You know you’re an airplane nerd when…

You watch this video of Singapore Airlines’ last 747 flight and almost get just a bit emotional… especially towards the end.

Anyone else? I need another Kleenex…


  1. lucky says

    @ Del — Hah, it’s actually Lufthansa PJ night at my place. The Singapore PJs are in the wash right now.

  2. Del says

    HAHAHA oh the nerdyness of it all as I look at myself I realize I am wearing Thai as we speak! Hello Pot, im Kettle nice to meet you! I say have you noticed what colour we are….? HAHAH

  3. wxguy says

    With all of those personal electronic devices on final approach, I’m surprised the plane was able to land safely :)

  4. says

    Anyone remember what carrier was first to have lie-flats in F? I recall BA and sq installing these seats in the [mid 90s]. Anyone remember who was first? BA was first to go flat in J.

  5. Dan says

    Borderline BORING. I could have used an ambien, not a kleenex. Don’t even bother watching the last 2 minutes. Yawn.
    Coins, at the risk of saving your reputation, I’d take this video down. LOL

  6. Kyle says

    I’m starting to “miss” the old Rhapsody in Blue music in the safety video. The new “United” video uses the same tune, but it’s so different and less dramatic. Flying United used to be so fun. Not so much these days.

  7. Bangkokiscool says

    Thanks for posting, you’re right it was emotional! I have many fond memories of riding SQ’s 747. After 9/11 when fares were dirt cheap I did several mileage runs between SIN and LAX, before I even really knew what a mileage or status run was. When some planes retire there’s celebration (DC-10), but with others it’s sadness (Northwest’s 747-200 with the awesome upper deck seats sold as J class but former F class seats for example). As the 747s retire I will sorely miss them, a 777 just isn’t the same.

  8. Andy Bluebear says

    Well, at least his videos are better than other guy’s video you posted…the one who probably ending up stalking the Emirates FAs ;)

  9. Rob says

    Wow! I’m def a flight nerd, this video almost got me in tears! I had to forward the speech!

  10. Carl says

    Wow. I didn’t think it would bring tears to my eyes, but it kind of did.

    I wonder why SQ hasn’t purchased the 747-800? There seems to be room between the 77W and the A380 – at least LH thinks so.

    I’m hoping UA will buy the 748.

  11. lucky says

    @ Carl — Color me proud for nearly bringing tears to your eyes. Happy you saw the beauty in it as well.

    Yeah, I’m confused by why they haven’t ordered the 748 as well. They’re an industry leader when it comes to new aircraft types, and surely there’s a market for something between the 77W and A380.

  12. Carl says

    With the various retirements there must be quite a supply of used 744’s available for good prices. Seems like the kind of thing DL would buy, given their MD-90 strategy, though maybe high fuel prices have put an end to that

  13. thrashsoundly says

    I didn’t expect to get emotional, but did with more than a few tears. As a kid, seeing the big SQ 747s always meant I was bound for an adventure or finally returning home.

    Now that I am finally getting back to SIN after 20+ years, it just won’t be the same not seeing those planes at the terminal.

  14. PatMike says

    Thank you for sharing ! My first Business class flight was on the upper deck of a Singapore 747.

  15. General_Flyer says

    Am posting this to prepare myself.. Got a dozen boxes of Kleenexes..

    I’ve flown on her and her sisters only twice. But what an experience.. I’ve already in tears before I even watched it..

    Thanks Lucky!

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