Photo #368

It’s time for a reader photo. Thanks to Kevin for sending in this one.

Correct Answer: Jijiga, Ethiopia
Winner: Ari

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  1. (Since this will be impossible without a hint: this is the *entire airport* in a city that can be reached via Star Alliance.)

  2. Being an Air Force pilot,,, this looks like just about every “@#$%” hole in Afghanistan!!! u need to take a picture of the entrance… those are always more classy and huge giveaways!!!

  3. I will say this is the first time I’ve been pretty intrigued to find out the answer for a reader photo….

  4. Nobody yet, though we’re close. It might help to note that this is the *new* airport, with a proper, long paved runway. The old airport in this place was a dirt track next to a shantytown.

  5. Brand new Turkish Airline vacation destination Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport?

  6. Maybe this was the former Terminal 2 at MSP (which was originally a UA hangar) before they rebuilt it…

  7. Woohhooo!!! Do I win some sort of prize? Haha. I have never been so excited to hear the correct answer to a reader photo – that was great.

    Now I think the question is, wtf were you doing in Jijiga?

  8. Blue. The grey structure is some sort of storage shed.

    Jijiga is the most convenient airport if you’re headed to Somaliland – no safe airlines fly to Hargeisa, and the only reasonably safe airline to Berbera (from Nairobi via Mogadishu) which is almost as far from Hargeisa as Jijiga is.

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