Had to call in. Quick talk with CSR. Got approved. The agent confirmed my signup bonus of 100.000 MRP. Awesome.

  37. Just approved as well. I was getting 403 (website not available) errors when I initially filled out the form with a fake SSN. I went into Chrome’s incognito mode and then re-filled out the with by real SSN and everything appears to go smoother after that. I don’t know if that was just a coincidence or if others will run into the same issue.

  38. I have a Delta Gold Biz and Personal Card, and a Amex Business Gold Rewards Card. Just applied for the Platinum card via the link (had to use safari after emptying cache/cookies). App was declared ‘pending further review’. Called Amex at 866-314-0237 and talked to a guy in India. Super nice. He approved the application and confirmed the 100k MR points after $3k spend in 3 months offer. He was surprised at how good the offer was!

  39. If I apply for this and another Amex (say, the Hilton) on the same day, will that only show up as a single credit inquiry?

  40. @Michael – Thanks, good thing I checked. I sold my wife on the idea based on a 1:1 SPG rate… phew! I appreciate the quick response (and saving me $450!).

  41. @JA generally no, but it all depends on how the transaction posts. I had a itinerary change with AA (my reimbursement partner) and it showed up as a Ticket Sale in the transaction and therefore I did not get reimbursed automatically so I had to call them to get the reimbursement.

  42. @redhat You can get the $200 airline fee credits twice because the reimbursement setup resets on the calendar year, not the application date year. So get credited say in March 2013, and then again on January 3, 2014 – for a total of $400 in credits.

    Lucky – I’m thinking we should set our statements to autopay on the 4th of the month, that way we can charge the cards on the 1st or 2nd and still give it a couple days before the billing cycle closes. Thoughts?

  43. Been waiting for a great Amex offer. When I tried the shorter application (since I have 3 other) it kept saying the deal about “Currently … down” so I just filled it out as a newbie and was approved! Took screen shots. It said it was being mailed right away. Ben, you’ve helped so many of us.

  44. @Disco Papa 100K SPG points would be amazing, but those are just about the hardest points to accrue 🙂
    I do have to say though that the Platinum really shines in the benefits it provides:
    automatic SPG gold status, yearly $200 airline reimbursement, free priority pass membership. If you are a frequent flyer this card can’t be beat

  45. just approved 10:15pm CT. great link. captured every screen. should be a good “conversation” with AMEX rep when it doesn’t come thru….

  46. I tried and did not get the link. I asked my friends to try and everyone says the same. Is the deal DEAD?

  47. There doesn’t happen to be a business version of this offer, does there? I already have the personal Platinum 🙂

  48. I think Amex started to enforce the 1 yr or 90 days rule. One friend got biz gold and was told she will have 50k bonus when she called at activation. Then, after she met the spending limit and didn’t get the bonus, she called again and was told she is not eligible since she had the same card less than 1 yr ago. She was offered $100 credit. This was a few days ago.

  49. hey, I just called Amex and spoke with a rep – she said this expired back in August and people who have been approved will NOT be receiving the 100K MR points? I was stunned and explained how people have been hearing the opposite, but she said she spoke with her supervisor and they’ve been handling this all day.

    Anyone hearing the same?

  50. Just approved for my wife — thanks lucky — nice that you mention this when you get no referral credit unlike every other blogger — surprised no other bloggers have mentioned it.

    Now come on 50% British airways transfer

  51. Also, for those with their credit frozen, I don’t think it works (mine is and it returned nothing). I’ve also had the Platinum within the last year, so this is probably a no go. Not sure how you wouldn’t get it once it’s approved, but maybe their system does a search?

  52. Thanks lucky. Got instant approval but am in same situation as @duc with a PRG. Hopefully the points come through, though I tend to be pessimistic about these sorts of things. If not I figure the worst is I’m out $50 for priority pass and Starwood Gold status (after two $200 reimbursements)

  53. I can give you all of my info and there is no way you can pull my credit without me unlocking them……….

  54. You are the man Lucky. This was a no-brainer for me since I was debating applying for the Platinum AMEX a few hours before I read your article. I have been approved.


  55. Seriously, I love this website. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Instant approval. I was thinking about when the next 100K offer would come just the other day. Woot Woot.

  56. Also for hose of you getting an error after you click on the link from the website, make sure you sign out if you are signed into your American Express account.

    I was getting an error message and then after I signed out the linked work and I was able to apply for the card.

  57. Was presented with 5 offers including 100k Amex Plat. w/ $475 fee, 50k Gold w/ $175 fee waived 1st yr,, Delta card 45k w/ $95 fee and a couple of Blue cards.

    I went and got approved the Gold card and got 50k, $175 fee waived 1st year. Min spend is only $1k over 3 months.

    Excellent Deal!

  58. Lucky – Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been waiting a bit for a Platinum 100K sign up bonus. Got approved instantly. Have been waiting for Global Entry for a while too. Happy New Year, eh?

  59. Congrats to all of you that have been approved! You guys better have plans to redeem for Singapore first class!

  60. @ Adam — No business version of the card, sorry.

    @ R B — Don’t think canceling the business card would make a different. Congrats!

  61. If anyone is getting an error page make sure you are *not* already logged into your Amex account. When I started the application logged in I got a system error page. When I tried the link in the instructions in an incognito browser window it worked just fine.

  62. Just got approved for Amex Plat 100k. Already have PRG…fingers crossed that I get my points anyway 😉

  63. I was instantly approved – thanks for the link. I’ve never used Membership Awards before… what does 100K points get you as far as RT Intl’ flights (departing from California)?

  64. if i got approved for the PRG card less then two weeks ago is it possible to write amex for this updated offer?

  65. @william, I called to ask for the updated offer but per my earlier post, they insisted that no one (including new applicants) was getting the bonus and that this offer died out in August. They said the fact they didn’t have it on record was suspicious, and the third party site is strange. Not sure exactly what’s going on… the most embarrassing thing is I thanked this rep, then called back later and got her again!

    I wrote to them, will update when I get a response. In the meantime, fingers crossed that everyone got their huge bonuses!

  66. I get this error message after clicking the Apply Here button on “Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call/contact us as follows: To apply by phone or for product information — 1-800-223-2670.” Anyone getting the same?

  67. #113 – Solved my own issue – I happened to be logged into at the time – I logged out, clicked on the Apply Here button again and it worked.

  68. Woohoo!
    Been waiting for an offer like this. Just put in the application for my wife (I did check with her before hitting “submit”) and she was approved instantly! Thanks Lucky!

  69. I have a hard time thinking that Amex will not honor it for people who were approved. We all saw the page with the terms and conditions and the page notes clearly indicate a 100k offer. Not to mention you get a confirmation email once approved. I think if there was something wrong with the offer than it wouldn’t have worked to begin with. The offer is clearly active in Amex’s systems.

  70. Well Diane certainly has some interesting information [that the deal is supposedly dead] – but it’s not really about what people are hearing. Diane did you mention that it’s spelled out on the screen?! I mean, I can understand if some third party site makes erroneous claims – but the fact that it links to a (seemingly) valid Amex offer/application …..come on. They need to be on a conference call with IT, not supervisors.

  71. Yes, I’ll be highly surprised if Amex does not honor the terms. I took the 50K Gold offer and while applying and after I was approved, the terms clearly showed I would get 50K points after 1K spend. Plus, I got an email confirming the approval. I took screenshots in case there might be an issue, but the offer terms are clearly laid out and displayed.

  72. No the confirmation did not but the application screen certainly did. But my point is the mere fact that we received a confirmation indicates that is in fact a valid offer, even if perhaps it was not intended for all of us.

  73. @Diane – I called Amex and asked them to confirm what the terms of my signup offer were. He clearly stated that it was 100k points after $3,000 spend in 3 months. Hopefully the card will arrive in time so I can use the lounge before my flight on Friday!

  74. @picmeup,

    Yes, SPG cards are not in the same category as the other cards mentioned, so you should be fine.

  75. @Lucky, @Kane
    Thanks for the quick confirmation. Got approved instantly. I still can’t believe that I’ve signed up for a CC with $450 annual fee, not waived for first year specially when I did my first AOR in Nov with SPG, CSP and Ink Plus. But it was too tempting to pass! Let’s hope I get the miles.

  76. To folks who are getting the error message: try using a different browser. That worked for me since I was getting no luck in Chrome.

  77. I noticed an interesting point. While I was waiting for answer on forum (and thought it’ll take at least 30 min), I had filled application and saved it. When I tried completing application using the link AMEX sent me, it told me that the offer is expired. However, tried again using link in Lucky’s post and got it again.

  78. Agreed to all above that I can’t imagine Amex NOT honoring… I think I was unfortunate to get the same woman twice (after calling back… why did this happen to me??) who insisted on the info I relayed here. Not to mention she was raining on our parade 🙂

    As for how detailed I got with her, I’ll be honest – I didn’t say exactly step-by-step where I found it and such because I didn’t want them to look up and see a bug in their system and pull it down too fast! So perhaps in my vagueness they thought I wasn’t genuinely seeing the offer. Interestingly, she asked me what URL I was looking at and I gave her the first 10 characters or so and she said “Okay, code 304” since that’s what the URL started with and then proceeded to tell me that was dead. So maybe everyone else got some different URL?

    Also – something I should have mentioned earlier but my fingers wouldn’t type fast enough (seriously, this was such exciting news): I got my amex plat a few days ago. Sigh. So I explained to the rep that I “just missed the boat” and would they be willing to grant some kind of adjustment. But instead of saying no, they insisted this wasn’t a valid offer. It’s VERY possible they just didn’t want to be mean over the phone and therefore gave me the answer of “this link is dead”.

    If anyone does have success in getting a match on MR bonus for new and existing accounts, let us know the secret 🙂 And again to the rest, CONGRATS!

  79. Diane, I think you should call back tomorrow. If you just got the card, Amex if normally pretty good about bumping you up to a better offer, but normally that offer is publicized so this one might not qualify but it can’t hurt to keep trying.

  80. @James – they overnight the card to you as soon as it’s printed, so there’s a good chance you’ll get it (provided you’re in the USA). The Priority Pass takes a little longer to arrive. I think the best part of the card was opening it – fancy presentation!

  81. Kane, thank you for the great suggestion. I’ll give it a try and report any success in case someone else reading this is in the same boat.

  82. Also, in case anyone else needed another reason to be excited, Amex also backdates the account opening date of a new Amex card to the month and year you opened your first card with Amex which may actually increase your average age of accounts as it will do for me.

  83. Hmmm, currently traveling and away for another week. What are the chances Plat will overnight me a new/replacement/duplicate card to start using? 😉

  84. Dear lucky,

    I jumped in 100k platinum deal and got under review. It is normal because i have too many inquiries recently. Should I call consideration line now or wait for tomorrow? It seems that AME is not like chase. They did not give immediate decision.

  85. Yeah just got approved for the Plat. Hope to get the points since I opened the PRG more than 18 months ago…

  86. Hubby applied but it says his app is pending further review and that he will hear back in 14 days by mail. Is there a # he can call to fast track this? We’re doing some travel starting end of next week and it would be great to use the lounge!

  87. @Diane, I am not buying the 304 code the CSR told you on the phone. I went through for comparison purposes. Clicked on the links so I could view all credit card offers and then clicked on the first four cards available. They all had 304 in the URL.

  88. Thanks Lucky!! Got instant approval with 100k Memb Rewards bonus upon 3k spend. Already have an AMEX Plat Biz card, but the lure of SQ first trumped any trepidation that I might not get the 100k bonus!!

  89. what is the best transfer for 100K points?
    what is the ratio for United etc. Are any of them one 1:1? thank you everyone. i love each and every one of you miles/points addicts!!

  90. @ Evan Rich — Please see this post for what I consider to be the best uses of Membership Rewards points:

    Points do transfer 1:1 to many programs. Nowadays I would probably consider Singapore Suites to be the best use of Membership Rewards points, as discussed here:

  91. Hi Ben,

    I would like to know if once I get the bonus I can transfer them to my child ? He lives in Europe and have AF FFP.

    We don’t have the same name. Does it matter ?

    tks a lot

  92. @ Michael — Yes, you can transfer your American Express points to someone else’s partner airline frequent flyer account. The names don’t have to match.

  93. My understanding with their T&C on the the churn is that if you were approved for the card in the last 12 months, not specifically HELD the card. For example I just cancelled my old AMEX Plat in November, but I was approved a year before that. Can I get the bonus?

  94. Success this morning. I tried last night about 1am and kept getting the screen that said the site was down. At 6am the direct link wasn’t working, but when I went through the credit card match site it came up and app was approved instantly. Thanks.

  95. Also success and instant approval this morning – via Chrome. First had to log out of Amex account.

  96. Regarding the $200 credit, here is what is on Amex’s web site:

    “Get up to $200 in Airline Fee Credits∫ annually to cover incidental fees.
    American Express relies on accurate airline transaction data to identify incidental fee purchases.”

    What does a fee credit cover? Does this cover the cost of a ticket purchase or just “incidental” costs like checked baggage, drinks, and other misc fees?

  97. I still see offer available at 9:30 am est time. Any other use for these 100k besides singapore airlines suites. For instance where can these take me from south eastern USA?

  98. The deal is NOT dead. I just go approved.
    I already have the MB card which I opened last June. I called Amex and asked them if it is a separate product and they said yes.

  99. Hi,
    Thanks so much for this info! I have a platinum card but just got one for my hubby on this site. He already has a gold card but will cancel when he gets this Platinum card …

  100. Congratulations ORD-TGU
    your application has been approved.
    You are now an American Express® Cardmember.

    I did a print screen of each and every single page, crossing my fingers

  101. Just approved and working. Had to use Internet Explorer as Google Chrome said the deal was dead but IE worked.

  102. I have been approved for the platinum PERSONAL even though I have platinum business – I hope I get the bonus…

    If I have both personal & business platinum do I get a distinct $200 credit on each for a total of $400 & can I choose a different airline for each?

  103. Not sure about the churning ability, as I understand, AMEX rules it as 1 year of application of card, not account closing.

    Although the T&C below from this offer state 1 year from card closing.

    Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days. Once your application for the Platinum Card® from American Express is approved, you can receive 100,000 Membership Rewards® bonus points after you spend $3,000 in your first 3 months of Card membership. To be eligible to receive bonus points, you must be enrolled in the Membership Rewards First® program at the time of purchase and you must charge your purchase on an eligible, enrolled Platinum Card® . Bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account 6–8 weeks after you meet the spend requirement. Additional Card members are not eligible. Terms and conditions for the Membership Rewards First® program apply. or call 1–800–297–1300 for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice.

  104. Had an issue getting to the application page (System is busy..), but it was because I was already logged in under my other AmEx account. Once I logged out, I got to the application page, and got approved immediately. It was a breeze – can’t wait to score the MR points!

  105. 730 AM PST wifey got approved for the 100K woo!!! 800 AM PST, no luck for me. I’ll keep trying.

  106. Deal seems to be dead. I can’t access the application from the direct link or the website. =/

  107. shoot I am an idiot. Just realized that I have a gold rewards card after I got approved for this one. Might not get me bonus. I guess that means I will just have to cancel my MB platinum which I would have kept anyways beyond the 1-year and keep this one, but no bonus 🙁

  108. Just read your posting and confirmed the offer is dead. What sucks is I subscribe to your blog but never got this post e-mailed to me, or I would have jumped on this offer yesterday! Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so I get ALL your postings?

  109. @ Drew — Technically ticket purchases aren’t supposed to qualify, though in practice they sometimes do. The credit seems to be triggered more by the amount of the purchase than what you’re buying. Otherwise, like I’ve said, airline gift cards usually work as well.

    @ Jrod — See this series of posts for what I consider to be the best uses of American Express points:

    @ IH — Yep, separate credits for both and you can choose a different airline for each.

    @ Erik — Thanks for reading. My daily newsletter is automatically generated and sends at around 6PM eastern daily, so I have no control over that. I’d suggest signing up for my blog’s RSS, so that you get an email alert every time I have a new post (if that’s of interest to you). More details on that here:

    Here’s to hoping you’re able to get in on the next deal!

  110. I was told by an Amex rep that this offer is not valid and it is an expired offer,so i passed. I have gold personal and business and business platinum.

  111. the deal now seems to be dead…curious to see whether those who were approved (like myself and my spouse) will actually get the points…or instead a ‘sorry that was never a valid offer’ letter from AMEX

  112. Just had a lengthy conversation with Amex and they told me that the 100K offer is absolutely valid, however MB Platinum holders within the last 12 months are not eligible, because it is the same product. I asked to confirm and the agent spoke to membership rewards department who confirmed this.

  113. Lucky, a big thanks on this one. I had been waiting for this, as I really wanted Global Entry for my next international trip, and I wanted a boatload of points on top!

    With no posts (I think) on 2/5 and 2/6 we were about to send out the search party, but you showed up with this (and the prior) great post just in time!

  114. Hi Lucky, I understand if you have the the gold premier/business gold, you are not eligible but I have the Platinum and Platinum Mercedes Benz. Does that mean I am qualified to apply for the Gold premier card? 50,000 points for $1000 spend is really good! Thanks!

  115. Guys,check your AMEX online access,I got approved for both Platinum and Gold yesterday but now it shows as cancelled !,
    same for wife …anyone in the same situation ?

  116. Cancel that,my mistake ,NOT cancelled ,cancelled old accounts still showing when I log in (duh) for the purpose of future churning ,lucky dont post ,thanks

  117. @ Audrey — This deal is unfortunately dead, though my understanding is you wouldn’t be eligible. If you have the Platinum you can’t earn the bonus on the Gold, and vv.

  118. My card arrived today and I called customer service who confirmed the 100k point promo is all set up on my account.

    Cheers Lucky. I can definitely see Singapore suites trip in my future!

  119. Amazed got approved at 10 PM on Monday and at about 6 PM Wednesday UPS dropped off my new card. Just crazy, and looking forward to SQ Suites.

  120. does spending $200 towards incidentals that ends up getting reimbursed count towards the minimum spend?

  121. do you know if the $450 fee which will be assessed at the end of the first cycle can count towards the $3,000 mimimum for getting the points?

  122. @ Andrew @ IH — Nope, neither the minimum spend nor the $200 being reimbursed count towards the minimum spend.

  123. Got the card on the 2nd day – wow that was FAST!
    Does anyone know where to look on your AmEx account on-line to confirm the bonus offer? I don’t see it anywhere. Maybe only a rep can answer (?).

  124. Now this might depend on individual credit scores, but I filled out the form on and I saw the Amex platinum offered, but it was NOT for 100k points; instead it offered “25K Membership Rewards® points when you spend $2,000 during your first three months of Card membership”. This offer is available above and all over the web. BTW, my credit score is in the 800’s and I still didn’t get the 100k offer.

  125. Lucky, what are the chances that Amex will come back with a 100K sign up bonus this year? Thanks.

  126. @ Dan — Publicly available I’d say it’s unlikely, though we may see some targeted 100K bonuses from them.

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