1. Jon says

    I got a similar letter from Delta a couple years ago and they gave me an additional $200 in compensation if I remember correctly.

  2. Nat Arem says

    @chris, it recently took United a month to get back to me after I complained about a cancelled flight (an ORD-LHR flight during the Olympics no less). They really suck these days.

  3. DanR says

    @Nat Arem, it recently took UA 3 months to get back to me after I complained about a canceled flight (IAD-AUA). And I am still waiting on another complaint about a canceled flight from July (AMS-IAD). PMUA handled these within a couple weeks.

  4. Joe says

    Thanks DanR. No I couldn’t see the pic in the FT post. I see it on Twitter though. Possible work filter issue, I suppose.

  5. Paladin says

    That’s great! The fact that its a physical letter is even better–who still gets letter responses?? That kind’ve reminds me of an e-mail I got last week from US Airways Cruises — TBD, open it up, and it was blank except for their form “Forward to a friend” and legal text.

  6. Paul says

    That is what giving up looks like!! When all you can muster is the name and address of the receipient because its required by the postal service……

  7. Aaron says

    That was my letter! Pic was missing from FlyerTalk for a brief moment so that I could edit out the name of the poor person that signed it. Back up now! Either way, resolution in that they called me back today so SPECIFIC ITEM is on the way. I did forget to ask what it was, so the mystery continues!

  8. says

    I had to write to united for an incident that happened last sept on our trip from vegas to pittsburgh..long story, short; they really messed up our trip home and they never did fix it…oh well..

  9. roger boyd says

    on that trip is when David Lisonbee started an affair with Boyd ‘s wife. But did 4life even respond to the other issues in Orem, Utah

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