Photo #430

It’s time for a reader photo. Thanks to Damyon for sending in this one.

Correct Answer: Lincolnshire, UK
Winner: bmvaughn

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  1. 53.2377304, -0.5340657 (Magna Carta)

    Lincoln Cathedral
    4 Priorygate Lincoln LN2 1PL, United Kingdom
    01522 561600

    May not be the first, but I am precise!

  2. Lincoln Cathedral, in Lincoln, UK
    4 Priorygate Lincoln LN2 1PL, United Kingdom
    53Ā°14ā€²04ā€³N 0Ā°32ā€²10ā€³W

    Image is from Wikipedia…HAHA!

  3. Clearly not the Wikipedia image. Look at the right hand side, it’s more cut off here. Also, people are different. That said, the Wikipedia image does leave little doubt as to the accuracy of the location. As does a Google search for “Magna Carta pub”…

  4. Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln, UK. Lincoln also has an original of the Magna Carta (see sign on right foreground).

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