Affiliate link for Hyatt Visa card now live

Link: Chase Hyatt Visa Card Application

I don’t for a second take for granted the fact that I get to do what I love every day, from my 10 second commute from my bedroom to my living room, to the fact that I don’t have to report to anyone except you guys. And one of the ways I’m able to do that is through the blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I now have an affiliate link for the Chase Hyatt Visa credit card. Previously they only allowed select publishers to promote the card, though we now have access to it as well. The link appears both at the top of the post as well as on the “Best Credit Card Offers” page of the blog. The reason I mention it is because I’m always surprised by the generosity of some of you guys. When I don’t have a link to a certain credit card I often get emails from readers asking if there’s a link of mine they can use to support the blog. Typically when I don’t post an affiliate link of mine it’s because there’s a better publicly available offer or because the card doesn’t have one.

The Chase Hyatt Visa really is a great card, though. The standard sign-up bonus is two free nights at any Hyatt hotel in the world after your first purchase. If you’re a Platinum member you get two free nights plus two confirmed suite upgrades you can use on a revenue stay. And if you’re a Diamond member you get two free nights in a suite at any Hyatt in the world.

The cool thing is that Hyatt is currently offering a free 90-day Platinum trial if you have a Visa Signature credit card (such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred, British Airways card, etc.). That means that if you sign up for the Platinum trial and then sign-up for the credit card you’ll receive both the two free nights and two confirmed suite upgrades.

Those confirmed suite upgrades can be used to upgrade any Hyatt revenue Hyatt stay for up to seven nights each. I’ve used my suite upgrades at the Andaz West Hollywood, Park Hyatt Shanghai, Andaz 5th Avenue, and Andaz Wall Street, just to name a few.

So anyway, while there’s no rush to sign-up, it is a very good sign-up bonus that I plan on taking advantage of during my next churn (I’m one of the more cautious people when it comes to Chase personal applications).

As far as the sign-up bonus goes, in the past I recommended that non-Diamond members get the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card instead, given that it used to offered 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred to Hyatt, and the highest category Hyatt costs 22,000 points per night, so you could get that card and still come out ahead compared to the Chase Hyatt Visa. But now that the bonus has dropped to 40,000 points, the Hyatt offer is once again more compelling.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that while the annual fee is $75, you get a free night at any category 1-4 Hyatt upon your card anniversary each year, so that more than covers the annual fee (you can find a list of category four Hyatt hotels here). Furthermore, you get Gold Passport Platinum status for as long as you have the card, which gets you free internet, late check-out, and the occasional room upgrade at Hyatt hotels. That makes this a card that’s not just worth getting for the sign-up bonus, but actually worth keeping.

And on an unrelated note, tonight or tomorrow I get to announce a really exciting promo/contest/whatchamacallit that will have me going some fun places, and a handful of you going to fun places as well!

And once again, a sincere thanks to all of you for the continued support. I hope to cross paths with more of you over the coming months.


  1. Lucky, thank you for your work in helping us travel in the front of the plane. Too bad we’ll miss you at FTU, but look forward to meeting you in the future. Just a question about the Platinum trial… If we already have both Sapphire Preferred and Hyatt cards, and sign up for the free Platinum trial, will we still get the 2 free nights (in addition to the two free nights that come with signing up for the Hyatt card already) and the 2 suite upgrades? Also, will those perks disappear after the trial is over and therefore need to be used while having Platinum status?

  2. Hi Lucky,
    Great posts of late!!

    Do u know if this is considered a “new” Hyatt product from Chase & am I likely to get the bonus if I’ve had the Hyatt card b4 (& received 2 free night certs), but cancelled it in Jan 2012?

    Thnx! 🙂

  3. Anyone knows how many guests can stay in a Hyatt Suite officially? Is it 2 adults or 4? I am dumb and poor enough to have never experienced a suite 🙂

  4. @Tim,

    I called Hyatt twice getting different reps each time and they refused to grant the $75 credit, saying they this offer must come directly from the Hyatt website (which your link appears to be). I provided the link to no avail.

  5. @ Tim — I had no clue, you guys are always a step ahead of me. Updating links right now.

    @ Coutureguy — Sorry I’ll miss you as well, though hopefully our paths cross at another point. Unfortunately if you already have the Hyatt card you can’t get the bonus again (at least if it’s under the current card type). All that matters is your status as of the time you apply for the card. So if you later earn Platinum status you unfortunately don’t retroactively get the suite upgrades. Even if you just do the Platinum trial you can still use the suite upgrades after it expires, as you have a year to use them. Though keep in mind you get to keep Platinum status just for having the card.

  6. @ Mary — Thanks! I do believe this is considered a new Hyatt product since they pulled the card and reintroduced it.

    @ Apu — It all depends on the hotel. Many allow two, some allow four. Just look at the suites on the Hyatt website, and click on “rate details,” and it will display the maximum number of guests.

  7. Nice! I’ll hold off a bit since I decided to jump on the 35k freedom offer through your link when you didn’t have Hyatt a few weeks ago.

    This is definitely on my next application though. Thanks for your trip reports. I really enjoy them and have planned several trips based on your reviews.

  8. Lucky,

    Are there any restrictions on the 2 free nights? How long does it take to receive those vouchers? I have a trip to Europe coming up – wondering if I could take advantage of it in the next 30 days or so if I got accepted right away.

    Also, what’s your favorite Hyatt European property?

    Thanks (as always!)


  9. @ Stacey — As long as there’s an entry level room available you can redeem the free nights for it. I’d say the best European Hyatt property is probably the Park Hyatt Paris. If you make the first purchase soon, you should get the free nights within about 10 days, per the terms and conditions.

  10. One reason to keep the card is that Hyatt then grants a free night for a Category 1-4 hotel upon the $75 renewal of the annual fee of the card the following year.

  11. Don’tya love the online world? Coins, keep em coming. Even us oldtimers appreciate the information.

  12. @Frank You are always such a breath of fresh air….um, I guess I mean I need air freshener….whatever…

    Perhaps you missed the title of this blog: one MILE at a time, not one Trip Report at a time. Anyway, here’s a heads up for you: Not merely Trip Reports, but even podcasts. Enjoy….

  13. @Lucky: If you were starting over with low points balances after a few years of limited revenue travel would you value this Hyatt card over the Chase UA card to pair with a Sapphire Preferred? And if so/not why?

    Also, while I’m a consistent supporter of allowing strong (but reasonable) dissent I think it’s pretty clear that Frank isn’t bringing anything of value to this or any other discussion. If you want to ban him from any more pointless trash talking you have my support.

  14. @ Dax — That’s a great question. Ultimately I think it comes down to whether you value free flights or free hotels more. Both complement the Chase Sapphire Preferred card nicely since you can transfers your Ultimate Rewards balance to either account.

    If it were me, I’d probably value the United Visa a bit higher if you can get a good sign-up offer, given that if I had to choose just between miles and hotel points, I think the miles are more valuable for someone that has a low points balance and is trying to “start over.”

    But if you have plans to travel to a city with a very nice Hyatt (like a category six hotel), then you really can’t go wrong with two free nights there…

  15. @Lucky: Thanks for the follow-up. Is the current 50/60K UA offer in league with your suggestion? I’m in general agreement with your favoritism of airline points over hotel points. The one area hotels really have over airlines is in their future longevity. I can never really know if a given airline will still be here when I’m looking to make a large redemption, but I can be reasonably certain that Marriott or Hyatt or whoever will probably still have a redeemable room for me somewhere. I’ve actually had pretty good luck with Marriott hotels over the years, but their points system is not possible to combine with the booking codes I use and their best brands (JW & RC) are becoming more and more difficult to discount these days.

  16. Thanks for the tip to this offer. Applied. Got rejected for having too many recent applications (my 3rd in 3 months: Sapphire (Feb); IHG Priority Club (March) and now Hyatt). A call to reconsideration line and an offer to close my BA visa and all seems to be set. Altho the rep did say that there was one more layer of approval required and that should happen within 48 hours.

    And thanks also for the 90 days free Plat status from a few weeks ago too. 🙂

  17. Hey Lucky, I used the link on here that will give me 3 months free as Platinum members with Hyatt because I want to apply for the Hyatt Chase card. It also said i’m confirmed as Platinum member over a week now but when I logged into my Gold Passport account it says I’m gold member. Will I be able to get the 2 free nights suite upgrade if I apply now or should I wait it until my account states I’m Platinum?

  18. @ Pete — To be on the safe side I’d wait till your account says you’re Platinum. Also keep in mind that if you’re Platinum you don’t get two nights in a suite, but rather two free nights and then separately two suite upgrade awards.

  19. Lucky, they are going to give me 60 days Diamond trail and if I stay 12 nights within that grace period I will receive Diamond until Feb. 2013. I found some inexpensive Hyatt around my area @$62 a night. Your thoughts on trying to match it? The wife and I are planning to go visit Tokyo March 2013 and used the free nights we will be receiving after signing up for Chase Hyatt card thru your link.

  20. @ Pete — I’d absolutely go for it. I love Hyatt, so if you think you’ll be able to maintain Platinum in the future and take full advantage of it, then I’d by all means go for it.

  21. Hi-

    I did the 90 day trial & will probably apply for the Hyatt cqrd when it says platinum.

    What is the difference between the platinum & diamond offer of 2 suite upgrades.

    can I use the 2suite upgrade in conjunction with the 2 free nights if I am platinum – or it can only be used when paying for a regular room (I was not sure what you meant by”used to upgrade any Hyatt revenue Hyatt stay”


  22. @ Israel Husarsky — If you’re a Diamond at the time you get the card you get two free nights in a suite. If you apply as a Platinun you get two free nights in a standard room and then two suite upgrades which can be used to upgrade a revenue booking. So as a Platinum those two nights you get with the card wouldn’t be in a suite.

  23. Hey Lucky, have you stayed at the Park Hyatt or any Hyatt in Australia and if so how was it?

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