The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard is worth considering in some cases…


  • The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard Application — 25,000 miles after first purchase, 10,000 miles after spending $750 within three months

I’ll be honest in saying I had never heard of or looked into the Frontier Airlines Mastercard until it joined the affiliate marketing program I belong to, but it actually looks like a pretty decent card in some circumstances, and one that’s at least worth knowing about.

For many of us the major limitations in getting approved for cards is the issuer — I’m probably most limited with American Express and Chase, for example, as that’s where most of the good offers are. So a card with another issuer is to some extent like a “freebie.”

The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard is issued by Barclays, which is a plus. This is the same issuer as US Airways’ co-branded card, and what I like about them is that their cards are generally churnable (meaning you can earn the sign-up bonus on the card multiple times).

The personal card offers 25,000 miles after your first purchase, and another 10,000 miles after spending $750 within three months. So for practical purposes let’s call it a 35,000 mile sign-up bonus, with a $59 annual fee. The business card, which also has a $59 annual fee, offers 25,000 miles after your first purchase, and another 10,000 miles after making a balance transfer within 30 days.

Frontier’s award chart is pretty lucrative for domestic coach travel, as they charge just 20,000 miles for a domestic roundtrip. The chart looks as follows:

Frontier doesn’t charge close-in ticketing fees, their award change fees are reasonable (no fee if making a change more than seven days, $50 fee within seven days, and $50 redeposit fee), and miles only expire after 18 months without any activity.

You can search award availability on this page by checking the “Redeem Miles” box, and the search is pretty easy to use thanks to the calendar function.

Is this a card I’ll apply for? Nope. But if you’re the type of person that uses your miles for domestic coach tickets (or has a family member uses their miles that way), this card has a fairly lucrative sign-up bonus.

(In the interest of full disclosure I earn a referral bonus on the personal card though not the business card — thanks for your support!)


  1. Is Frontier’s award inventory strictly capacity controlled like other airlines? If so, this may not be a good deal even for domestic travelers.

  2. I tried to apply for these, but got denied on my last churn. Barclays only issues one biz card per person & I already have one for the USAirways card. Everyone says they only check TU, but they could see the 4 other hits I had on my credit the other cards I got.

  3. @ DTO — It is capacity controlled, though I find inventory to be generally quite good.

    @ Frank — Thanks for the report…

    @ webazoid — What post do you want about the dinner? Maybe you’ll have to attend next time. 😀

  4. F9 is not a bad airline and its relative easy to get status with them. I am Summmit (highest status for only 25k miles) and it gives some decent benefits. No F though but they have E+. Their miles are not that valuable though, I value them around 1 cent per mile maximum. Getting seats is not too bad and you can find inventory on them also to Mexico.
    Also if you are at least Ascent (15k miles per year) you get last seat available inventory for higher but still ok rates (45k round trip). You can always redeem for 1/2 the miles for one way which tends to work better for me.
    Last year we had 3 seats one way to Cabo on the lower level and bought the return.

  5. Re: “This card has a fairly lucrative sign-up bonus?” Huh? 25K is lucrative? C’mon lucky, you’re better than this. For domestic round trips there’s a 40K Barclay’s offer for the US card. That’s enough for 2 domestic round trips on US after the 5K discount. Much better offer. If you already have the US card, it isn’t hard to get a second one. If you already have 2 US cards, save the inquiries for a future churn. While Barclays usually pulls TU, it isn’t a free inquiry per se if you continually churn the US card as they will start balking the more inquiries they see.

  6. One thing to take note of, Frontier does not include these miles in your ascent status. I had ascent and got this cc just because I thought it would push me over miles in my lesser travel year. Nope. Dropped from ascent. Going back to using my regular capitol one rewards cards and putting this one back in the freezer from emergencies.

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